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 Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack on USA imminent . . . unless America's "Apostate Christian" leadership repents and then evangelizes America to repent. 
The stage is set, the signs are evident.

Posted June 2, 2019 Editing July 18, 2019 

 All under the Authority in the Word of God by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
"Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets."Amos 3:7 (NKJV) 

Caution! Be Aware of the 5 stages of Grief related to the fear of  human terminality who have no Hope and the one stage  found in Your Hope that guarantees  living in eternal bliss with your new eternal spiritual body with Jesus Christ and all who put their Faith in Him.   

In order for the Ezekiel chapter 38 & 39 War to take place, America must be "removed from the picture"  neutralized, and eliminated from the time line of Last Days biblical prophecy as confirmed by the fact that America (USA) is not specifically mentioned as a major  player in the modern day Ezekiel chapter 38 & 39 War but is alluded to in Ezekiel 38: 10-13 as its East and West Coast have been destroyed and its survivors have migrated to the relatively habitable middle of America. Note large number of cattle, gold, silver and abundance of goods (automobiles etc ) in these Scriptures.  

Note! the Trump Presidency is allowed by God to be a Window of Opportunity for the American Apostate Christian Churches To Repent for its grievous sins starting with resignation from the 501 c 3 clauses that have gagged the Christian churches and ministries and  made Cowards out of many of its "Christian"  leaders for the past 66 years  by placing man's errant laws above the commands of God.  

Trump Backs Israel With Its Military Might 
Trump Formally Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights (mountains written in Ezekiel chapters 38 &39)
Trump Moves To Protect America From Electromagnetic Pulse Attack .  . . . Too late Donald Trump, president,  unless America repents and God relents, Iran and  the other Muslim nations will move against America using easily obtainable low tech rockets and nuclear tipped warheads fired from off shore freighters up to about  300  miles above America's atmosphere to accomplish  EMP to disable the USA  power grid and anything containing micro chips before America can protect and harden (rebuild) its technology. America's Spy satellites and other warning systems will be made ineffective . America will be defenseless with no warning to its people of incoming nuclear tipped missiles nor have any retaliatory deterrents.  Soon after the EMP attack and America's enemies have confirmed that America has been "blinded" incapacitated, and unable to retaliate then the nuclear attack will happen.     

Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39 Modern Day War players who will invade Israel 
 biblical country names  to modern day names

Gog is the leader (person)  to invade Israel
Magog is the land in southern Russian which some of the below countries were part of the USSR before it was disbanded, consisting of mostly Muslim populations: 
Ezekiel Chapters 38, & 39 Biblical countries to modern day names: 
Persia is: Iran (96.9% Ashia Islam Muslim)
Kyrgyzstan,  (83% Islam Muslim) 
Tajikistan, (95% Islam Muslim)  
Pakistan, (96% Islam)
Sudan: (97%  Sunni Islam)
Somalia  (99.8% Islam)
Afghanistan, ( 99.7 % Islam Muslim )
Within modern day Turkey 98.3 % Islam Muslim) is : Gomer, Meshach, Tubal, Togarmah
Libya is: (99%  Sunni Islam Muslim
Sudan: (97%  Sunni Islam)
Ethiopia: (33% Islam)

Scriptural Confirmation of an EMP attack on America, followed shortly thereafter by a Submarine Nuclear Missile Attack On America's East and West Coast Cities Prior to Ezekiel Chapter 38 & 39 War Against Israel. 

It has been established by this servant and other Holy Spirit led servants of Jesus Christ  that there are Six (6) chapters among other chapter verses in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible (KJV) coupled with its Strong's Hebrew and Greek meanings describing the destruction of "End Times" America in addition to confirming an EMP  attack on America prior to the Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39 modern day war soon to be fulfilled.
These six chapters are Revelation chapters 17 & 18; Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51 and Isaiah chapters 47 & 13 See "America Described in the Bible" at this web site. 
Another  good concise Prophetic web site is at "On line Ministries".  

