Watchmen Ministries - Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Removing Any Doubt About  Who to Vote For 

First,  if you ever performed an abortion, had an abortion(s), verbally and/or mentally promoted, approved of  abortions, or voted for any political candidates, in particular Democratic Presidential candidates, over the past 44 years, all of whom,  condoned or supported the biblically defined  premeditated murder of children in abortion, you can be set free from the guilt and eternal condemnation at “Abortion Guilt and Sin Removed”.  Attention! Mothers who aborted their children, know that all of the guilt and  punishment of this sin can be removed from your mind, soul and spirit, if you repent and turn away from this and other sins, as remedied at “Abortion Guilt and Sin Removed”.  If you repent and are truly sorry for your sins(s) and commit your life to the Lord Jesus Christ (born again) ,when you physically die, you  will be reunited with your aborted  child (children) in paradise in the third Heaven.  All children who physically die from the time they receive to the time they know the difference from right and wrong automatically are translated to the 3rd Heaven.(ref. )Luke 18:16; Matthew 18:3  Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barak and Michele Obama  et al, and all who voted for the the Democratic Party and its abortion approved platform in the past 43 years, believe it is OK  for women, according to biblical definition of premeditated murder as defined in the  King James bible, used by Abraham Lincoln , Martin  Luther King  Jr. and the US sub-supreme court, to commit premeditated murder by shedding the blood of innocent, living children in abortion   The Republican Party Platform is the most Pro-life political platform in the history of politics save for the Constitution Party.  Vote for the Republican Party Candidate, Donald Trump because you are voting for not only the lives of unborn American citizens but you are voting for the life and lives in America and that includes you and me in hope to avoid the Judgments of God.     Now, like a liberating US army officer in April, 1945, Germany, but  authorized by  Jesus Christ Himself in the spiritual wearing of His signet ring, I, a servant watchman for Jesus Christ, command you; especially those of you who suffered from the demon spirit of Denial and denied the “great” American Abortion Holocaust, to watch the following very graphic abortion videos, just like our American GI’s, who liberated the German concentration camps, when they commanded the German liberated citizens in the neighborhood and the young “liberated” German soldiers, watch the stacked body’s of what had been going on in the concentration camps for those  past 6 years in the slaughter of 6 million human beings.  The only difference is, in America’s Abortion (Concentration Camps) Clinics, America has shed the blood of over 62 million innocent children over the past 43 years. America’s sin of killing the unborn is worse than Germany’s Hitler, Russia’s Stalin , Cambodia’s Pol Pot , China’s Mao Zadung and  Islam’s leaders,  because America once had and believed the complete truth, whereas the former did not, found in the KJV Bible, which was the Word of God to our founding fathers, but have since departed from this Truth which once made America “great” but now is no longer “great” but have become deluded and apostate and unless America repents, is subject to the soon terminal judgments of God .  

The Moment of Truth for America from very Graphic Abortion videos . Look what you, (we)  have allowed to go on for 43 years, making America and its citizens subject to soon great and terrible terminal judgments allowed by God. Go to Grantham Collection Abortion Instruments & Photographic Archive at and *Warning-Graphic* A Partial Birth Abortion Filmed at   (Note this is not one of the actual 99% of actual partial birth abortions, in that the baby was dead before they sucked its brains out.  99% of the premeditated Partial birth abortion murders, the baby is alive with its feet kicking and arms flailing until they suck its brains out to kill the baby.)  Then go look in the mirror and if you can jusitfy voting for Hillary Clinton and her Pro abortion approval of not only abortions here in America but through out the whole World then not only have you been possessed by the demon spirit of Delusion but have allowed the spirits of Depravity and Reprobate to enter your being.  By the way, Hillary still approves of the now illegal hideous partial birth abortions (and they are still performed).  The only choice of one who claims to be a Christian, or a living human being with an unseared conscience, is to vote this Tuesday for the Pro Life Republican platform and its candidate Donald Trump, for the lives of future unborn Americans, those who are presently alive in America, and for the Life of America itself.   For more exact information see with Scripture backing  “ Christians must vote for life””  Lord,  I pray the reader of this email will take heed of the facts herein for the sake of the potential salvation of the reader and their loved ones, and hopefully for the Life of America., in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray  ed, a watchman at (