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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand


God Sent His Heavenly Messengers to Encourage and Help His Servants On Earth.

“Are they (angels) not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Hebrews 1:14

Reminder, Those that practice lying shall be cast into the Lake of to suffer the 2nd death. Rev. 21:8     

This is the true account of how my Lord Jesus Christ ministered to His servant using His angels, appearing in the “flesh”, as messengers to encourage and assist me in the ministry to which I was called. I know that there are many instances in my lifetime that God's angels have assisted His servant, but I can only truthfully write and tell about the following four confirmed visits from angels.

I feel a need to give an account of these visitations, not to promote any inferior motives on my part, but to promote the superior will of the Lord in my and other believer's lives, remembering not to ever promote the worship of angels, nor elevate them above the Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving due to our God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. (1)

According to my records, over the past 26 years I recorded in many journals what I call, not human coincidences or accidental chance, but Holy Spirit Coordinated Coincidences (HSCC) and supernatural events. However, regarding my memory, many of these events were like the assassination of JFK in 1963, or the 9/11 events in 2001. When they happened I knew where I was, exactly what I was hearing, doing, saying and the thoughts that were going through my mind at that time. All the stories about these four Angel visitations are true. There are no exaggerations in these accounts, but just the facts as I remember them, and as they were written in a journal or day-timer, knowing very well that all of those who practice lying, with no repentance, (humble sorrow for and turning away from sin) shall be cast into the Lake of Fire which is the second death. (2)Who in their right, Holy Spirit led mind would practice lying with no repentance and suffer the loss of their soul for the sake of advancing their own perishable human agenda at the cost of their promised eternal life with their Creator?. . certainly not me.

First Confirmed Angel Visit Tuesday, September 8, 1987

I was working as a used car salesman at Doug Griffith Honda used car lot on York Rd. in Towson, Maryland on Tuesday, September 8, 1987. Remember: “. .God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; “(1Cor 1:27) It is well known among bible believing and obeying saints, that the greatest of sinners, after repenting, have been some of God's greatest saints. Jesus picked Matthew, a tax collector, to be one of his disciples and apostles. David, King of Israel, after committing adultery with Bathsheba, who became pregnant with David’s child, and then having her husband killed so he could marry Bathsheba to try and cover up his sin, was a man after God's heart because David repented of this evil deed. Saul the Pharisee, who became Paul the greatest of the apostles, was the equivalent of Heinrich Himmler before he repented. Instead of rounding up Jews in boxcars to be exterminated in the concentration camps, Saul rounded up people of the Way (Christians) and turned them over to the Romans to be imprisoned, tortured and killed. Saul, before his name was changed to Paul, was responsible for hundreds, possibly thousands of Christian deaths before he repented and was saved. Now it had been over four years since I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in May 1983 (also called the Spirit of Truth) and about nine years and 8 months since I was born again in January, 1978. With these heart changes I became an unusual used car salesman in that, for the most part, even though I was already in the process of being blackballed from the business with the Lord's allowance, I was more successful in selling cars than I was in my “old” sin nature, particularly when getting deals approved through the banks. Besides having good knowledge of Retail Credit reports and honest communications with the customer, I gained more respect from the manufacturers' lending companies and banks because they knew that I spoke the truth about the customer when calling in deals. I got more car loan applications approved and subsequently sold more cars. In addition, when a customer had a warranty problem with their used car that I sold them, many times I would give them my new demo that I drove, and drive their car overnight to better describe the problem to our mechanics. Applying the “Golden Rule” of “doing to others as you would have them do to you” paid off in “word of mouth” referrals, and repeat business. I discovered in my sales career that honest, complimentary “Word of Mouth” advertising, in the long run, is financially more productive than paying any advertising agency, as long all honest personnel and policies remain the same in the business.

There were three salesmen in addition to our used car manager that worked in the Used Car trailer facing York Road: Lee A., Carl B. and myself. Sam C. was our used car manager. We worked shifts 9-3. 3-9 and 9-9 during the week to make sure there were always two salesmen on a shift, which was required by management. On Tuesday morning, September 8, 1987, Lee and I were working the 9-3, 9-9 shift. Carl was scheduled to come on at 3:00 pm. It was a nice new trailer with large sliding glass patio type doors and large picture windows on each side of the door with a good view of the lot. Our desks were separated by thick carpeted, aluminum bordered, soundproof, dividers, one for each of the three salesmen, and a thick carpeted floor. Lee's desk was directly facing the entrance doors, only about four feet from the door. Carl's and my desk were on either side. The manager's office was at the end of the trailer with a conventional door for privacy. Over the years, Lee and I crossed paths working for the same dealers, as employment longevity at any one dealer was not the norm. I respected Lee very much. He was a dedicated husband and father and very considerate of others. He spoke very eloquently and sounded well educated. He reminded me more of a college professor than a typical stereotyped car salesman that you see depicted on TV. He was always patient with me when I preached and gave witness to him about the message of salvation and the necessity of being “born again” to gain that salvation. Lee was never rude to me. When he got tired of my preaching, he just got busy to let me know that he had heard enough.

I remember that it was a beautiful day that September morning. Sam was out on business and it was just Lee and I who were in the trailer. We were talking when an older woman, who looked to be about 70 years old, entered through the sliding door of the trailer. She appeared very angry, distraught and upset. She walked past us and went directly to Sam's office. When she saw that he was not in, she turned and angrily asked “Where is Sam C.?”. I told her he was out buying a car for the lot. She then asked, “Where is Carl B., he was the one who sold me this lemon”. I told her he would not be in until 3:00 pm. Not able to connect with any of her requests, she became even more distraught. She then showed me, what we call in the business, a “laundry list” of items needing repair on the car that Carl had sold her. She immediately went into a long emotional dissertation of the things that needed to be fixed on her car and said that she had her car in for repair several times and it was not being repaired. These types of customers we called in the business “Screamers.” It was when she lamented and, close to tears, she stated that when her husband was alive he was able to handle these problems. I realized that she needed the Lord in her life. I really had compassion for the woman, understanding that her loneliness with the loss of her husband and the frustrations she experienced without his help was just too much for her. Also, with past management experience, I needed to intervene and help this woman, not so much for Sam's, Carl's or the company's sake, which was important, but out of Christ-like compassion for this woman, because she was now alone and facing a cruel, greedy world by herself. She told me her name but I have since forgotten it. I will call her ma'am.

As Lee was sitting at his desk and listening to our whole conversation, I said Ma'am let me see your list and see if I can help you. I then introduced myself to her. She had quite a “laundry list” of items that needed to be repaired. Taking on the responsibility of the missing management, I asked her if she had other transportation at home, she said no. Thinking I would lend her my demo like I did at other dealers, I just then remembered at our previous staff meeting, we were told by management that we could no longer lend our demos to warranty customers without management's approval. I knew that I had to drive her car to make sure her complaints were valid, not just on her say so, but also on mine in order for me to justify getting her car repaired once and for all. I did not realize at that time the spiritual phenomenon of being beside one's self as described in the King James Bible. Being beside oneself, which I discovered many years later in biblical research, means being out of your mind and taking on the Mind of Christ and being controlled by His Holy Spirit, to do things that contradict your human nature, like contradicting self-preservation, in order to obey the Word of God just like Jesus and Paul were beside themselves as written in the Scriptures. (3) Beside (oneself) is the keyword describing the spiritual mental state of the 40 plus writers of the Bible and the prophets of God being outside of their own mind and taking on the Mind of Christ. In this case, self-preservation was my job. If I lent her my car and she had an accident, it could mean my job. Lending her my car and getting her car fixed once and for all was the best alternative for all concerned, except for me from an economic perspective, but a blessing from a heavenly one (and that blessing from heaven was about to show up real soon).

I said, “Ma'am, I will see that the items on your repair list are taken care of. I am going to lend you my demo and drive your car tonight and then write a list up of what needs to be repaired. You can call me, or Carl your salesman, tomorrow afternoon, and I will let you know what progress they are making”. All the while, Lee has his attention on us and is following the whole scenario. She gave me her keys and I gave her the keys to my Honda Civic demo parked out back, but told her I will be out to show her how everything works on the car. She left first while I tagged up the keys to her car. When I got to my demo she was sitting on the passenger side. I got in and proceeded to explain all of the controls. (To prevent any distractions, and her having an accident).After I explained all of the controls to her, she said, “You know Ed, you have been very kind to me today and you were not even my salesman. Ever since my husband died, I have felt so abandoned, especially since I haven't been able to get your manager to fix my car. My husband use to take care of all of our business matters.” I said, “Ma'am, I'm a Christian and all of what I am doing is expected of me”. As soon as she said the word “abandon” there was a very powerful thought reminder about the famous poem “Footprints” (in the sand). I asked her if she ever heard of the poem “Footprints in the Sand”. She said no. So I gave her a short summary of the poem, as I remembered it. I told her about a man who had a dream he was walking along the beach with the Lord. During all of the major, trying events in his life, he saw two sets of footprints in the sand. But at the most difficult and lonely times of his life, he only saw one set of footprints. He questioned the Lord and said, “Lord you promised that if I followed you, you would not abandon me.”. The Lord said, “During the most trying times in your life, when you saw only one set of footprints, that is when I was carrying you”. I then witnessed to her the necessity of having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus so that He can carry her when situations seem hopeless. For the first time that morning the woman's countenance had the look of peace. She then thanked me again, got behind the wheel and drove off.

      Lee must have been looking at us out of the trailer window because when I went back to the trailer, Lee, whose desk sits immediately in front of the trailer’s sliding door, said as I opened the door to enter, “Ed, I don't believe what actually happened. That woman was Carl's customer; he made the commission off the car and you gave her your demo when we were just told not to lend out our demos out for warranty work”. It was then that I had second thoughts about the possibility of management finding out and me losing my job. This was a strong possibility since many car salesmen and managers did not like born again individuals preaching the message of repentance and salvation. But then again, I did not fully understand the supernatural spiritual phenomenon of being beside myself, taking on the mind of Christ, and under the control of His Holy Spirit being used for God's purposes instead of my own. His will be done and for His reasons, because there were three immediate witnesses to be edified in this account, and many more in the future with its publication.

