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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Jesus Confirms ed's Calling

If you do not see the horizontal recording bar, (example just after (1) DR speaks a word from the Lord to ed) or after each prophecy intro. then go up to your address (URL) bar at the top of this web page and to the left of (https), you will see a symbol either a lock or a circled i. (for the Google Chrome Browser) or another symbol for another browser. Click on that and make sure the Flash category is checked "Allow" or "On" . Z(Not Ask (default) Then click Reload (web page). The horizontal play bars should appear at the prophecy of each prophet. Click the arrowhead to play.   

The following are the cassette tape recordings, transcripts commentary and footnotes of 3 prophets'& 4 prophetesses' personal prophecies spoken over ed, totally engineered by God within a 20 month period from 1-12-98 to 9-3-99 for confirmation and direction in ministry.

Remember those who practice lying with no repentance and no turning away from sin shall be cast into the Lake of Fire to suffer the second 2nd death Rev.21:8;

Truth before the HOLY SPIRIT in written commentaries, and prophecies transcribed from original cassette recordings.

Quench not the SPIRIT. Despise not prophesying. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.1 Thessalonians.5: 19-21

(Prove all things in agreement with the Word of GOD in the Scriptures, shuck the rest from the flesh and not in agreement with the Word of GOD.)

To the Recipient (Reader) June 25, 1998 For the cause of reconciliation and so that the message the LORD has for the Church be received, the Lord gave me clear direction, that I should make copies of the recorded cassette tapes and their accompanying transcript to be sent to certain churches and ministries where they had a problem receiving a Word from the LORD. ( prophecies up to 6-7-98) He gave me the names and even the numerical order of some in which they were to be sent. With the fear of giving the impression of "blowing my own horn" and self-justification, even though it was obvious to me it would not be because of the overwhelming confirmations that the LORD is speaking through HIS servants, I was still reluctant to obey. I asked the LORD that I needed confirmation from HIM. HE spoke to me in a prophetic word that he would send the first on the list, pastor, I. H., and his wife, B. H. to me. This was on June 17, 1998. I doubted this would happen; I had not seen them since January 1997 since the leadership did not receive a prophetic word calling them to repentance and correction from the LORD through HIS servant and subsequently I was removed from the congregation on the word of another co-pastor.( Note! for 2012 website the prophecy in question "Shaking Sand and Pearls" which after researched in the Scriptures helped to expose even more the controlling master spirit of Jezebel seducing the leaders in the Church and contributing to the increased deception of the majority of women in the Church.

     On Sunday, June 21, 1998, four days after the LORD spoke to me and after attending worship service, I stopped by my local gas station to fill up. I went in to pay for the gas. I was about to get into my car when a woman, who was sitting in her car shouted to me, "Hey, Ed" I turned to the woman who was wearing sunglasses. I didn't recognize her at first. She took off her sunglasses and it was B. H., the pastor's wife. Note! they live on the other side of town and were driving in a strange neighborhood their new mini SUV they just purchased. I immediately started praising the LORD" for his fulfilled promise. (LORD forgive me for doubting you) Then I. H. came out to the car and I gave them the testimony of the past events and the fact that the LORD caused this meeting. B. H. asked me to give her a copy of the enclosed prophecies and tape. I then remembered that the LORD had me to take along a copy and a cassette tape before I went to service that morning. I was going to show it to the pastor of the church I was attending for his discernment but I could not connect with him that day. It was sitting on the passenger seat of my car. So I gave it to them. This is why you are getting a copy because it is confirmed of the LORD and not the flesh. It is of the LORD and not of me, just obedience on my part. Thank you JESUS. Amen and Hallelujah!(

 The LORD Speaks In Favor Of HIS Servant When None Other Would.

    "I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn: Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But GOD is the judge; he putteth down one, and setteth up another." (Psalm 75:4-7)

    "But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses (3 prophets & 4 prophetesses) every word may be established." (Matt. 18:16, KJV). Praise the LORD!)

The following are eight recorded personal prophecies given to ed through three confirmed prophets and four prophetesses of our LORD between 01/12/98 and 09/03/99. Four of whom had never met the others; five of whom lived over 1000 miles away from the others and four of whom, ed had no previous contact and six of whom ed had just met, whose prophecies contained detailed past confirmations that only GOD could confirm and others in the Baltimore area who were aware of certain past documented prophecies and true events. Not one of these 7 servants of God ever asked for a donation nor did i give any. They were/are not Hirelings. They were/are true servants of God at His command and His will for His Glory and not theirs. Note! Some of the words spoken, i know will speak (Rhema) to your heart and your own personal walk with our LORD. The following prophecies were left on ed's answering machine or recorded in hand held cassette recorders.