Specific Scriptures Supporting EMP Attack on America removing America's warning systems of impending nuclear missile strike as Henry  Gruver described in his 1986 vision of submarines lined up in a row along America's East and West Coast  "radio" (cell phone) tower  signals dropping to the ground (EMP)  resulting in no warning of the impending nuclear attack by enemy submarines, See Steve Quayle You Tube Henry Gruver Russia to Nuke USA Part 1   (Disregard Steve Quayle's advertiseing his  book "Empire beneath the Ice") start 20:00 minutes into video and 24:50 "Henry Gruver, Oh God they (USA)  won't even know what hit them" up to 27: 35 then disregard Steve Quayle's advertisement for his book and pick up at 33:17  Go to Part 2 pick up a 9:42.   Then at 11:20 Henry Gruver says: In any prophecy that you give there has to be Biblical foundations to prove what you are saying" 10:28 Henry Gruver reads Ezekiel 38:10-12 at 15:34 identifying USA,( desolate places) has already been attacked and ready to be plundered for its spoils cattle goods gold silver and gold etc.  and in Revelation 18:11-20 . At 21:00 EMP is discussed at 23:00 USS Donald S Cook  a  sophisticated missle destroyer was technically blinded when its entire electrical and computer system shut down 3x by Russian fighter equipped with EMP weapon.  

Isaiah 47: 

(Babylon is suddenly (Heb. pithome: by surprise, suddeness)  fallen and destroyedhowl for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed. Jeremiah 51:8

Scripture verse in Jeremiah 50:9 ; For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon (America)an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array (row) against her; from thence she shall be taken: their arrows (missiles) shall be as of a mighty expert (guided) man; none shall return in vain. (no retaliation)
Arrows are missiles as further described in Jeremiah 51:11 as to make bright arrows; and described in verse 9 of chapter 50 as mighty expert arrows .  The meaning of mighty expert in Strong"s Exhaustive Concordance; Hebrew and Greek dictionaries published 1890expertguided wittingly  at   So here we find that the Hebrew meaning for mighty expert arrows are strong, polished, bright, and  intelligently guided  arrows (missiles).  Quite a meaning published in 1890 by a Bible  scholar Dr. James Strong whose Hebrew scholars researched the ancient manuscripts to metaphorically and factually describe exactly,  20th & 21st century missiles of war.

See Your Hope for your guarantee of eternal life in your new eternal spiritual body where there will be "No More Night", no more pain, no more tears never crying again . . .  

What Should I Do For God to Relent from  His allowed Judgment on America as He did with Nineveh  and as He promised in His Word (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV) 

1. The first thing you should do is to be BORN AGAIN.  Follow the directions at Your Hope
2. After being Born Again pray with clean heart and ask Jesus Christ for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Read and strive to obey all of God's commands in the New Covenant in the New Testament and also in the Old Testament sanctioned by the New Covenant     
3. If you are a 501 c 3  "non profit" corporation Christian leader of a Church or Ministry  then you must immediately renounce your participation in the 501 c 3 Church  gagging clauses that blatantly violate your 1st Amendment right to Free Speech and your free exercise of your Christian faith.
 Since this is a public sin, you must immediately humble yourselves and repent before God (Jesus Christ) and your followers and start preaching the Word of God from the King James Bible or New King James Bible calling your followers to also humble themselves and repent for their participation in the Sins of America.  
4. America needs a Holy Spirit revival for the majority of its citizens.  This revival needs to start with its Christian leaders with repentance, prayer and fasting.  Read "Azusa Street, An Eywitness Account by Frank Bartleman" to know that  Revival does not start with the rich and famous but starts with those that have been humbled by chastening from the Lord, prayer and fasting.  
6. Attempt to say alive one day longer to win, with the testimony herein,   a ("Born Agaiin")  soul to eternal life with Jesus Christ.