Lee then said, “Ed, did that woman finally calm down?” I said yes. Lee said, “How did you get her to calm down?” I then sat down at Lee's desk. He was facing the trailer door and I was sitting facing him. I said, “Lee did you ever hear of the poem, 'Footprints'?” He said no. I then proceeded to tell him what transpired in my demo and gave Lee the same account of the “Footsteps” that I told the woman. Just as I was finishing telling him about the poem “Footprints”, the front sliding door opened and there was this beautiful young woman with blue eyes and golden blond hair, holding a large brown cardboard box with both hands. She had a very strange countenance on her face, a look that seemed very strange to me. A look that I did not ever recall seeing before. The first thought that came to my mind, was that she was a Moonie selling for Reverend Moon. The Moonies, workers for Reverend Sun Myung Moon, made a habit of visiting car dealerships and other businesses, to sell their wares. Most people thought they were brainwashed - of a cult - and some of them also had strange facial countenances, as if they were “spaced out”. If she was in fact a Moonie, I was going to be abrupt with her and tell her we are not interested, and “blow her out the door”. I asked the girl if she was selling for Reverend Moon. (4) She said no, and said this was for educational purposes only. When she denied selling for Moon, I stood up to see what she was selling. She was standing only about three feet from me, and still holding the large box with both hands. As I looked in the box, there were numerous paintings and sketches of nature scenes and other pictures. What I noticed then was that there were many of these, at least fifty, matted pictures, each with a clear plastic covering, standing upright in the box. They were moving or flipping, as if this woman had talent of moving the box causing the 9” X12” cardboard framed pictures to expose themselves one by one, like you, would flip a deck of cards exposing each card, only in slow motion. The woman was still holding the box with both her hands. Then suddenly the waving pictures stopped and the elaborate picture of the poem “Footprints” appeared to stand by itself in the middle of the box. I said, “Oh Wow! Praise the Lord! Lee, you won't believe this one”. Only about two minutes at the most, had transpired since I'd finished telling Lee about the poem “Footprints”. With great excitement, joy and ecstatic energy I asked the young woman “How much are these?”. She said $7., two for $12. I looked into my wallet and I had $8. I immediately gave her $7 for the “Footsteps” poem. Then I turned to Lee, and the expression on his face was one of shock and awe. I immediately gave Lee the picture poem and said, “Lee, this is for you to remember this eventful day”. After Lee composed himself he said, “this would not happen again in a million years, talk about a coincidence!”

I sat down with Lee to further confirm these events with the Scriptures. I turned to see the woman but she must have left in the excitement. I did not see or hear the sliding door open. I asked Lee, “Did you see the woman leave?” Lee said no. I gave it no further thought then because I was more enthused to explain to Lee the Scriptural meaning of the poem, “Footsteps”. I knew in my mind that the Lord, the “Supreme Conductor” of the Universe was orchestrating the events of that day, but was not quite sure how or why he was doing it at that moment in time. What I did know at that time was, this was the opportunity to witness to Lee the message of Salvation.  

I said to Lee, “You know Lee, the man in the poem thought the Lord abandoned him in the most trying times in his life, when he saw only one set of footprints, but the Lord said that was when He was carrying Him. Lee, that principle is in scripture. The Lord said He would not ever leave or forsake us. It's in the bible. I need to look that up in the Scriptures.” It was about that time that Lee said: “I am beginning to believe what you have been trying to tell me over the years.” I then retrieved my bible which I always carried in my briefcase with my lunch, and looked up that particular scripture. I was using the New International Version (NIV) Thompson Chair Reference bible then. This was before I became aware that there were some serious changes in wording from the King James Version (KJV) and it could not be used for final proof of doctrine in Biblical research. (5) I went to the back of my NIV bible for the concordance reference to look up the keyword “forsake” . I found “forsake” in the concordance, in Hebrews 13:5 (NIV). The concordance wording read: “ Heb.13:5” “never will If you.” The word “forsake” is only found 2X in the New Testament (KJV or NIV). I went directly to that scripture and read it to Lee: “ Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you'.” The Lord made this promise to Joshua in Joshua 1:5 just after Moses died, and in Deuteronomy 31:6. I took the beautiful matted picture of the poem “Footprints” from Lee to write a note on the back of it to record that momentous event. I wrote the date, the forsake scriptures that I searched, and a note to Lee: “To Lee, God Bless & and keep you. . . Ed” and gave it back to Lee. The framed “Footprints” picture was measured later 12” by 9”. Lee had possession of this picture for 23 years until 2010 when I asked him to make a copy of it for my web site. The gentleman that he is, he gave me the original to keep to verify this story. I will post a copy of the front and back of this picture on my website page: “Angels Edifying Ed”. when I complete this web site.

     The last thing I said to Lee on that very emotional and eventful day, concerning this more than just human coincidence, was “ You know Lee, that young woman who showed up with the Footsteps poem, just when it was a talking issue between us, could have been an angel in the flesh. Lee, somewhere in the bible it says, 'never stop entertaining strangers, for in doing so some have entertained angels without knowing it'.” Just as I was about to look up angels in the concordance in my bible, Lee's phone rang and I had to wait on a customer. He got busy for the rest of the morning shift and so did I. There was no more conversation about the events of that morning for the rest of the day. I do not recall all of what I said to Carl when he showed up at 3:00 pm for his shift, but when I told him about his customer and how I was going to drive her car home to check it out, he looked at me as if I had some ulterior motive. He eventually thanked me for helping his customer. I said nothing to him about the so-called coincidence with the Footprints Poem because Carl was not too receptive to my preaching or proselytizing. Lee may have said something when I left but I do not recall Carl mentioning it any further.  

That same September night, after the family went to bed, I sat in the living room reading my bible, contemplating the events of the day, thinking much about the so-called coincidence and communing with the Lord in my thoughts. Remembering the last thought I had just before Lee's phone rang and we both got busy that morning, what came to mind was my statement to Lee about never stop entertaining strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels. Sitting in my wing chair that night, I questioned the Lord in my thoughts: “Lord could that have been an angel that showed up in the trailer this morning?”. The next strong, motivating thought that came to my mind was “look up that scripture.” So I went to the concordance in the back of my bible and looked up angel and there it was: “some people have entertained angels” in Hebrews 13:2. I then went to the book of Hebrews, chapter 13 verse 2. The gnawing thought of familiarity lingered in my mind from when I had looked up the forsake scripture earlier that day. Hebrews 13:2 reads in my NIV: “. . . “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”I kept on reading and WOW!, Praise the Lord! three verses further on, in verse 5 is the exact scripture that I had looked up that morning for Lee. “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5). For me, to look up one pertinent scripture proving the subject matter of the Lord's promise not to leave us or forsake us, then about 11 hours later the Lord speaking to me in His still soft voice, instructing me to look up another scripture directly relating to the subject matter of entertaining angels, my being unaware of its location which was only 3 verses away from the original scriptural confirmation, was enough confirmation for this servant, that it was in fact a beautiful blond-haired, fair-skinned, rosy red cheeked angel in the flesh with the usual indescribable countenance of innocence, that ministered to Lee and me that day. Yes, I was convinced that whole day of September 8, 1987, was planned of God, not only for that day but to confirm future events of God's plan and will in my life. But my confirmation of this angel visitation does not end on the evening of September 8, 1987, but is even more factually confirmed about 6 years and 9 months later on June 3, 1994, when another angel showed upbringing an antidote of peace and unconditional love from the Lord, and indirectly and POSITIVELY confirming the first angel's visitation by having the same heavenly indescribable countenance of innocence, that ministered to Lee and me six years and nine months earlier. 

Footprints poem delivered by Angel 9/08/87

Lee had this in possession since that

eventful day in September 1987, but the

gentleman that he is gave it back to me in

2011 when he knew I was writing about this

for my book and Website. 

Back of Footprints poem note to Lee to

remember the day and some notes in looking

up the Scriptures Hebrews 13:5,6

Second Confirmed Angel Visit June 3, 1994

On June 3, 1994, God sent another angel in the “flesh” with not only bringing a message of much-needed peace and unconditional love from the Lord into Ed's, life, but further confirming that the beautiful, blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair skin, rosy-cheeked, young “female” appearing messenger that delivered the “Footsteps” poem, at the exact time when needed, on September 8, 1987, was/is in fact a ministering angel sent by the Lord. Read on to see how the second visitation in 1994 of an angel bringing a message of healing peace and unconditional love from the Lord positively confirmed the first visitation that occurred about six years and nine months earlier.

In the morning hours of Friday, June 3, 1994, I had a very vivid and mentally impacting dream of a large white van driving on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House in Washington DC with a nuclear bomb inside. In the dream, the bomb exploded and most of Washington DC disappeared; however, in the dream I was supernaturally protected. The dream was so real that it made me very excitable that morning; especially, remembering the bombing of the World Trade Towers by Islamic terrorist using a rented van. Again, I was beside myself, not really knowing at that time, the full impact of being biblically “beside oneself ”. I was convinced in my own mind that the dream was related to the John Hinkle and David Griffis prophecies. I believe this dream was the culmination of apprehension and fear in the John Hinkle and David Griffis prophecies received March 4. 1993 and September, 93' respectively, that on Thursday, June 9, 1994, when the Lord “said” He will rip the Evil out of this world and when David Griffis in his prophecy naming the same date of June 9, 1994, indicated, what he thought to be a calamity, would be 10X worse. Months before June 9, 1994, there was much controversy about these well-publicized prophecies in the Christian world among many televangelist, radio commentators, leaders and believers because John Hinkle, a pastor of 45 years, and David Griffis, the director of Youth with a Mission in Denver, Colorado, were very credible in their testimony. It had been almost an obsessive thought in my mind waiting for June 9, to reveal the outcome of the prophecies with Hinkle's main thought of his prophecy: “ God will rip the evil out of the world” and David Grffis prophecy: Indicating a calamity “10X worse”.

A “lot” transpired in my life, since that September, 87's angelic visit almost seven years earlier. I did not know then that one night in August, 1989, the Lord would wake me up about 2:00 am in the morning, as result of an answered prayer for ministry the previous June, and take control of His servant to “randomly” open my bible to Ezekiel chapter 33 calling the watchman to sound the trumpet to the Church and nation before the “sword” of Judgment falls on Israel (America). I did not know then, that on January 31, 1990, while attending a Bible study, over of period of about thirty minutes at about three ten minute intervals, the teacher, with Hank N. a neighbor and friend doing the teaching, the Holy Spirit would cause me to write down the three different subject matters just before Hank spoke about them. After he spoke the related teaching scriptures, shocked and surprised, I interrupted him to show him and the other bible study participants that I had written his scripture teachings down just prior to Hank teaching, not knowing what he planned to teach that night. I did not know in September 1987 that God was going to make me a watchman/prophet for the Church and nation confirmed by three prophets and four prophetesses in June 1998. That my wife of 16 years was slowly being infested with a Jezebel control spirit (EN) and was warring against my spirit. I was just becoming aware of spiritual warfare in my life, in that over the past four years, I had developed a spirit of Ahab, manifesting weak leadership in the family, allowing a spirit of Jezebel to infest and grow in my wife of 24 years. I did not know that in June 1994, I would be removed from my home of 23 years on August 7, 1995, for 700 days based on my estranged wife's false testimony in an Exparte Protective Order hearing, stating that I was abusive to her and she feared me. I did not know then that it was the beginning of a powerful calling on my life, in that nothing else mattered in my life but to obey the calling of God. On August 7, 1995 God had allowed the enemy, Satan and his brood of vipers to remove everything that I ever loved in this world: my wife, my job, my children, my home in order for me to fix my eyes, heart, soul, mind, and spirit upon Jesus. Yes, like many Christian men, prior to my losses, I proclaimed that Jesus was first in my life: however, that was not true. Everything else was first except Jesus. What I placed before God was my wife, my children my home and every carnal distraction as most devoted husbands and fathers do. When the Lord allowed these losses to take place and when I had no one to turn to is when I truly made Jesus Christ first in my life because I had no other choice. I was alone with no one to explain my loss or comfort my hurt. He was all I had left to love and be loved by Him. He was teaching me to learn from Him to love others as He loved, even those who were responsible for my debilitating losses. On February 1, 1993, the Lord gave me a powerful prophecy, of over eight hundred words, written and delivered, warning the leadership of the large Assemblies of God Church our family was attending, to repent for their pride, arrogance and allowing Satan and his demons to deceive and control them and deceive its members, or he was going to remove His children from their presence. The leaders did not take heed to this prophetic warning, but labeled me as a threat to their evil apostate agenda. This prophecy came true when the leadership did not accept this word and did not repent. As a consequence of their disobedience, hundreds of members left this congregation leftover the following years.