Many times since my relationship with D.R. began in 1991, DR., without knowing what was going on in my life, would get a word from the LORD which directly related to my situation. Many words were not generalities but specific positive identifications. While on my knees, praying, Monday, 7:57 p.m. January 12, 1998, as I have done so many times before for the LORD to answer as to what direction HE wanted to me to go, the phone rang and D.R. left the following message on my answering machine. Prophecy from D.R. to Ed, 7:57 p.m. Monday, 1-12-98

ed's Answering machine recorded tape message follows:

Note! you will have better sound quality if you connect optional speakers to your laptop

(1) DR speaks a word from the Lord to ed 

Following is word for word transcript for this recording:

"Hey ed, D.R., I have a message for you from the LORD, a word from the LORD, HE said,1"With HIS OWN HAND HE will lead you."That's all brother, GOD bless."Monday, 7:57 p.m.

(Thank you Jesus)

1. Confirmed! cannot do anything for the LORD, unless the LORD is leading. Thank You JESUS, See JF Prophecy below for March 6, 1998

On Monday, at 10:00 p.m., 2-9-98 after much prayer and lamenting during the day, after a person who I was ministering, lied to me resulting in a spirit of Rejection trying to enter and concerned about finances, D.R called, having no idea of what was happening in my life that day, left the following word.

Prophecy from D.R. to Ed, 10:00 p.m., Monday 2-9-98

ed's Answering machine recorded tape message follows:



Lord will make every provision

 Following is word for word transcript for above recording:

" ed, D.R., I have a word here I was just reading and I thought the LORD said, you know to give it to you, for you as well as myself. And anyhow I don't know how long your recorder is going to go on here, so I will try to put on as much I can if I have to call back and put it on again more then I will. It says:

MY is Spirit is upon you, upon you in every way. Rise up and cease the opportunity; And claim victory this very day. There is nothing in your life that I can not overcome;(1) Expect ME to make every provision; Every provision not just some. I will heal the brokenhearted and bind up every wound, I will heal relationships and finances; For every one is being pruned. (2)The pruning is sometimes painful; But helps you to bear more fruit. MY pruning is loving and beneficial; And helps to (3) strengthen down to the very root. You are the clay and I AM the potter; And I mold you in MY Hand. There is much that I now do; But only later will you understand. (4) Lay all your burdens at the cross All your doubts will drift away; I want you to walk in victory; and believe every word I say. I know where you are right now; And I won't let you down; Be at peace and follow after ME;(5)For where I AM is Holy Ground.Talk to you later brother" Monday, 10:00 p.m.

Footnotes 1. Yes , HE has made every financial and Spiritual provision. Thank YOU JESUS.

2. Yes, very painful but thank you for the pruning 3. Getting stronger 4. learning to each day. Prov 3:5-6. 5 see Holiness prophecy, 1998

On Tuesday, February 24, 1998, PJ in Santa Rosa, Florida Panhandle, was reviewing the second typewritten personal prophecy given to Bob B. She asked who had transcribed this for him. Bob, who is legally blind and who was visiting PJ in Florida, had not previously told her it was I and was reluctant to tell her. PJ asked, was his name ed? He affirmed what the LORD had told her. (Praise the LORD) Bob asked PJ if she has a word from the LORD for ed. PJ said she has not received it yet. That evening before retiring, she asked the LORD if HE had a word for ed. The LORD awakened PJ and had given her this word at 4:45 a.m. A Prophecy Given Through PJ In Santa Rosa, Florida For Ed 4:45 a.m., Wednesday, February 25,1998

Following is ed's answering machine recorded prophecy from PJ:


PJ's prophecy to ed: Come to Florida

PJ hears from the Lord for ed

Following is word for word transcript for this recording:

