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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

About Us

Watchmen Ministries was commissioned by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on February 1, 1993, entered the World Wide Web May 1999, birthed Website, September 2011, and now Updating, August 2020

This site is not really About Us. First, it's about the Lord for His Glory, in that He loves us so much that He would give us warning before the sword falls on our nation; therefore this site is also about you the reader that you take warning to take the steps to be saved.

However, for your information. the following is how the Lord started a good work in

 Watchmen Ministries (WM) is a non-commercial, non 501 (c) 3, non-IRS government-controlled ministry. WM is an independent, tax-paying, 1st Century Bible believing and obeying New Covenant Christian ministry, in one accord with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate God, as commanded in the Bible (KJV), in particular, Matthew 17: 24-27;Luke 20: 21-26; Romans 13:5-7 Acts 2:1-47. It is an independent Christian ministry, prophecy & teaching website empowered by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to warn and call to repentance the “fallen away”, apostate Churches and the whole of America to repent from its sins before the judgments of God take place as commanded in Ezekiel Chapter 33. It contains true, verifiable, fulfilled and fulfilling prophecies of Jesus Christ, and the Old Testament prophets, specifically, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and a modern-day true watchman/prophet of God, ed and other present-day, biblically supported prophets and prophetesses with commentaries that coincide with Biblical prophecies that metaphorically and factually identify United States of America (USA) as the Mystery (commercial) Babylon, Daughter of Babylon, and (New-Testament Babylon in Revelation chapters 17 & 18; Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51; Isaiah chapters 47 & 13, whose cities are destined to be attacked within one hour by submarine fired nuclear-tipped missiles and destroyed in one day by nuclear firestorms reducing the USA to dust and less than 3rd world status.

     Watchmen Ministries was birthed by the HOLY SPIRIT on February 1, 1993, and entered the Internet in May of 1999. It is a "Last Days" prophetic, teaching, and evangelistic Ministry. As the LORD JESUS CHRIST spoke to His servant, ed (John 10:27, Ezekiel 33, ) at the beginnings of Watchmen Ministries, HE said he was not ever to petition for money for support in this ministry, because the messages of repentance and judgments, HE was/is to give to the people and leaders through His servant (s) to the church and nation would be "Hard" enough for them to receive without demeaning the message by commercializing the Word of GOD. The Lord spoke through His prophet D.R. that He would provide for WM. (This has since proved to be true over the past 20 years.) Not only did the LORD give this command in 1995, but He also kept WM from incorporating into a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation status, which the majority of the American churches and ministries belong. Ed, did not understand this command in 1995 since most churches and Christian ministries belong to 501(c)3. It was not until four years later when he entered the Internet in 1999 that he discovered the Churches were controlled by the IRS and not by God. Since 1954, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation has gagged the Church because the clauses in 501 (c) 3 forbids the church from getting involved in promoting from the pulpit, good moral political candidates, Christian principals and Godly men for public office or speaking from the pulpit against ungodly men and their immoral "politically correct" issues, who are running for office or they would lose their "Tax-exempt' (love of money status). This is a major factor why our nation is in its moral death throes because of its immorality. Christian leaders over the past 66 years chose to be man pleasers instead of GOD pleasers by not speaking out against or disciplining their congregations including immoral politicians and judges who were members of their congregations because of the government's restrictions in 501 c 3 on political activity by the church. This birthed the satanic, politically correct saying among American Christians: "Never discuss Religion and Politics" when in fact GOD desired for the people to be governed in Theocracy " to look to Him and his divine Word as their King (President) to govern the people. It was America's founding fathers' belief in Jesus Christ's Holy Spirited emanating teachings in the New Covenant(Testament) and His teachings, including the New Testament sanctioning of the Old Testament Laws that have been the basis of English Common Law and eventually the original foundation for America's Laws influencing its morals, family life, commerce, military, and its prosperity, but now for the most part forgotten by recent generations. In Maryland and the 12 other original colonies in the early years of America, you could not hold public office unless you were a Christian or believed in God. Maryland later loosened its requirements for public office to allow Jews to hold public office as long as they professed belief in a “future state of rewards and punishment In other words to be held accountable in the afterlife for our actions in this life.

We have observed over the years that much of what the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, has given ed in part, He has also revealed in part to others with the same calling. With that said, we are grateful that others, especially on the WorldWideWeb, have also confirmed much of the revelation found at this site. In particular, the fairly recent books "The End of America, The Role of Islam in the End Times . . . " by John Price, (c) 2009, and the New York Times bestseller, "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn, (c) 2012, The Paradigm, Jonathan Cahn, The Oracle. Yes, the last day's visions of Daniel the prophet sealed in chapter 12, have been unsealed. (Dan. 12:8-10 NLT)  

This site is for you, the reader because the Lord Jesus Christ has given us His all-encompassing and unconditional Love for you to warn you to confess your sins to Him, repent, get born again, receive his Word and His Spirit to remain faithful so you will not be assigned to the Lake of Fire which is the second death (Rev. 21:8) but to gain eternal life with Him and all those who chose Him over the prince of death and this world, Satan and his brood of viper demons.   

Blessings . . . . ed, a watchman commissioned by Jesus Christ