So by Friday, June 3, 1994, not knowing fully the extent of spiritual warfare, I had many spirits warring against me and much to learn from the Lord then and in the future. Not loved nor understood by my wife, my church and many of my friends except one with a like prophetic ministry, I was just beginning to learn the lamentations of the prophet, Jeremiah (EN). The calling to the office of a watchman/prophet can be a very lonely and thankless ministry from the human perspective as Jesus, the greatest of prophets said of Himself in all four of the gospels, a prophet is not without honor, except in his own hometown, his immediate family, relatives, and friends. (EN)

I had awakened early to get my daughter off to School, fix her lunch, cook her breakfast, write a positive up-lifting Scripture verse on her napkin for her lunch bag was my daily routine since I brought my auto appraisal business home in 1990 to be a Mr. Mom for my daughter. My wife, an ICU nurse had already left for work at 6:15, 7A to 7P shift at one the inner-city hospitals. My son was away attending college. So that day like many days it was just me and the Lord home alone.

After I drove my daughter to school I came home about 8:30 that morning. Weeks earlier I had ordered, the “John Hinkle/David Griffis, June 9, Prophecy” interview on cassette by Sid Roth, on his “Messianic Vision” radio show. I decided to listen to it again that morning to see if I missed anything. I could feel at ease in calling Sid Roth to confide in him since he knew all about the prophecies and certainly would not ridicule me because his radio show's format was interviewing many Christians who gave their testimony about their supernatural experiences and miracles. Sid Roth, presently has a Cable TV program called.“Sid Roth's It's Supernatural” (EN). I called Sid Roth's office hoping to talk to him about my dream and prophecy. His secretary said Sid was on his way to Brighton Beach. She said, what is it concerning? I then proceeded to tell her about my dream that morning. She was interested in my dream possibly relating to the interest in the June 9 Hinkle/Griffis prophecy and promised to give Sid my message with the possibility he would return my call. I was now even more frustrated since I could not confide in him.

Then the gnawing thought returned to mind that I should call the FBI and warn them. Then again, if I start rattling off the Hinkle and Griffis prophecies to the FBI, which I could hardly understand myself, and try to explain the dream I had, they would probably think I was “nuts”, investigate and commit me for a psychiatric evaluation. I was mentally wrestling with this idea, because of the horrific bombing of the World Trade Tower in New York sixteen months earlier in February 1993. Should I or shouldn't I notify the authorities? It was a, damned if I do, or damned if I don't situation. Lord what should I do? If my dream was truly from the Lord and Hinkle's and Griffis prophecies were related to Thursday, June 9, 1994, only six days away, then the authorities should be notified to be on the lookout for a large white van on Friday, June 9 to save many lives and prevent Washington DC from disappearing, knowing all too well that my home in a Baltimore suburb was only 33 miles from Washington, DC. I was just not sure I was hearing from the Lord that morning.

Then I had a flashback to the morning of February 3, 1993, when being so tormented about the corruption in our church, the Lord gave me an over eight hundred word prophecy warning the church leaders to repent. I remember how I was when the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, took control of my mind and spirit and physical attributes and caused me to write down this lengthy prophecy. I was again beside myself as Jesus and Paul were beside themselves. After receiving and reviewing this word, I was terrified. I knew many of the statements in this prophecy were biblically sound, but there were other statements that I was not sure of. Terrified because I knew of the prophet in the Scripture who thought he was doing the will of the Lord and about to enter His kingdom, but the Lord assigned him to Hell because the prophet was deceived and had no personal relationship with the Lord. (Matthew 7:21-23.) So, out of fear of the Lord, knowing all to well His word when he said, “And fear not them (Satan and his demons) which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him (Jesus) which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell, I got on my knees, raised my hands and made a covenant with Lord that He should take my life, stop my heart, (Isaiah 57:1,2) before I bring dishonor to your Word or cause someone to fall. Still not wanting to leave this earth before my appointed time and to fulfill ministry, I asked the Lord, Lord how can I verify that the Word I received is from You.? He answered clearly in my thoughts, “It's in My Book”. I said, Lord, there are many versions of Your Book, some have deletions and some have additions. How am I to know what bible to use to check the Word that you give me. He said, “I will show you”.

This flashback to February 1, 1993 just reminded me that if I have a question of the Lord to first check His word in His Book, the bible, for the answer. But most importantly, after making that serious Covenant with the Lord, even though it is a lock-in for salvation, from that point on in my life, I not only had to check any prophetic word from the Lord in the Bible, but had to be perfect in any biblical doctrine that I taught or just don't teach when my biblical research was not conclusive.

Now, the decision to notify the FBI, or not to notify them of a possible pending disaster. I was reminded in thought from past learning, that somewhere in the New Testament, Jesus' disciples needed a decision to replace the position of the 12 Apostle, left vacant by Judas' death. They chose to pray and ask the Lord to show them which of the two of the disciples He wanted to be the 12 apostle. They drew lots to determine the Lord's choice. So I decided that if it was OK for the disciples to cast lots for such an important decision, then I needed to do the same for my or the Lord's decision for my life. Not knowing at that time what kind of “lots ” were used in the Bible, I decided to flip a nickel as my casting a lot. (EN) So I prayed over a nickel, which says, IN GOD WE TRUST and asked the Lord to anoint and bless the casting of the “lot”: heads, I was to call the FBI and tails I would not. I flipped the coin in the air, caught it in my right hand, and slapped it onto my the back of my left hand. It came up tails; Do not call. Disappointedly, I lamented because, emotionally I felt wanting, still to call the FBI. Foolishly forgetting I had just asked the Lord to anoint an bless the toss, I thought, I better do the best two out of three. So I tossed it a second time and again it came up tails; do not call. Then I had to repent to the Lord for not trusting Him that the first toss was sufficient. I concluded there must be another reason for this mornings events which turned out to be another reason. It was also the Lord's will to protect His servant from being intimidated and embarrassed by the heathen government.

The events that morning were developing pieces of a puzzle, not only for that morning of Friday, June 3, 1994, but for the entire day, in addition to its part in confirming the angelic events on Thursday, September 8, 1987. When the day, June 3, 1994, was finished producing the puzzle pieces of thoughts and events, the completed picture would even make a believer of any skeptic of God's, Holy Spirit Coordinated Coincidences (HSCC). Little did I know at that moment, the Lord and/or His angels were planting the thoughts and planning the events of that day, not only in my mind and actions, but preparing others to be participants in God's Will being done on earth as it is in Heaven on that eventful Friday in June.

A very short time had elapsed since I had flipped the nickel. Still perplexed, I decided to call my dear friend, Dave R. to get his advice. I remember glancing up at the kitchen wall clock it was about 9:30 am. Dave had a true gift of prophecy and was recognized in his spirit-filled, charismatic Episcopal church as mostly an edifying and encouraging prophet to the Church in general. His prophetic gift mostly came in edifying and encouraging prophecies in poetic rhyme. It seemed he had a prophecy either for the church or an individual every day. I do not know for sure if it was every day or not, but what I did know is that God had placed him in my life for the very reason to encourage me in his specific poetic poems meant for me and at others at times to give me a Word from the Lord for encouragement, direction, and guidance regarding a particular event in my life. Many of Dave's prophecies for me were not generalities that could be interpreted to apply to most any person or event, but specifics applying only to the particular circumstance, thoughts or events happening at that particular time in my life. Without any doubt whatsoever, Dave proved to me over the years that I knew him, that only God, at certain times, could know what was going on in my thoughts and life at that time. In those certain times, the Lord would speak to Dave to call me and give me a message of encouragement, direction, or warning concerning particular thoughts and events that were happening in my life at that moment. (EN)

I talked to Dave on the phone. I proceeded to tell him about the vivid dream that morning, remind him of the Hinkle and Griffis prophecies indicating a possible calamity happening on June 9, and how frustrated I was when I cast a lot, in the form of tossing the nickel, to determine if I should notify the FBI or not. As soon as I said casting the lot for a decision, Dave immediately interrupted me with his joyous exclamation, “Praise the Lord” and said, Ed, that was my New Testament reading this morning in the book of Acts that I read in my One Year Bible, (EN) for today, June 3. The reading this morning was about the disciples using lots to choose Matthias the 12 apostle to replace Judas who betrayed Jesus. I said, are you kidding me? That just cannot be just an accidental coincidence. (or was it a HSCC? ). Dave and I continued to marvel how it seemed that his dated daily faithful predetermined readings consisting of the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament with the New Testament reading in his One Year Bible read that morning in the book of Acts coincided with my thoughts and action on the subject of lots. Dave reminded me of the spiritual benefit of reading the entire bible in one year and suggested to me to purchase the same paperback, One Year Bible that he had. It didn't take much to convince me to purchase that particular bible; especially for a memento of the so-called coincidence of the subject of lots in my mind and actions that morning and Dave's reading about lots in his daily bible reading. He gave me publisher, the bible version and the description of the One Year of bible it was including even the color of the cover. Dave said, you know Ed, I have often wondered about the subject of casting lots for decisions by men in the Bible. I then proceeded to tell Dave how I determined that it was good thing to rarely use the casting of lots for a decision from the Lord, but cautioned about the evil of misusing lots in the curse of gambling such as when the soldiers cast lots over Jesus' garment at the Crucifixion.