(PJ) MY son of MINE, have I not called you from a far off place? Have I called you from a far off place? (1) So even at this time I AM the LORD your GOD and I needed HE knew the night and I have seen those places in your heart.(2)Yes even those Places in your heart just get hard against ME. Because at this time I have called you, I have called you to come to a place with ME; for even as the (3) sands of the sea are shifted and shifted and even as the tide comes in and the tide goes out, know that I AM the LORD your GOD even as (4) MY SPIRIT covered you as MY SPIRIT covers the earth. And know that I have brought you from a place MY son, and know that you are one that (5) I have called even in the night as I have called you son of mine; for I have a great job for you to do; I have a great work for you to do called you and I have even called you into wealth. I have called you into a place where I am going to (6) bring wealth upon your hand for I have called you in places in the earth that are (7)small but are dark and that the places where they have not heard of MY light and where they are tight against ME; for know that son of MINE I have called you to go into a place even if you were to go into the bush and hack away the brush and hack away those places where man has not been before. (8)I have called to go forth and to make an opening; to make a way for someone to follow; (9) to make a way where there was no way. I have called you to do this MY son and even know that I AM your GOD, I AM with you; for (10) I have even called others along your side. I AM even opening up a new area for you MY SON that I want to walk into; for even as you walk into it, I shall make a way for you. I shall make a way prosperous for you; for know that even it seems that (11) though you have been groping in the night and wondering: where is it; what am I to do? (12) Know that even at this time I AM opening a door for you, son, because I have a place for you. I have friends for you; I have a new thing for you to do. And even you know this in your heart, MY son, for there have even been nights when you have wrestled with this and you have wondered what you are to do and even know as I bring you this word that surely I will glad to perform it. (13). And even, son, in the family, know that there are those of your family I have even knocked on their door and you have even said will it ever work; will they ever come to know this living (JESUS) CHRIST. And son, know that I have promised you that even as you begin and remain as a faithful man, as a faithful servant, yes, I will bring those ones in.(14) And even have I not called you to intercession? Have I not called you to lift their needs up before ME in prayer? For even this know that I AM working in their hearts and I am going to bring them to a saving knowledge of ME and (15) I AM going to bring them into the GLORIOUS LIGHT. MY son, count yourself faithful; I have begun a good work in you and I shall bring it to pass. MY son, even though that you have(16) wondered and wondered and wondered: how should I really serve you; what can I really do to show HIM that I love HIM. Son, even have I not put this song of the LORD upon your heart? (17) Have I not even given you that Psalmist of David in your heart that you shall sing before MY people even greater until deliverance? (18) And even as you sing and the music makes a melody in their heart will they be able to hear even as a not heard sound, even as a unheard pitch. Will they be able to hear that which I AM calling them to do. (19) For I have put that within you MY son, the hand of Deliverance that will set MY people free even by the sound of the pitch of your mouth, even by the songs of your heart shall I reach other people's hearts and I shall bring them to ME and I shall bring them into a freedom that they shall see MY SON. My son,(20) even the things that come out of your mouth sometimes you say are a little crude, a little rough. The LORD says that, yes, I AM preparing even that mouth. I AM even shaping that mouth and causing new words to come out. (21) I AM causing a new way to come out since you have a new communication with people. You have a new word for those people even though the word is strong; sometimes it comes of your mouth (22) worrisome. I AM going to cause it to be softened. I AM going to cause that to be more receivable for others to receive so that it can get into their heart; for even as it were a heart of whatever peg cannot go into a round hole; only to know that at this time, I am beginning to take the sharp corners off of those the square and I AM beginning to make even as it were a round peg so it can go through that round hole. And know that it is going to be a smooth place; it is going to be a soft place. And you are going to notice, even as I do this, that you are going to have more people coming up to you. (23) And you are going to be able to speak into their lives and they are going to be able to receive it,and because of this they are going to start to noticing a freedom in their life and because that they do, I AM going to make you mighty in MY kingdom. I AM going to make you a teachable, mighty man; one that hears MY word and obeys MY word. And here has to go to some (24) screwing in some hard places, even in coming My son, I am going to cause you to be able to go into this training in these places and your going to be used and be greatly says the LORD. And I AM going to show you that (25)this hard shell that has been around you is going to drop off inside and there is going to be that soft place that is teachable and pliable and even as it were a or shell or a oyster the pearl comes out of the oyster even though that inside of you. After that shell has come off, there is a great pearl there, a pearl that is priceless that I AM bringing out and bringing into MY kingdom as a (26) pearl of GOD.

(Did you get that? Yeah, uh wait a minute; hold on, That was at 4:45 this morning.)

(All Glory, Praise, And Honor, and Thanksgiving to our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ

Footnotes of Past confirmations and fulfillment(1) Prophecy call from P.J. in Florida, 2-24-98 (2). Repented for murmuring and complaining. (3). R.P. prophecy, 1-25-97, "Shaking, Sands and Pearls"

