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Remember those who practice lying without repentance shall be cast into the (spiritual) Lake of fire and brimstone to suffer the Second death Rev. 21:8  

On Tuesday evening, July 3, 2002, I received a phone call from my former brother in law.  He said the police found my daughter’s body laying on the rear floor of her Honda that morning.  They said she died from an apparent drug overdose. She had been under her mother's 'for about 7 years since I had been wrongfully and unconstitutionally removed from my home by a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) falsified Protective Order, by an unfaithful wife, for her ulterior motives, on August 7, 1995.   
To this day, from the humanistic emotional state, I feel that indescribable sense of loss that exceeds most of the emotions that a father would experience with the loss of his child. Not only was I a doting father to her, but I was also a Mr. Mom to her for about 5 years from 1990 till August 7, 1995, as her below appreciation letter (#2)  confirms.   I have posted some of my family members' and other’s communications to contradict the false accusations, gossip, and slander that has been spoken against the Lord’s servant by the Devil’s disciples (Rev. 12:10,11) to expose his scheme to discredit Watchmen Ministries and the watchman’s message to the Church and nation. 
On September 15, 1995, there was an attempt on my life, confirmed partially by  FBI agent A.M. after viewing supporting documents, my testimony and conferring with other agents.   The agent's statement to me was, Mr. _ _ _ _ _, after discussing this case with other agents and reviewing your evidence, we can think of no other reason other than there may have been and attempt on your life.  We do not have enough evidence to take this to the US Attorney (or you are not that important enough person).  However, we suggest you watch your back and if anything else develops let us know.  Have a good day! 
Realizing I was not going to get any help from the authorities, I immediately made the evidence of the attempted murder a matter of court record with no direct accusation, but mention of the principal parties involved.  In doing so, one of the two suspected Conspirators, both of whom contracted" normal business with each other and shared a building office space directly across the hall from each other, moved immediately from this same office building (to avoid association). The other associate happened to own the building.   About a year later, this same vacating associate moved back into his old office across the hall from the other alleged conspirator when the "heat" dissipated.
Unaware at the time of the attempt, I realized later, because of the direct and preponderance of Circumstantial evidence and events,  that the Lord had intervened to save my life. If God won’t allow Satan to kill the prophet or servant, then the devil will use any means including the False Witness, Gossip and Slander spirits  (Matt.5:11,12) in an attempt to discredit the messenger and the nullify the message (1Peter 5:8) . . . .   To Be continued. . .  
1. Dad's Grad. Poem for Mary Beth
6-5-95 2 mos. before removal from my home. 


2. Mary Beth's Appreciation letter 6-17-95
21 days before I was wrongfully removed from my Home


3. Mary Beth rejects HS Prom for moral

4. Mary Beth's 1987 Homemade  Birthday  Card for Dad

4A. MB's Birthday card 8-24-95, 17 days 
after the unlawful Ex Parte "Domestic Violence" removal from my home
based on lies on the part of the Petitioner.  


5. MB's father's day card 6-16-96 


6. MB's Birthday Card 8-24-96

7. MB's father's day 1997 


8. MB's father's day 6-18-2000


9. MB' father's day  6-17-01

10. MB's email from Dad's computer to 
Adam, her brother and Steve, her 

11. Lisa's Communication father's day


12. Lisa's supportive birthday card 8-24-95

13. Lisa's Christmas card 12/25/95


14.Lisa's Ministry Christmas card 12-25-97


15. Lisa's birthday card 8-24-98


16. Lisa's Christmas father appreciation 
day card 12-25-02, 5 months after 
her sister MB's death


16-A P1 Paid counseling offer 

16-B P.2  Paid counseling offer. 

17. Giving Ruth's car to Lisa

 Adam's Communication
 17-A  Adam's & Candice"s father's day card 6-16-13

Adam's 6-16-13 father's day note

18. Adam's supportive Christmas card 


19. Adam's love birthday card 8-24-97


20. Adam's father's day card 6-15-97



21. Adam's best friend birthday card 8-24-97

22. Adam & Candice's Birthday Card 

22a. Adam & Candice's Birthday Card 


 23. Ginny's (Sister's) communication 

24. Ginny confirms love for her brother after 
my visit with her and family in California 


25. Ginny's father's day 92' card


26. Ginny's pg.1 Moral support card 3-21-95 
after hearing about my marriage 


27. Ginny's pg.2 Moral support card 
3-21-95 after hearing about my 
marriage problems 

28.Ginny's birthday card 9=8-24-96

29. Ginny's Valentine Card 97'


30. Ginny's St. Patrick's Day Card 3-17-97


31.Ginny's dependence on me for mom. 
Fall 98'

32.Ginny Christmas 93' after invite


33.Ginny's Love You Forever 3-25-99

33A Ginny supports Ed with  notarized letter

34. MB's regret for a very wrong decision
on Friday 9-29-95. Dad had been gone  
8 weeks since 8-7-95. The bad decision 
was 7 weeks old. 

#35. MB's troubled Thank you, Who is she writing
to?  A participant  in her very bad 
decision. Who abandoned her?

# 35A Letter to Liz about Mary Beth's Depression 
p.1  03-31-!996


# 35B Letter to Liz about Mary Beth's Depression 
p.2  03-31-!996


36. Thank You Jesus for Ruth pg.1


 37. Thank You Jesus for Ruth  pg.. 2 


The following Affidavits' an its Transcript Image 
#'s 38,39,40  last, and part of the first names have 
been erased  so as not to continue the Tale Bearing. 
The principle parties and the children of Satan: his 
 know exactly who they are.and need to repent of 
this evil because they are in danger  of the Judgments
of God.  
# 38.  S.H. 's Affidavit exonerating Ed from false 
accusation of sexual molestation of his daughter 
originating from a Jezebel spirit(s). See how Jezebel 
got false witnesses to slander Naboth, and they put him
to death.  If a servant of GOD gets in Jezebel's way 
she will put you to death or at least slander your name
to a point that nobody will listen to you.      

39 a. A.H.'s  Affidavit exonerating Ed from
false accusation of sexual molestation of her 
person originating from a Jezebel  spirit. See 
following Image # 40: Word for Word Transcript
 of AH's Affidavit for Clarity. See how Jezebel 
got false witnesses to slander Naboth, and they put him
to death.  If a servant of GOD gets in Jezebel's way 
she will put you to death or at least slander your name
to a point that nobody will listen to you. 

# 39 b . A.H.'s word for word Transcript for Clarity 
of her above Affidavit image #39 

#40 Cold Wind Blowing so cover up 


#41 My daughter, Lisa, age 51,  died on 11/25/14
 from Non Hodgkins lymphoma , My heart is 
broken. When one loves much, the hurt is 
greater when the object of that love is no 
longer in view. Her phone call to me from the 
hospital on 11/11/14 to say, "Bye Dad,  I Love You"


 #42a  Ruth's Testimony Affidavit confirming attempt on 
Ed's life p. 1

# 42b  Ruth's Testimony Affidavit confirming attempt on 
Ed's life p. 2

# 42c Ed's Affidavit confirming Ruth's testimony Affidavit attempt on Ed's life p. 3  

#43a  MVA Driver Wellness and Safety Report
by Robert Levine  MD. P.1 

43b MVA Driver Wellness and Safety Report
by Robert Levine  MD. P.2


43c MVA Driver Wellness and Safety Report
by Robert Levine  MD. P.3

Remember those who practice lying without repentance shall be cast into the (spiritual) Lake of Fire to suffer the Second death Rev. 21:8