(At this point of this account, it is time to remind the reader what I quote frequently when I give testimony of the supernatural events happen in my life; that all who practice lying with no repentance shall be cast into the lake of fire as described in Revelation 21:8)

As Dave and I were still discussing the biblical subject matter of casting lots, my front doorbell rang. I said, “hold on Dave, someone is ringing my doorbell”. I was aggravated that we were interrupted with the thought we may have to continue this important conversation at another time. I lived in a small semi-detached row home in a Baltimore suburb. My kitchen wall phone was not that far removed from our front door. In those days we did not have portable wireless phones, but I did have a 25-foot phone cord attached from my phone to its set. I then walked to the front door with the phone receiver in my hand stretching the cord to the max and then stretching to open the door with my left hand while holding the receiver in my right hand. I opened the door and it was Alzene D., the dear elderly and kind woman widow from across the street. I used to paint and repair her home over the years for extra income, since her son lived a distance from her. I said, Alzene! I must have initially had an aggravated look on my face because Alzene seemed startled. She said, Sorry to bother you Ed but a woman called me this morning trying to get in touch with you. She said the number they had on record for you was not the correct one, so they had no other choice but to check the Criss-Cross Directory for a neighbor close by in order to give you a message. I did not feel it was right to give her your number since I know it is not listed in the phone directory so I wrote her name and telephone down. She wants you to give her a call; she says it is very important. All the while Dave is on the phone almost hearing all of the conversation. Alzene handed me the folded slip of paper. I opened the note and Alzene wrote: “Call Ms. Lott” and the number. I shockingly shouted to Dave over the phone. Dave!! you won't believe what my neighbor just handed to me!! Alzene, now even seemed more startled and puzzled. I then said, to Alzene, “ Alzene would please step inside and tell my friend Dave on the phone what you wrote on this note” Now the expression on Alzene's face was even more stressed, which indicated I believe Ed has lost it. As she reluctantly stepped into my living room, I said to Dave, Dave! my neighbor just handed me a note with a name and telephone # on it and I want her to tell you first hand what she wrote on the note because you won't believe it if I told you? I handed her the phone. I again repeated to Alzene, this is my friend Dave and we were just talking about the Bible subject of lots in the bible. Tell him what you wrote on the note. Alzene took the phone and said, Mr. Dave, I wrote on the note: Call Mrs. Lott and then the phone #. She handed the phone back to me. Dave was as startled as I was. Dave said to me, in amazement “without any question this is from the Lord. I reassured Dave that in no way was this my doing and that it had to be the Lord. I then proceeded to tell Alzene what happened that morning and about the subject of lots in the bible. I might as well have been talking to a wall because Alzene's expression on her face was even more puzzled as she was excusing herself and hastily leaving through my front door. In amazement, Dave and I were still discussing these events and at the end of our phone conversation when we both concluded that the Lord was controlling the events of this morning and we both prayed to have the Lord reveal to us the meaning of the HSCC involving the lots. Dave, then said, Ed “call Mrs. Lott and find out what she wants and then give me a callback.” After I hung up, I immediately called the number written on the paper that Azene gave me.

I called the number and a receptionist answered announcing it was the Hecht Company customer service department. I asked to speak to Mrs. Lott. They switched to Mrs, Lott and she answered. First, I asked her if that was her real name. She assured me that was her name. I then explained to her how my neighbor gave me a note to call her. Mrs. Lott explained that they were missing some information on my account and only had my old telephone number. She discovered my new number was unlisted and had no other choice but to use the Criss-Cross street directory to contact a neighbor to contact me. The problem was that a small balance of thirty plus dollars had not been paid for several months, most likely because there was little communication. My wife handled the accounting our finances and assured her the bill would be paid. I then proceeded to tell her about the events that morning and how the subject of lots came up and the so-called “coincidence” of her name written on the note that Alzene gave me, hoping, she could add some light to this HSCC matter. Well the only thing I accomplished with Mrs. Lott in the Hecht Company Collection Department was that in her mind she concluded that I needed a long rest away from the maddening crowd. I then said goodbye and called Dave. Dave very anxiously asked, what happened when I called Mrs. Lott. I told him about the conversation and it was unproductive concerning any reason for Holy Spirit Coordinated Coincidences (HSCC), but productive in the sense that I needed to pay a past bill. We both knew by that time, that the Lord was conducting that morning's events with my dream, by controlling my thoughts to flip a lot (nickel) to determine a decision, moving Dave's thoughts to read his One Year Bible on the subject of the Lord's disciples casting lots to pick the 12 apostle, and moving Mrs Lott's thoughts to contact Alvene, my neighbor, and controlling Alvene's thoughts to write a note to me, just in case I was not home.

I have determined in my 35-year walk with the Lord that God not only created this universe and earth but He is the conductor of His creation just as a symphony conductor controls every instrument in his orchestra. Yes, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven”. I told Dave I needed to pray on what transpired that morning and do some research on the meaning of lots in the scriptures. I ended the conversation with Dave because I was anxious to study the scriptures concerning dreams, lots, prophecy and anything else the Holy Spirit might bring to my attention concerning these HSCC. I got out my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the KJV bible along with its Hebrew and Greek interpretations and looked up all of the references to lot and lots. I discovered that the Hebrew word for lots in the Old Testament means pebbles or small stones or the Greek word for lot in the New Testament means small stones or small sticks of wood used for systematically making decisions (thing assigned by casting lots) with the understanding among believers in God that the outcome was God's decision. In my search, not realizing that morning of June 3, I was being led by the Lord to read the entire story about Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah.

My interest in this account about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah seemed to center on the two angels that God sent to Lot to bring a message to Lot and his family. I read the whole account and with a passing thought questioned how Lot recognized the angels when the angels entered Sodom in the evening, when according to the scripture, Lot had no previous contact with these angels or for that matter any angels in the bible. The rest of the day was uneventful. In addition, to studying for my final exam for my paralegal courses that day, I completed my normal household Mr Mom chores and prepared dinner for my daughter and eventually for my wife who would come home about 7:45 pm that evening. This night I would wait to eat dinner with her. I forgot what I cooked that night but I knew it was something special because, I was excited to tell her, what HSCC took place that morning forgetting all too well that her and I were steadily drifting apart in our communications, especially concerning spiritual matters.

I remember well that I had the table set and dinner heating on the stove when she walked in. I still have a picture in my mind exactly how she looked in her green scrubs. She looked very tired and fatigued. I may have made a mistake opening our conversation with my statement with a” You'll never guess what happened this morning? I proceed to tell her about the dream casting lots and Dave's call and Mrs Donlin's note. All of a sudden she got very angry with me, told me she was not interested in listening to any of my outlandish stories and proceeded to help herself to her dinner. It was like I had the wind knocked out of me and all of the joy of that day was destroyed by my wife's obvious dissatisfaction with me. As much as I did not want to face the truth that my wife and I were growing further apart as time went on, her interest was just not my interest.

Fast forward to about late 1995, after I attended several counseling sessions with several Christian counselors to hopefully save our marriage, I had only a one, one-hour counseling session with a professional woman counselor, who was also a Spirit-filled Godly woman. After listening to me give a brief account of our 24 years of marriage, she made more sense as to what the problem was in our marriage than any of the other many hours with the other counselors. She knew that as I drew closer to the Lord, my wife, who was more carnally minded, was distancing herself from the Lord and me. She asked me, “Ed, after you and your wife made the altar call, accepting Jesus in your life back in 1978, did your marriage get better or did it get worse? I sat there and had to think deeply. All of those years, I was deceiving myself that our marriage was getting better or should be getting better when actually it was gradually deteriorating. The seed of salvation that was planted in my heart that day in 1978, was planted in good soil. The seed that was planted in my wife's heart was planted in thorny soil, but her carnally desired cares in this life produced thorn bushes that eventually choked out her seed. (EN) Looking back at that twenty-four-year marriage and knowing what I know now about my present marriage to a Godly bible believing and obeying woman that God had joined us together, I have to agree, after nine months of one day per week sessions with one marriage counselor when he finally said, “Ed you never had a true Christ-centered marriage.

I was hurt and inwardly angry that after having a good dinner cooked for her, and her not only not appreciating the cooked dinner, but not listening to what I had to say. I hated this role reversal in our marriage, it was not biblical or sanctioned b God. I had to get away from that spirit. Yes, she must have had a bad day at her sometimes very stressful job as an ICU nurse in an inner-city hospital, but there was no emotional opening for me to even inquire about her day. Needless to say, I lost my appetite. I had to get out of the house from that hostile spirit before a major argument ensued. The thought came to my mind to go to the local Christian book before the store closed and purchase the One Year bible that Dave said that morning to buy. I was anxious to see exactly the reading for June 3, that he read that morning. I told Liz, I was not very hungry and that I needed to get out of the house. There was no resistance to my leaving on her part.

I arrived at the Baptist book store, now called LifeWay Christian Books, about 8:30 that evening. I was glad to be there because it was a Christian friendly environment where not too many demons congregated in the Second heaven (EN) in that store. I found the exact One Year bible that Dave described. (EN). I picked up a copy and went to the June 3 reading for that day. There is was exactly as Dave had described how the apostles drew lots to pick the 12 apostle. I was browsing the other book isles “killing the time” because I did not really want to go home to that hostile environment and rejection, when I came upon a large display of Billy Graham's new book, titled, “Angels”. There was much recent hullabaloo on the Christian radio stations about this book, which probably moved the Christian merchants to have a special display with many copies available. I decided to purchased it. I glanced through some of the book and took notice of the statements in the chapter, “ Angels- Visible or Invisible” how they manifested themselves in physical form to many individuals in the bible and remembering my study about Lot earlier in the day and his encounter with the two angels and questioning: How did Lot know they were angels when he had no previous encounter with them. nor did they announce to Lot that they were angels. How did the men of Sodom know they were more pure and more desirable than two early teen virgins. The demons in controlling these men knew who they were. I was still reading when the store clerk announced they were closing in ten minutes I paid for the books and went to my car. I sat in my car in front of the book store trying to figure out where I could go instead of home. Thinking again about my failing relationship with my wife of 23 years, especially since the next day was our 23 wedding anniversary. How was I going to celebrate that with a wife who hated me and thinking back the previous year in March, when I had to leave my home and spend some time with my physically handicapped, born again friend, Bill R. who the Lord used me to bring him to the Lord.

Then my thoughts centered on Bill and I was even getting more down and sorrowful thinking how he had just backslid from the Lord and His Word. Prior to accepting Jesus Christ into his sin-ridden life, Bill had been very successful as a used car manager and some of that success was misdirected. He was living the high life with plenty of money, booze, women, cocaine, two homes, one a waterfront home. Before his salvation commitment, I knew he was addicted to alcohol, but I did not know about his cocaine habit. Eventually, life in the fast lane of illicit pleasures caught up with him. He had a major stroke due to his cocaine habit and was paralyzed on his left side. When I heard Bill was in the VA hospital, I went to visit him. It was at that time I witnessed to him the message of salvation. He then told me about many of his sins and he felt his sickness was a wake-up call. I had prayed with him then that God would show him how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. A few days later Bill called me to thank me for the witness and that he accepted Jesus Christ in his heart and was born again. From that point on Bill was a “fanatic” for the Lord even though he lost all of his worldly possessions: his homes his cars, money and his “fair-weather friends”. The acquaintance who purchased his waterfront home, rented to Bill the converted 1½ story garage on the back of the property. Bill used to give joyous testimony in stating frequently, that having the stroke and losing everything turned out to be a blessing because it humbled him and brought him to the Lord. He even joined a spirit-filled Chruch of God church. Bill even accompanied me in an attempt to witness to our mutual friend and former coworker Ron C. who was also a used car manager and practicing alcoholic.

I did not know that Bill had backslid and returned to the booze until his mother called me hoping I would be able to help him again. When I visited him in an effort to help him, I got a first-hand example of the scripture: “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return unto my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation. Mathew 12:43-45. Bill was a maniac. I was taken back at that sight of his evil countenance. He rejected me and mocked my beliefs which used to be Bill's beliefs. He was angry at God angry, at the world and even angry at the beautiful lab/shepherd dog that I gave him to keep him company. I even built a nice fenced in kennel for the dog to keep him from wandering. That is what returning to his alcohol addiction did for Bill. Alcohol addiction, which one local liquor merchant called his store, “House of Spirits”, has entered Bill seven times greater than before. Finally, I had to remove the dog from Bill because of the many neighbor's complaints of Bills's cruelty towards the dog.