(4). Dave R. prophecy, 2-9-98. (5.) Awakened on many nights by the H.S to pray. (6). Spiritual wealth, Heb. "own", meaning successful effort. (7). Inner City Ministry, Af-Am community, Drug corners of B.C.1994- ongoing. Witnessing to Jerry.B.'s friends (Millionaires) in Wilkes Barre, PA 6-30-97. (8). Opening Church doors for Dick S. 1999. (9). Favorite Hosanna Song 1997. (10). Mike & Angela D., Dick S. Steve D. (11) Striving through prayer to know the will of GOD. (12). Accepted and found home at C.C. with many new friends. (13). Questioned future Salvation for my family. (14). Still interceding for family and others. (15).Thank you Jesus a head of time for the salvation of my family but I must keep interceding. My daughter, MB was born again one week (June 2002) prior to her death. Thank You Jesus! The Lord allowed her to communicate with me in my thoughts on Sunday, August 18, 2002. She said, “Dad, don’t be discouraged” (Matt. 27:52,53) I experienced great peace after she spoke. This was just after I was lamenting for the loss of her. After that the burden of loss was removed and I was assured that she was/is with the Lord. Amen and Hallelujah. JB was born again one week (November, 2008) prior to his death. Thank you Jesus. BK was born again 1 week (November, 2008) before his death (16). Questioned before prophecy 1-29-95. (17). Dick S. fellowship Psalms in prophecy coordinated by Holy Spirit. (18). Deliverance increasing. (19).Deliverance Ministry confirmed in Chevi deliverance. (20). Chastened by others in the past. since repented of . (21). Softening result of 40 day fast 4-15-98 to 5-25-98 & additional brokenness. (22).Strong message of GOD's Judgment, Church does not want to hear. (23.) Rhona H, Jewish Times, and others D.S. D.R. G.S. etc. (24). Spiritual Paralysis 3-2-to 3-3-98 Dream 5-22-98 using screwdriver for repair to spiritually paralyze Jezebel in M.C. with L.C., Kahn, ed etc. (25). Shell to protect from spirit of Rejection in Ministry. Overcame. (26). R.P. Prophecy 1-25-97 "Shaking, Sand, and Pearls, additionally confirmed later by Jonathan Hansen prophecy, containing shake, sand, and rough pearl. July, 1998, P.C. newsletter contained much of what the LORD had given to me before in Shaking, Sand and Pearls prophecy .

    After receiving the prophecy through P.J., who is a member of the Brownsville, A.O.G., the Revival church in Florida on 2-25-98, I immediately heard from the LORD to go to Florida and started to make preparations to leave. On Thursday, 2-26-98, I called P.J., to make living arrangements. Bob had confirmed from the LORD that I should come to Florida. P.J. returned a call at 8:04 a.m., Saturday, 2-28-98 concerning living arrangements in Florida as follows:

PJ leaves a message on my answering machine preparing for Florida.


PJ: Lord prepares ed for Florida

Going to Florida for School of the Holy Spirit

 Following is the transcribed message:

(PJ) OK, I just got your message. It's Saturday morning, your time is 8:04. I'm gonna give you give you my studio # where I'll be working today and call me there please and I'll be therefrom 10:00 o'clock to before I go to lunch at two, so call me this morning if you can and that # is 850-. . . again that's 850. . . that's the studio where I'm working and I'll just expect a call this morning and um I got your news about the trailer. I'm gonna go over to the camp ground and see if I can make arrangements with that, so if you call me back, um, I'll have some more news for you. And Robert is on his way. He left this morning about an hour ago. We had prayer together, and some tea together and he is on his way, anointed and ready to go. I'm glad your coming down. (1.)We can go to the school of the HOLY GHOST, Friday night, if you want to? But call me back and let's talk about the camper and stuff and um make arrangements for that. OK, GOD bless, talk to you later, BYE. Saturday, 8:04 AM. 

Footnote. 1. Turned out to be the main purpose for going to Florida to receive following unexpected personal prophecy through J.F. at Flame of Fire, on March 6, 1998 for edification and direction in Ministry. Also witnessed the anointings in the people that came, not from the Church in Brownsville, but came by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT on the highways and Byways in the Florida Panhandle.

    With the spirit of "Doubt" about going to Florida, knocking, I counseled with D.R. on Friday, 2-27-98 about the word given through P.J. D.R. went to the LORD and the following prophetic word came forth and given at 8:02 p.m., Saturday, 2-28-98, completed and confirmed "Exactly" twelve (12) hours after P.J.'s phone call that morning. (Thank YOU JESUS).Prophecy through D.R. to Ed, Saturday, 8:02 p.m. 2-28-98

D.R.'s recorded message left on ed's answering machine:


D.R. instructions for trip to Florida

Lord confirms instructions Go to Florida

Following is the word for word transcript of the previous recording

(DR) OK, ed, this is February 28, 1998.

