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This web page "Cowards In the Pulpit" was first posted at this site in July, 2012 

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 

The primary reason why America has fallen into moral decay and subject to God's judgments is because American "Christian" pastors and other leaders of ministries have failed to promote Godly, Bible-believing and obeying Christian men as leaders in local, state and federal government, including elected judges.  The majority of pastors and other church leaders in ministry in America are state incorporated in the 501 (c) 3 
non-profit IRS status which was made law in 1954.  Their allegiance of obedience is to the State and not to the Word of God. They are state-controlled churches and ministries and not the Church founded on Jesus Christ the Rock. 
501 (c) 3 has a clause(s) that forbid its church corporation leaders in promoting, from the pulpit, political candidates for elected offices in local, state and federal government or to speaking  out against legalized sin issues  such as abortion, and legalizing same-sex marriage or they would lose their tax-free status      
Revelation 21:8 says that among other sins practiced that will get you thrown into the (spiritual) Lake of Fire and suffer the 2nd (spiritual) death is being Fearful, Strong's 1169 Greek, delios, timid, fearful, cowardly Note Thayer's Lexicon 1167 deilia, timidity. fearful, cowardice  Christians who through cowardice give way to persecutions and apostatize . . .  
The word of God clearly states in three  scriptures that the Christian Church living under heathen government rule is commanded to pay the temple tribute (tax) and the government tribute (taxes) so as not to offend the religious government or the secular government in order to remain independent from any religious government or secular government interference in Church matters.  Even Jesus paid tribute (taxes) to the local authorities. 

In Matt. 17: 24-27.  Interesting to note in this Scripture Jesus had Peter to hook a fish, the symbol of Christianity, and take the money from its mouth. to pay for both Jesus' and Peter's temple tax. 
In Matthew 22: 16-22,  Jesus instructs his followers and the Pharisees to pay taxes to Caesar (Government). 
In Romans 13:4-7 Paul writes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to pay taxes to the government authorities.  
Even before 501 (c) 3 the Church did not pay taxes to the government. 
So how is it that even before 501 c 3 was made law in 1954 that the Church did not have to pay taxes? The reason is that our nation was founded by God-fearing, bible-believing and obeying Christians who knew the content of the bible.  In Matthew 17: 25-26 Jesus said that the children of the King are free from paying taxes.  This only confirms and was understood by our founding fathers taking for granted that our nation was a Christian nation and that the Church, called the bride of the King (Jesus), did not have to pay taxes.  Our founding fathers conducted the first separation of Church and State by declaring that the government could not tax the Church. 
Now, thanks to the 501 c 3 gaggings of the pastors, and silencing the Church in October, 2012 the American Christian voter had two non-Christian Presidential candidates to choose to lead America in these critical immoral  times for our country.
President Barack Obama, who on, January 23, 2009,  his second day of in office signed and executive order reversing ban on federal tax payer money being spent on promoting abortion in other countries know as the Mexico City Policy.  
The Mexico City Policy, also known by critics as the Mexico City Gag Rule and the Global Gag Rule,[1] was an intermittent United States government policy that required all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or promoting abortion services, as a method of family planning, in other countries. The policy is a political flash point in the abortion debate, with Republican administrations adopting it and Democratic administrations rescinding it. The policy was enacted soon after Republican President Ronald Reagan took office in 1984, rescinded by Democratic President Bill Clinton in January 1993, re-instituted in January 2001 as Republican President George W. Bush took office, and was rescinded January 23, 2009 by  Barack Obama , 2 days after the Democrat President took office.[2]

This web page "Cowards In the Pulpit" was first posted at this site in July, 2012. See Franklin Graham's  following video: Franklin Graham preaching at the Watchmen on the Wall conference almost two years laster on Thursday, May 22, 2014 in Washington DC  You Tube"God Hates Cowards"   

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