Thinking about the failure of Bill's Salvation commitment while sitting in my car outside of the closing Christian Book store, his hostility toward me, the loss of his friendship, my wife's hostility toward me, the loss of her friendship, that same night and other mental stresses, I started to weep tears over the anxious thoughts of the day, forgetting all too well the blessings of the HSCC early that morning. Well I thought I better go home since I had no other place to go.

After getting off of the Baltimore Beltway, I 695, heading south on Loch Raven Boulevard, I decided to stop in and make a purchase at the Crown Gas station on the corner of Loch Raven Blvd and Joppa Rd. In those days in 1994, most gas stations did not have the convenience of paying at the pump with a credit card but you had to go to the attendant and give him your card and tell him how much you wanted to purchase. He would then activate the pump for the amount. If you wanted a fill-up you had to give him your card. As I approached the cashier's kiosk, I noticed a line of about four people waiting but did not see the cashier. So I got in line behind the others for the wait while thinking to myself that I could not ever remember waiting this long to pay the cashier in a gas station. While waisting in line, I had noticed there was a Baltimore Sun papers' newspaper rack, with Baltimore Sun papers for Friday, June 3, 1994 sitting up in a wired rack on a small blue, curbed landing next to the cashier's kiosk. There was a large photo taking up most of the middle the headlined page, of President Clinton, the Pope, and Hillary Clinton wearing a black dress and wearing a black mantilla. As soon as I recognized the scenario, the word HYPOCRISY entered my thoughts in all capital letters, knowing all too well that the Clintons were avid pro-abortion supporters and the Pope an avid enforcer of anti-abortion doctrine. Myself, being actively involved in the pro-life organizations, knew all about the Clintons' pro abortion activities. Gazing at the picture with the cordial smiles of all of the subjects for the apparent reason for a political photo-op even made me more mentally nauseous that heads of state would publically forsake their beliefs for their less than noble purposes. The negative emotional disgust in seeing this picture only added more to my sorrow of soul which started with my early morning dream of Washington DC exploding, the possible fulfillment of the Hinkle/Griffis doom and gloom prophecy, the frustration of what to do and who to notify, the estrangement with my wife and the thoughts of failure in my inability to help my friend Bill to overcome his backsliding. Needless to say I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. When is this line going to move? Where is the cashier. Then the owner or manager of the gas station approached the line of people and apologized for the delay. He stated that the cashiers were changing shifts and transferring their cash drawers. As I was still gazing at the newspaper headline photo stretching my neck to get closer to see more of the captioned print under the picture, a very feminine voice spoke in back of me and stated in a slight unrecognizable accent: “That must have been some meeting between President Clinton and the pope considering their opposite stands on abortion”

Thinking she must be talking to another person waiting in line I turned around to see where the voice was coming from and standing directly behind me was a very wholesomely attractive “female” dressed what appeared to be a full-length homemade pastel blue dress, which some Christians would call a church lady dress because there was no skin exposed form her neck down. I don't ever recall seeing such a beautiful clean looking store-bought dress with its type of particular material. I was surprised to see that this woman with dark shoulder-length hair, who appeared to be about 35 years old, was looking straight into my eyes. She was talking to me and no other. I looked into her eyes and noticed an unusual purity that was somewhat familiar but then again strange. I made the statement that, yes. Clinton and the Pope must have felt awkward, since Clinton approves of the 1.6 million babies killed each year by abortion.

It was as if she was reading my mind and knew exactly what I was thinking about when she made her opening statement about the newspaper headline. Why would this woman be so bold to start up a conversation with a stranger she never met before or did she? It was as if she knew me all along but I did not know her. How could that be? I felt an immediate emotional attachment to her. It was not sexual, but it was even more intimate than sexual but I cannot explain its intimacy or its intensity. It was as friendly, loving, feminine sounding voice, it was something that I had not ever experienced before. (EN) However, there was something familiar but still strange about her countenance in her eyes, facial expression, and smile. How can something be familiar but still be strange? This thought was gnawing at me mentally not having an immediate answer to this oxymoronic thought. I agreed with her statement confirming my previous thoughts of how hypocritical the Clinton's/Pope's meeting was. The line was moving while I was talking with her. I asked her if she was a Christian? She said she was catholic. Her answer startled me. I said, I was raised in the Catholic Church but I left the Church and became a Bible believing Christian. She immediately read my disappointed countenance on my face and with a reassuring smile, looked to me straight into my eyes and said, I am a Christian. I had forgotten that catholic in small case letters also means universal. (EN). I could hardly believe how friendly and warm she was toward me. It was almost as if I had known her all of my life.(EN) like a brother' familiarity with his sister but more spiritually intimate. She walked back to her car which was parked at the gas pump. I followed her like a dependent puppy dog would follow its owner's home. It was more like I was mesmerized by her enchantments. As I approached the rear of her car, there were three teenage looking girls sitting in the rear seat with all three turned towards me and lovingly smiling at me. It was like I was communicating with them in my thoughts. They seemed to be part of this whole scenario. I was awestruck when I looked at what appeared to be the oldest. She could have been the twin to my cousin Vera Z. in California when Vera was younger. Her familiar appearance reminded me I needed to call her and witness to her because she was having some serious drug problems. Why were these three girls smiling at me through the back window as if they also knew me most of my life? It was one of the most unusual encounters I had ever experienced.

I turned back to the wholesomely beautiful dark-haired woman. She talked with a slight accent. I asked her where she was from, she said she came from Honduras. I looked again into her eyes and again recognized the strange but familiar countenance and then I looked back at the girl, my cousin look-alike, smiling at me from the rear window with the same unearthly countenance. In that instant, I had a flashback to the angel encounter in the Doug Griffith Honda used car lot trailer on September 8.1987 realizing that all of the unearthly, wholesome, pure, holy countenances matched. At that moment, all of the neurons of memory connected. The pure unearthly countenance of the beautiful, blond, blue-eyed smiling messenger bringing the Footsteps poem on September 8, 1987, matched the countenances of the beautiful dark-haired “Honduran women pumping gas and my cousin look-alike smiling at me through the rear window of her car. All the pieces of the angel puzzle came together in an instant and in that instant, I turned back to the “Honduran ” women and asked. “ ARE YOU AN ANGEL”? With a very serious expression, without changing her composure she looked straight into my eyes and a matter of factually SHE SAID, YES! She did not laugh or ridicule my statement. I continued talking. Why I did not continue the conversation concerning her affirmed comment of her being an angel, I cannot answer. I must have been beside myself (EN_ . I asked her if she knew about the June 9, prophecy. At first, her look was puzzling or she may have seen anxiety in my expression. She then approached me, put her arms around me hugged me and said, don't be afraid, it will be easier than you think, just follow your heart. At that instant with her arms around me, and her reassuring and comforting words, I felt all of the tension and worry just drain out of me from my head to my toes. I experienced a sensation of peace that I never experienced before. It was supernatural, The only way I can describe it is, anxiety was a liquid, I was filled with it but when this beautiful angel in the flesh put her arms around me and spoke those reassuring words. A plugged hole in the bottom of my foot was removed and all of the anxiety, worry and fear poured out of of my body until I was completely drained free. After that I experienced such a Peace that I knew it was supernatural because I never in my whole life of 51 years on that day ever experienced such freedom from anxiety and fear. Imagine that, from a human perspective, after only minutes of conversation, I get hugged by a strange woman, but not so strange since she said, she was an angel when asked but was confirmed by my memory of not only the day's early morning Scripture reading about Lot's angels, that evening's quick reading of Billy Graham's book “Angels” but most importantly, by my flashback to September 8, 1987's memory matching of the unearthly pure countenance of the inner beauty of the blond haired, blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked angel messenger delivering the Footsteps poem with what I was seeing before my eyes of the “Honduran” woman on the evening of June 3, 1994, almost seven years later.

I had to get back to my car that was behind hers. The Honduran angel asked me where Pigsville was. Pigsville, I said? She said yes. I was startled there for a minute and then said, you mean Pikesville? I gave her the directions She said yes. We all laughed including the girls in the back seat. How they could hear my conversation with the Honduran angel is a puzzle to me unless they were reading thoughts instead of hearing human voices. The angels drove off in one direction and I drove off in the opposite direction. As I was driving down the dual lane boulevard, I must have been leaving the “beside myself ” stage but still maintaining the euphoria of peace and well being when I thought to myself when the “Honduran woman “ answered that she was an angel. Why didn't I continue to inquire of her why she had the encounter with me and for what purpose? The answer was immediate in my thoughts. God knew that I needed His encouragement and so did His angels that do his bidding. Look at the state you are in, Ed. When did you ever feel this peace in your life? When did you ever feel such freedom from anxiety. God has a purpose for revealing His supernatural intervention in your life. Then for the first time that day I felt hungry. So, I stopped in McDonalds and ate. It was a heavenly meal as if I was dining in God's Dining room surrounded by his peace and tranquility and reading Billy Graham's new book, Angels. ​

Yes, the whole day was ordered by my Lord Jesus Christ Himself, as proven by the day.s events. There are no accidents or human coincidences in the lives of the servants' of their Lord Jesus Christ, only Holy Spirited Coordinated Coincidences. (HSCC) as that day's events confirm, as follows:

1.The very real-life dream in the morning hours of Friday, June 3, 1994 of pending judgment on Washington DC. (America) and its accompanying anxiety and tension supported by the Hinkle and Griffis prophecies, not fully realizing at that time, the Lord further confirmed to me, the calling of a watchman for the church and nation. “. . . And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:. . .” (Acts 2:17) “. . . So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; (Israel of the Promise Romans 9: 6-8) therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. . .” Ezekiel 33:7

2. Flipping the coin (casting a lot) that morning in an attempt to make a decision while unbeknown to me, at about the same time, miles away, the proven prophet Dave.R is reading in the story in his Tyndale, paperback “One Year Bible” New International Version © 1986 Arranged in 365 days, about how the 11 apostles used lots to choose and decide the 12 apostle. ( June 3, Acts 1:1-26) At about the same time that same morning Ms. “Lottfrom the Hecht Company contacts Mrs. Alzene D. my neighbor who lived across the street, to give a message for me to call “Mrs. Lott”. Alzene delivers the message to my door at the same time. Dave and I are talking on the phone about our so-called “coincidences” of choosing lots to make a decision

3.Reading the account that same morning of Lot and his encounter with the angels in Gen 19:1-5: “. . The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. "My lords," he said, "please turn aside to your servant's house. You can wash your feet and spend the night and then go on your way early in the morning." "No," they answered, "we will spend the night in the square." But he insisted so strongly that they did go with him and entered his house. He prepared a meal for them, baking bread without yeast, and they ate. Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom--both young and old--surrounded the house. They called to Lot, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them . . . " (Genesis 19:1-5 NIV), The thought came to my mind that morning which I never thought of before to ask myself the question: How did Lot know they were angels and how did the perverted men of Sodom notice there was something of a different innocent purity about these men as compared to the to teenage virgin female daughters of Lot? I was to personally discover the answer to that morning biblical question later that day with same means of identifying the pure, innocent unearthly countenances of the September 8, 1987 angel and the June 3, 1994 angel who even stated “she” was an angel when asked. Lot, the men of Sodom, and I saw, separated by about 3900 years, the same, unearthly, pure, holy, innocent countenances of the angels in the flesh.

