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Four 9/11 Prophecies and Beyond Video. This original video (10 min.)has been removed from You Tube but  the producer, apparently  had taken different segments and produced new videos basically  with the same and similar  content that for the most part confirms this website. The original video did not contain as much of Barack Obama being the Anti-Christ which I will not confirm or support at this point in time, I will attempt to contact the producer hoping to get the original video back onto youtube. 
 Segments (some newer)  of original video 

Revelations 9-11 [Four Angels loosed] The Rise of Apollyon

Searching You Tube for these  segments in the original video.  
Angels, WTC plane crash, Cage of Demons, the Harlot, Beast with 7 Heads and 10 Horns, 9/11 = Revelation 10, Kingdom of Beast, Antichrist Obama, Nostradamus Mabus 9/11 Obama America WW3, Global Economy Crash, Satan Obama, Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Pole Shift Albert Einstein 2012, Mayan Calendar 2012 pole shift, Aztec Calendars 2012, December 21 2012 Obamanation of Desolation Great Tribulation, 2009 NWO 7 Year Tribulation, 9/11 Conspiracy, Doomsday 2015 - 2016 Jesus Returns, Blood Moon Eclipses, 2012 Solar Flare Burning, Microchip 666 2012, Obama = 666, Obama Antichrist (666): God's Last Call, Obama: Satan's Jesus, Luke 10:18 Matthew 24:27 Isaiah 14:14 Luke 17:24 Barack Obama name in the Bible, Bohemian Grove Club Babylonian ritual worship deity, Ishtar Owl Statue dollar Bill, 9/11 $20 bill.

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