4. God knew that I would forget the dinner I cooked, and leave my home after being rejected my former wife to purchase the One Year bible and Billy Graham's new book “Angels” God knew that I would stop in the Crown gas station at the right time when they were changing shifts and the angels knew too because they do God's bidding. God knew that His servant needed an encouraging word and a hug from one of His servants and angel in the “flesh” so that I would not get discouraged in His calling on my life.

God knows all!

It is amazes me how God works out everything so His will be done in his children's' lives

Postponing writing about the 3rd Angel encounter to write about the 4th Angel; encounter because the Lord wants to me to get some critical information to Donald Trump, part of which, concerns some of the subject matter in the 4th Angel encounter.   

3rd Confirmed Angel (s) Visit June 1995

To be continued 

4th Confirmed Angel Visit, Sunday, November 1, 1998

On Saturday afternoon, October 31, 1998 I was driving the short trip to my Giant food store to pick up some food items, when I heard over my radio which was tuned in to the Christian station WRBS FM, the surprise announcement, even to the announcer, that President Clinton was going to visit New Psalmist Baptist Church, (NPBC) the very next morning. I immediately knew that Clinton, one of the most pro-abortion, pro-death presidents ever to occupy the White House, until Barack Obama, was visiting this all African American Church to promote Parris Glendenning, the pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-death, incumbent Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland. The election was only three days away. Ellen Sauerbrey, the pro-life Republican candidate for governor, a much-admired woman, with real integrity, lost the previous election for governor to Glendening four years earlier in 1994 by only 5,993 controversial votes, alleged to have come from dead people voting.

There was much corruption published in the papers about Glendening. We knew this evil man would be capable of anything. Being an avid pro-life worker, I had just finished extensive volunteer work with other pro-life workers, to help Ellen Sauerbrey win the 1998 election. Two weeks earlier, on October 18, 1998, the Washington Times, a conservative newspaper, published an excellent article on the Maryland candidate's stand on the horrendous partial-birth abortion procedure. Sauerbrey was for the Maryland senate bill to ban partial-birth abortions. Evil minded Gov. Paris Glendening said he would veto the senate and house bill, just like Bill Clinton vetoed the ban in 1996 that both the US Senate and House approved.

I had made up homemade tracts from this article (below), added statements calling the pro-abortion advocates to repentance, and distributed them wherever I could in the two weeks prior to the announcement that Bill Clinton was visiting NPBC.

I know from the scriptures that we are to love and pray for our enemies, but whenever I heard the name Bill Clinton, I experienced such physical and spiritual revulsion that I had no desire to get even near him because of the foul demons that inhabited his body, soul, mind, and spirit; especially, after he personally vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban approved by both houses of Congress. I figured Clinton personally had/has the blood of at least 25000 future children on his hands destroyed by hideous partial-birth abortions. After listening to the radio, I then immediately became beside myself, not knowing at that time that being beside oneself is the biblical wording and description found in the Bible (KJV) when God usurps His will over the carnal will of His servant(s). Being beside oneself for the sake of God explains how God took control of 40 + writers of the 66 books in the Bible to write down exactly the thoughts God wanted them to write, and how the faithful men and women of God were able to perform the supernatural acts of God by the power of His Holy Spirit in their respective ministries. True servants of God performing the will of God, become beside themselves and under the control of His Holy Spirit, most without this knowledge, and perform God’s will, thinking at the time their performance is generated from within their human capabilities, when in fact it is God within who is in control along with the help of His ministering spirits (Guarding angels).

At that moment I thought "What a crime with Clinton’s endorsement for the Democrats, and Baltimore City’s Democrat black vote, they will again elect a Democrat governor with continued abortion in Maryland, which will continue to bring the curse of murder upon the state, and especially Baltimore City where deceived black voters will continue to vote for Democrat abortion candidates." As of this date, 44 years of bringing the biblical curse of murder upon the young, and among the young, in Baltimore City to the point the young are indiscriminately killing each other. Anyone who votes for a pro-abortion candidate is just as guilty of the blood of the innocent children legally murdered under the tenure of their candidate, as the one who premeditated this murder and the one who performed it. (Note Good News to the reader of this account if applicable: see your way out from the eternal condemnation of unrepentant sin at “Abortion Guilt and Sin Removed”.

I was mostly distraught about how my city “black” brothers and sisters were so easily deceived and led astray from the truth of God’s Word and if they did not wake up and repent from their deception and sin of condonation, they will suffer eternal condemnation. Yes, by the time I got to the Giant grocery store, in addition to being “beside myself", I was on fire with righteous indignation, knowing that about 90% of the African American voters in America’s cities, in particular Baltimore City, are hell-bound if they do not repent and turn away from the sin of having and promoting abortions in their voting.

I walked into the Giant just past their 6 tier newspaper rack, and noticed a Washington Times where it usually is on the bottom rack, although it sells out quicker than the other upper tiered liberal newspapers, because there are people who appreciate and hunger for truth over liberal “Politically Correct” twisting of words and facts. The front-page headline struck my eye as if someone had been listening to my thoughts: “Black Democrats Hit Ads Attacking Sauerbrey as Racist: Glendening Insists He's Accurate“

I picked up the paper and read the article immediately, forgetting that I had come to the store for food to take home. I was more than encouraged and elated to see that our “black” Mayor Kurt Schmoke and two other black leaders had chastened Glendenning, who is white, for falsely accusing Ellen Sauerbrey, who is also white, of being a racist. With only 3 days left before the election, I knew that somehow my brothers and sisters in the city and NPBC needed to read this article as well as the Washington Times Partial-Birth Abortion article that I had made into tracts two weeks earlier. Maybe it just might change some of their minds not to vote for Glendenning but to vote for Ellen Sauerbrey.  

I met Mayor Schmoke, in February, '93 when we walked, together with other city dignitaries, in support of Robert Nolan, a physically blind man’s courageous war against drugs and crime in his neighborhood. As we walked, I mentioned my Christian ministry work in the inner city, and how the drug traffic and murders can be reduced and hopefully eliminated from those who were part of the program. The mayor asked me to write him a letter to explain the program. (See my letter to Mayor Schmoke, and my credentials leading to an unconditional Christ-like love for the deceived lost African American people in Baltimore City and the nation in my web pages “ Racial Objectivity” and “Wake up “AF-AM Church”

 Reviewing my life in retrospect, my mother and father were absent from the home from the time I was 10 to the time I was 18. My 9 years older sister, who worked, raised me. I left an empty house in the morning and came home to an empty house in the afternoon. My grades declined, I got into trouble with the law and, eventually, took a 180-degree turn from bad to good. At the age of 18, a big brother type put his arm around me and said, "this is the way to go". After I came to the Lord, (Born Again) it became quite obvious the Lord was preparing me to minister to the African American community over the years.

The powerful controlling thought (beside myself) was that I was to print more copies of the tract that I had distributed two weeks earlier, in addition to making a new tract with the newly found article, and distribute them to many of the hundreds of members and visitors who would be attending New Psalmist the next day, most of whom wanted to see the President. My thinking was since Ellen had lost the earlier election by under 6,000 votes, this last-ditch effort just might make a difference. I hurried home, cut out the news articles to make the template for the hundreds of copies, typed the wake-up call to the Churches and added the scripture verses concerning the consequences of lying, then went to my local office supply store to have hundreds of copies made, for distribution the next day to as many as possible at New Psalmist Baptist Church. (copy below).

That same Halloween evening, there was a pressing, "beside myself" thought coming to my mind, to talk to the New Psalmist pastor. I was hoping I could convince him to call Bill Clinton to repentance for his promotion of abortion, and give him a copy of my homemade tracts. I was hoping I could not only convince the pastor to have a change of heart, but help change the hearts of the people. I wrote a convicting letter to the pastor hoping he would repent for supporting pro-abortion candidates and subsequently call Bill Clinton to repentance for his stand on abortion, just in case I could not see the pastor that night.

I drove about 20 miles over to New Psalmist Baptist Church that Saturday evening. When I arrived at the Church driveway and eventually to the parking lot of the church, I saw a bevy of activity. It looked like the Secret Service (SS), both uniformed and civilian, were hurriedly training large groups of young black men from the church for what looked like some kind of security detail. The church entrance was blocked preventing me from any attempt to see the pastor. Then a young woman carrying her choir gown was walking toward the church entrance, when I asked her will she get a chance to see the pastor. She said yes, he should be there this evening for choir practice. She agreed to give him the letter I had written, then I left for home.

Even though I had no intention of attending any of the Sunday services, I still checked the Sunday service times on the church's answering machine message so I would know when was the best time to hand out the tracts to as many of the Church members as possible. The services, if I remember correctly were sometime around 7:00 am, 9:00 am and 11;00 am.

I went to bed that Halloween evening determined to wake early and get the job done in distributing the tracts for the Lord. I awakened early the next morning, got together my one best suit that was given to me by a biblical marriage counselor, and dear friend. I was hurriedly getting ready, showered shaved and dressed, excited and ready to walk out of the door when, in the kitchen, the Lord commanded me to write a letter to Bill Clinton, as if I was hurriedly writing a note to the milkman not to leave any milk that day. No question about it. again I was beside myself. On plain letter stationary, I wrote: "Dear Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Lord is calling you to repent from your stand on abortion. 'What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul', With the love of Jesus Christ for Bill and Hillary Clinton signed Ed _ _ _ _ _ ". I put my full address, phone # and ss # at the bottom of the short letter, sealed the envelope, stuck it in the inside pocket of my suit coat, and exclaimed: "Fat chance He'll ever get this " and left for my new adventure, not fully knowing the Lord, as usual, was organizing the whole scene and what was about to take place. I stuffed my other coat pockets with the tracts inside and out and decided to carry my small KJV bible hoping it would identify me as a friendly pastor to the people and the SS.

I arrived at the church about 9:00 am. circled the area and parked my car about three blocks from the church because most of the spaces were already occupied in this residential area. As expected, there was a huge crowd. Looked like about 600 people congregating at the first Security entrance of the church just off of Old Frederick Ave. Both sides of the streets had television vans from various news organizations, in addition to some political groups picketing their cause. I started handing out my tracts (below) as I was walking the 3 blocks to the crowd of people, who were arriving. Most everybody was in an exciting festive mood.

I reached the large crowd of about 600 people standing packed together elbow to elbow, who were waiting to go past the NPBC security station. I was the only white person mingling with the crowd. I slowly inched my way through the crowd, all the while handing out my tracts and making conversation, Being the only white person moving within the crowd of about 600 blacks at the Frederick Rd. Security entrance, I stood out like a light bulb in a dark room. Ocassionly, one of the major networks, like CNN, would center their camera almost into my face. All I did is hand them a tract and they would back off as if the tract was full of anthrax.

In my conversation with a member of the church, who talked to a member of their own church security, I found out that the members who had arrived for the earlier services were not leaving the church because they wanted to see Clinton who was scheduled to arrive by helicopter for the 11:00 am service. The only seats that were available were about 150 in the closed-circuit TV room. That information certainly did not bother me because I had no intention of going in to see or give any sense of supporting the baby killer; however, it did bother many if not all of the hundreds of people waiting for hours to get into the church. As this news spread through the crowd the excited festive mood was changing to a hostile mood from the actual members of the church who felt privileged over those who were just visiting to see the President.

New Psalmist had their own little security house at the entrance from Frederick Ave. manned by a green jacketed guard. The SS civilian agents, who looked like GQ models with their expensive clothing were standing in the driveway keeping certain cars and people from entering. Then someone in the crowd said, UH OH! This is going to be good. A very distinguished looking, well dressed older man, shuffling with a cane, who looked to be about 90 years old, was approaching from the pedestrian sidewalk and heading towards the entrance. I asked someone, “who is he”. A woman answered, "he is one of the oldest members of the church; they better let him in or there is going to be a riot." The crowd started to shout let him in, let him in. The SS agent did not hesitate to let the man through when he saw that it would be best not to have a riot on his hands.  

Soon after, a school bus filled with recognizable Maryland political dignitaries arrived. As the bus slowly passed through security, it was quite obvious, by the expressions on their faces, the politicians were not happy to have to get up this early on a Sunday morning, especially for a president that they knew committed perjury and was soon to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

I did not realize that I was at the front of the crowd. All of a sudden the guard said you can go through, but when I say stop, stop! Some anxious people who wanted to go up to the church moved forward taking me with them. For some reason, again being beside myself for the sake of God (Act 26:24) I was going to the closed-circuit room. Amazing, one minute, I am saying I don’t want to get anywhere near the baby killer, and the next minute I am on my way, for what?  

As I was walking up an incline, a green jacketed NPBC guard came towards me and angrily asked, “ are you a member of the press ?” I looked straight into his eyes and said, ”No, I am a servant of my Lord Jesus Christ." The guard seemingly was struck dumb and just turned and went back to his post. It was then for the first time that morning, as I was walking towards the Church parking lot, that I felt alone and fearful, asking myself, "What are you doing? What am I trying to accomplish?" However, I had been in many situations like this before, where another power greater than any power I was capable of, was driving me onward, like when I confronted the Mid Atlantic superintendent of the Assemblies of God in front about 2000 Trinity Assembly of God members two years earlier; or when I walked the Baltimore City street drug corners, at the 2400 block of North Avenue, and Fulton and Monroe, witnessing the message of hope and Salvation, knowing all too well that half of those clowns most likely had a 9 mm Glock stuck in their waistband; or when being beside myself and under the complete control of the Holy Spirit, I boldly and loudly spoke out prophecies in Churches, after being told ahead of time by the leaders not to. There were many times that I did things that were not from my fleshly power, but accomplished by the Spirit and power of God for His Glory.

Still feeling somewhat fearful and alone, as I was walking up the hill, suddenly a slightly accented voice behind me said, “Can I come with you”? I turned around and saw the darkest skinned man I ever saw in my life, just like the color of charcoal. He appeared to be in his late 40”s. He was as tall as I was but he appeared to me to be almost half as wide as he was tall, like a defensive lineman on an NFL team, or close to it. He wore a dark green suit that seemed to slightly shine. Thinking he might be a SS agent, I asked him “are you a Christian?", He immediately said "yes". I said, "you have an accent, where are you from?" He said, "Nigeria". I said. "Ok, let's go." It was very strange in that this “man” did not walk right next to me, side by side but just off my left shoulder about three feet behind me. To me this was very strange; however, I was glad that someone was with me and I did not feel as alone as I had before he showed up. As we came over the hill, I had a panorama view of the church parking lot about a hundred yards long, There were no cars parked in that section of the parking but I did see about five to seven people walk through scanning machines that must have been needed for the hundreds of early morning arrivals to the earlier services. The only people that I saw in the parking lot were about 15 young uniformed SS police who looked more like soldiers because they were wearing combat boots; every one of them was looking at me with such a hateful “kill you look”, the same countenance that I observed on faces of young fully trained marines the first day after they just finished their basic training, like, don’t mess me with or I will go for your jugular vein. They were all looking at me as I walked toward the scanner. Could it be that they thought it strange that I was the only white man that was a visitor that day. For some reason there were only a few people trickling over the hill, and the wide-open spacious parking lot seemed almost empty, with the exception of the Rambo looking SS uniformed police. As I approached one of the empty scanners, I looked over my shoulder at my Nigerian friend who was still behind me. I got to the scanner emptied my pockets, with all of my metal, keys, coins and wallet, and laid the bible on the belt. I went through with no bells or whistles going off. As I gathered my belongings, I looked back and my Nigerian friend was gone. I asked myself where did he go. I looked around the spacious parking lot with just a few people trickling in, and did not see anyone but the SS uniformed police who still looked more like soldiers than police. I did not give it a second thought about my friend disappearing until the following day when I decide to make some notes of the NPBC events. I was on a spontaneous mission for the Lord and did not fully realize the state of being beside myself where He, not I, was in control of my being. I got to the entrance of the building, which was not the church, where I was directed to go upstairs to the closed-circuit TV room.

I entered the room and it looked like about 150 folding metal chairs set up for the people. I sat down in the end aisle seat in the last row. The seats were almost filled up with people. Surprisingly I saw two white women in the room. Elijah Cummings, a member of this church, was speaking on the TV from the Church pulpit. As I looked around the room and in back of me, I saw about five of the SS uniformed police with combat boots standing in the rear. Again, they were looking at me. There were also a couple of SS uniformed women in the room. I turned to my right and looked back and saw a blond-haired man that looked just like Bill Clinton only shorter. He looked like he was SS but I was not sure. Then the overwhelming thought came to my mind to ask him if he was Secret Service, and if he was, to give him the letter that I had written that morning to give to Bill Clinton. Not once did I ever think about that letter since I stuck it in my inside coat pocket that morning, until I saw this Clinton look-alike standing in the back of the TV room. I got up and approached him; he was about 50 feet away. I asked him if he was Secret Service. He said, yes. I asked him if he gets close to the President at any time. He said, "Many days I am right by his side". I said "Would you do me a favor?", as I was reaching into my coat pocket to retrieve the sealed letter; "Would you see to it that the President gets this letter? It is a message from the Lord and it is signed with love. Don’t worry it does not have any poison needles in it." Immediately he took the letter from me and placed the one sheet sealed letter in between the palms of his hands and vigorously rubbed them back and forth to see if there was anything other than the one piece of paper in the envelope. He said ok and immediately left the room. I then returned to my seat with the other uniformed SS people looking at me from the back of the room. I sat down and was watching the TV. I felt a little uneasy and did not know why, I glanced over my shoulder to see if the uniformed SS were still watching me, only to discover there were three uniformed SS police standing directly in back of my chair which again, was in the back last row. I was not going anywhere too soon.

One of the speakers announced that the President had arrived and will be appearing very shortly. About 15 minutes had passed since the announcement. Then the President appeared on the stage and the Church and the Closed Circuit room went ballistic in standing up and applauding this man who, by vetoing the bill to ban partial-birth abortion, expressed his belief it is ok to suck the brains out of a 3rd term, fully viable baby to kill it and deliver it dead. I continued to sit in my seat while most everybody was standing and applauding the presence of the President. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, everyone was seated. I believe it was the pastor who was speaking from the podium ready to introduce the President, when the TV camera panned to Bill Clinton seated in a chair. I was shocked to see an expression of what I would call extreme depression resulting from extreme guilt on Bill Clinton's countenance. Of all of the newscasts I had seen of Bill Clinton since he came on the scene in 1991 until that November 1, 1998., I had never seen, nor I am sure anyone else had seen such a downcast look of righteous conviction on Bill Clinton's face. I knew then that the Secret Service look-alike delivered the letter to Bill Clinton which resulted in such a condemned, forlorn expression. About that time, I turned around to look in the direction where the Bill Clinton look-alike agent was before, and there he was looking straight at me, shaking his head up and down like a bobblehead doll with the condescending expression and readable facial statement: “ What are you trying to do get me fired?”. It then dawned on me that I must be crazy to do such a bold thing with them thinking I could be a threat to the President. I needed to get out of there if I could. So I got up and walked toward the door, with the SS looking in my direction. I walked out into the fresh air, praised the Lord and went home.

It was not until the next day, Monday, that I reviewed the NPBC events and concluded that, again, God sent an angel to minister to me. First, when we entered the expansive parking lot it was fairly empty, with just the uniformed SS police, the vacant scanners, and few of the 150 or so people trickling into the lot. The Nigerian was just a few feet behind me when I approached the scanner. When I cleared the scanner, and gathered my keys, change, and bible, I looked for the dark-skinned Nigerian Christian with the dark green suit and he was gone- - - impossible! I scanned the spacious parking lot and only saw the SS police and just several of the members heading for the scanner(s). There were no obstructions, trees, or any place that the disappearing man could have hidden, and it would have been impossible for him to have traveled the 200 or so feet back up the incline and out of sight in the 30 or so seconds since I last saw him. “Are they (angels)not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Hebrews 1:14.

So recapping the whole event from Saturday afternoon, October 31, 1998, to the afternoon of Sunday, November 1, 1998, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord orchestrated this entire event for the purpose of not only seeing to it that William Jefferson Clinton, president of the United States was warned to repent for his grievous sin of allowing hideous abortions to continue, but also the pastor of the NPBC was made aware that repentance was needed for anyone condoning abortion, especially a pastor of a so-called Christian church giving honor to a president who condones sucking the brains out of fully living babies to kill (murder) them in abortion.


The following is an excellent description by 17th century Matthew Henry, a most honored and respected expositor of the Scriptures, of the role of angels in their relationship to God and their ministering and service to men and women on earth. The scriptures Matthew Henry is expounding on below are Hebrews 1:13-14: “But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? ”

“ . . .And it becomes his people to go on in their duty, being what he would have them to be, doing what he would have them to do, avoiding what he would have them to avoid, bearing what he would have them to bear, till he make them conquerors and more than conquerors over all their spiritual enemies.2. What has God said to the angels? He never said to them, as he said to Christ, Sit you at my right hand; but he has said of them here that they are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation. Note, (1.) What the angels are as to their nature: they are spirits, without bodies or inclination to bodies, and yet they can assume bodies, and appear in them, when God pleases. They are spirits, incorporeal, intelligent, active, substances; they excel in wisdom and strength. (2.) What the angels are as to their office: they are ministering spirits. Christ, as Mediator, is the great minister of God in the great work of redemption. The Holy Spirit is the great minister of God and Christ in the application of this redemption. Angels are ministering spirits under the blessed Trinity, to execute the divine will and pleasure; they are the ministers of divine Providence. (3.) The angels are sent forth for this end-to minister to those who shall be the heirs of salvation. Here observe, [1.] The description given of the saints—they are heirs of salvation; at present they are under age, heirs, not inheritors. They are heirs because they are children of God; if children, then heirs. Let us make sure that we are children by adoption and regeneration, having made a covenant-resignation of ourselves to God, and walking before him in a gospel-conversation, and then we are heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ. [2.] The dignity and privilege of the saints—the angels are sent forth to minister for them. Thus they have done in attending and acting at the giving forth of the law, in fighting the battles of the saints, in destroying their enemies. They still minister for them in opposing the malice and power of evil spirits, in protecting and keeping their bodies, pitching their tents about theirs, instructing, quickening, and comforting their souls under Christ and the Holy Ghost; and thus they shall do in gathering all the saints together at the last day. Bless God for the ministration of angels, keep in God’s way, and take the comfort of this promise, that he will give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your feet against a stone, Ps. 91:11, Ps. 91: 12.

// G1-56759168.html


Washington Times article p.1 condemning Washington Times article p.2 condemning

Glendenning for lying about Ellen Glendenning for lying about Ellen

Sauerbrey to gain the Black Vote. Sauerbrey to gain the Black Vote.

Endnotes for First Confirmed Angel Visit Tuesday, September 8, 1987

1. Let no one who delights in [false] humility and the worship of angels tell you that you don't deserve a prize. Such a person, whose sinful mind fills him with arrogance, gives endless details of the visions he has seen. He doesn't hold on to [Christ,] the head. Christ makes the whole body grow as God wants it to, through support and unity given by the joints and ligaments. (Colossians 2:18_19) Scripture is taken from God's Word. Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Baker Publishing

2. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Revelation 21:8

(3) And when his (Jesus) friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him (Jesus) : for they said, He is beside himself. Mark 3:21; And as he thus spake for himself, Festus said with a loud voice, Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad. Acts 26:24;

“For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause. 2Cor. 5:13; KJV

(For if we are beside ourselves [mad, as some say], it is for God and concerns Him; if we are in our right mind, it is for your benefit Amplified Bible (AMP) ,

For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.1Cor.2:16 (KJV)

Beside: Greek 1839 ἐξίστημι existemi ex-is’-tay-mee 1) to throw out of position, displace 1a) to amaze, to astonish, throw into wonderment 1b) to be amazed, astounded 1c) to be out of one’s mind, besides one’s self, beside 3105 Greek μαίνομαι mainomai mah’-ee-nom-ahee middle voice from a primary mao (to long for, through the idea of insensate craving); TDNT-4:360,548; {See TDNT 458 } AV-be mad 4, be beside (one’s) self 1; 5 to be mad, to rave of one who so speaks that he seems not to be in his right mind . The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible: “beside” (Greek Dictionary) © 1990 Thomas Nelson Publishers. All 40 Plus writers of the Holy Bible and the prophets of God were beside themselves when they were writing Scripture and prophesying. Meaning, they were out of their own minds, possessed by God, and had taken on the Mind of God to write down and speak exactly what God wanted written down or spoken. It was not their fallible thoughts producing the Scriptures or prophecies, it was the Lord supernaturally using their human faculties to accomplish His will and purposes.   

Endnotes for Second Confirmed Angel Visit June 3, 1994


Clinton's visit with Pope John Paul II Hillary with the Mantilla

EN catholic adjective universal belonging to the united Christian church that existed before its separation into different churches, or to any church that regards itself as continuing the traditions of that united church

all-inclusive including or concerned with all people

EN Some of Dave's prophecies and messages that he left on my answering machine are recorded at my website page: “Jesus Confirms ed's calling” at

EN Angels are sexless but must have relationships and feelings far more joyful and rewarding than what mankind experiences here on earth. Matthew 22:30.

Matthew Henry's 18-century commentary on Genesis 19 and Lots first recognizing the angels

He bowed himself to the ground, when he met them, as if, upon the first view, he discerned

something divine in them.

Matthew Henry’s Comment on Genesis 18: at the end of bargaining with God in sparing Sodom verse 27 Genesis 18-27 and 19 recognizing the purity honesty in the angel's faces

2. His particular favor to Abraham appeared in this, that he did not leave

off granting till Abraham left off asking. Such is the power of prayer. Why

then did Abraham leave off asking, when he had prevailed so far as to get

the place spared it there were but ten righteous in it? Either,

(1.) Because he owned that it deserved to be destroyed if there were not so

many; as the dresser of the vineyard, who consented that the barren tree

should be cut down if one year's trial more did not make it fruitful,

<421309>Luke 13:9. Or,

(2.) Because God restrained his spirit from asking any further. When God

has determined the ruin of a place, he forbids it to be prayed for,

<240716>Jeremiah 7:16; 11:14; 14:11.

Lot chapter 19 when he noticed the angels

(2.) He was extremely respectful to men whose mien and aspect were

sober and serious, though they did not come in state. He bowed himself to

the ground, when he met them, as if, upon the first view, he discerned

something divine in them.

He had not seen

two such honest faces in Sodom this great while. Note, Those that live in

bad places should know how to value the society of those that are wise and

good, and earnestly desire it.

[2.] When the angels accepted his invitation, he treated them nobly; he

made a feast for them, and thought it well-bestowed on such guests. Note,

Good people should be (with prudence) generous people

I. That they were all wicked, v. 4. Wickedness had become universal, and

they were unanimous in any vile design. Here were old and young, and all

from every quarter, engaged in this riot; the old were not past it, and the

young had soon come up to it. Either they had no magistrates to keep the

peace, and protect the peaceable, or their magistrates were themselves

aiding and abetting. Note, When the disease of sin has become epidemical,

it is fatal to any place, <230105>Isaiah 1:5-7.

2.) They threaten him, and lay violent hands upon him; and the good man

is in danger of being pulled in pieces by this outrageous rabble. Note,

[1.] Those that hate to be reformed hate those that reprove them, though

with ever so much tenderness. Presumptuous sinners do by their

consciences as the Sodomites did by Lot, baffle their checks, stifle their

accusations, press hard upon them, till they have seared them and quite

stopped their mouths, and so made themselves ripe for ruin.

[2.] Abuses offered to God's messengers and to faithful reprovers soon fill

the measure of a people's wickedness, and bring destruction without

remedy. See <202901>Proverbs 29:1, and <143616>2 Chronicles 36:16. If reproofs

remedy not, there is no remedy. See <142516>2 Chronicles 25:16.

The saints, at death, are pulled like Lot into a house

of perfect safety, and the door shut forever against those that pursue them.

(1.) To put an end to their attempt, and disable them from pursuing it.

Justly were those struck blind who had been deaf to reason. Violent

persecutors are often infatuated so that they cannot push on their malicious


designs against God's messengers, <180514>Job 5:14, 15. Yet these Sodomites,

after they were struck blind, continued seeking the door, to break it down,

till they were tired. No judgments will, of themselves, change the corrupt

natures and purposes of wicked men. If their minds had not been blinded

as well as their bodies, they would have said, as the magicians, This is the

finger of God, and would have submitted.

(2.) It was to be an earnest of their utter ruin, the next day. When God, in a

way of righteous judgment, blinds men, their condition is already

desperate, <451108>Romans 11:8, 9.


We have here the preparation for Lot's deliverance.

I. Notice is given him of the approach of Sodom's ruin: We will destroy

this place, v. 13. Note, The holy angels are ministers of God's wrath for

the destruction of sinners, as well as of his mercy for the preservation and

deliverance of his people. In this sense, the good angels become evil

angels, <197849>Psalm 78:49.

II. He is directed to give notice to his friends and relations, that they, it

they would, might be saved with him (v. 12): “Hast thou here any besides,

that thou art concerned for? If thou hast, go tell them what is coming.”

Now this implies,

1. The command of a great duty, which was to do all he could for the

salvation of those about him, to snatch them as brands out of the fire.

Note, Those who through grace are themselves delivered out of a sinful

state should do what they can for the deliverance of others, especially their


2. The offer of great favour. They do not ask whether he knew any

righteous ones in the city fit to be spared: no, they knew there were none;

but they ask what relations he had there, that, whether righteous or

unrighteous, they might be saved with him. Note, Bad people often fare

the better in this world for the sake of their good relations. It is good being

akin to a godly man.


III. He applies himself accordingly to his sons-in-law, v. 14. Observe,

1. The fair warning that Lot gave them: Up, get you out of this place. The

manner of expression is startling and quickening. It was no time to trifle

when the destruction was just at the door. They had not forty days to

repent in, as the Ninevites had. Now or never they must make their escape


18 Hear ye, therefore, the parable of the sower.

19 When anyone heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the wayside.

20 But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it;

21 Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.

22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.

23 But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

Where is it in the bible Isaiah 25: 7, 8 Summary, God will lift the cover of darkness of evil and there will be a great renewal in the hearts of many believers to perform many healing miracles for the sick raise the dead,. On June 9 there is going to be a new world out there, He was not talking about the rapture, the coming of the Lord, or the end of time. Sid Roth: Can we do anything to prepare: John: Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and the Glory of God. At the same time.

David Griffith director of Youth with a Mission in Denver Colorado prophecies receiving the same date June 9, 1994, Repentance and Revival is the issue potential of some natural occurrences on the earth. Repentance can delay God's judgment like Nineveh was postponed because David Griffiis Vision September 1993. 10x worse, Sid Roth was does that mean? DG His sense an earthquake but he did not really know if is a natural disaster/

Commentary on Hinkle's prophecy at

6. This first June 9th, 1994 "Macedonian Earthquake" in the natural was a Revelation 8:5.

and registered 8.5 on the Richter scale as prophesied by David Griffis of YWAM in Arvada, CO.and Pastor John Hinkle: ; Pastor Hinkle [1994 word] asked the Father's of strong word RIP: I WILL RIP THE EVIL OUT OF THE WORLD." I thought of the word "rip" for it seemed rather strong language for the Lord, but again His voice spoke clearly and firmly, "HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT I RIPPED THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY OF HOLIES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM ON THE DAY THAT MY SON DIED ON THE CROSS FOR THE WORLD". And as He spoke this I saw a great dark covering like a blanket over the world and I saw it RIP up the middle by His power and glory:

“. . . I met with Bill McCartney and Dr. Bill Bright after the meeting and discussed the events. On June 9th Friday the largest earthquake in recorded history took place at 12:33 AM Greenwich Mean Time which records all earthquake timings. It took place in eastern Bolivia, near Brazil shaking the 400 miles deep and over 10,000 miles in length, and was felt from the southern end of South America to Central America, and North America as far as Canada. . . Pastors John Hinkle and David Griffis were sent by the Lord to report on this coming event of June 9, 1994, on TBN and CBN/ 700 Club. The Lord sent me to them as a third confirming word. I later understood the reason as the Lord was to show me the connections with events on June 9th, 2001 and June 9th, 2008 [Pentecost]. Bob Colver Watchman on the Wall at

7. See transcripts and hear recorded prophecies at web page “Jesus Confirms Ed's Calling” at