(1). My child I am giving you a new beginning;A new direction for you to go. (2).My hand will be upon you; And in (3) Spirit you will grow. (4) You have spent much time in the fire (5) But it has burned much dross away. It is now time to emerge victorious; In (6) MY arms you will always stay. (7) Don't be afraid to move ahead; But always be open to MY call; Don't try to run ahead of me; (8) For you will only hit a stone wall. Be still my child and listen And I will lead you in every move;I will lead you along new paths; And constantly MY LOVE I'll prove.(9) You have suffered much for MY NAME; There is still much you must learn; (10) But learn to talk less and listen more; And others for ME will yearn. Go in Peace and I will lead; I will lead you in the right; (11) MY Angels will go before you And lead you in every fight God bless brother I"ll talk to you later. Saturday, 8:02 pm

(1) Proven by trip to Santa Rosa- Pensacola and upcoming prophecy through Johnny Foote. (2) Always. (3) Received words of knowledge; Still growing. (4) "Tell me about it!" (5) LORD, how much longer? (6) Thank YOU, YOUR Word is always true. (7) Overcoming Satan and the spirit of Fear. (8) Have learned that through trial, error and repentance. (9) LORD! take this cup from me, but only thy will be done. (10) Learning by listening; people need to be listened to. Need to be still before the LORD so we can clearly hear his voice and receive clear direction remembering GOD also speaks through others. (11) GOD sent an angel in the flesh (1 of 4 confirmed past visitations) to escort HIS servant through Secret Service security, at New Psalmist Baptist Church on 11-1-98, so i could get the letter to President Clinton calling he and Hillary to repentance for their stand on abortion.

     I left for Florida, at 12 noon on Wednesday, 3-4-98, praising, singing, blessing, praying, and interceding for many, knowing the LORD was and is sitting in the passenger seat with me, only HE does the (1) "Driving." I first heard about the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT in Brownsville last year. I was somewhat skeptical. I thought to myself the same HOLY SPIRIT anointing is everywhere where there is SPIRIT filled Christians; however, when I arrived I was proved wrong about the Pensacola area. The witness of the anointing came from the testimony of those who had received this powerful anointing, in particular, the testimony and joy of many of the women and children I met. It did not come from the church location but from the people I met prior to going to the church which was six days later. We arrived at the Flame of Fire Ministry on Friday, 3-6-98. There were about 30 people attending mostly women and young people and most seemed to have a kindred spirit. Again, the anointing at Brownsville could be seen in the young people, especially a thirteen year old boy, with an angelic demeanor, who frequently raised his hands and praised GOD. The HOLY SPIRIT moved me to give him a word and anoint him as a Shepherd to his generation. Now I know exactly what it meant to be in one accord as it was in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. J. F. had prophesied over eleven people before he came to me. Between prophecies, he appeared physically drained. I thought the word he was about to give to me would be short because he looked so fatigued; however, the length, energy and enthusiasm of the following prophecy as depicted on the tape gave testimony to the miraculous Power of the HOLY SPIRIT over man's human incapability's.

Footnote (1) "Driving" Have learned that Any who are called by GOD need to willfully be "Possessed" by GOD because it is only by HIS driving HOLY SPIRIT Power can anyone do HIS will and bidding. Absolutely nothing can be done for GOD in HIS will, unless it is GOD's Holy SPIRIT power doing it in them whom HE chooses to do it. Anything other than this is the Flesh.

A personal prophecy Given To ed Through HIS Servant, Johnny Foote At Flame of Fire Ministry, Pensacola, Florida, March 6, 1998.

Recorded on a hand held cassette recorder by J.F's assistant and tape given to ed.  

 (6) The Lord through JF confirms Ed's calling

Following is the word for word transcript of the previous recording

"Brother, what I heard, what I heard, is kind of a funny thing. When I walked up, I heard is by virtue I AM here. I tell HIM that's like, OK LORD, that is interesting. I just know that the LORD said, son, HE said that even in the midst of your coming, the LORD said, son, (1) HE said son, you have been studying, you have, you have been grinding and even in the midst of grinding, the LORD said, son, you will pass the test, you will past the test. And even though you have been half way through, (2) the LORD said,you won't burn out, you won't burn out but you will overcome because the LORD said, son, I am in the 'midst of it, I am in the midst of it and I have allowed you to be in it through the testing. It is not to stretch you out of proportion but it is to keep you in proportion and even in the midst of you being in proportion, the LORD said, son, (3) I have governed your steps. And the LORD said, son, I AM going to cause your feet to be even like one on a tight rope but the LORD said, son, I am going to have you lift them up and the people all around you, they will say (4) how does he dare to lift them up and balance like he does; for the LORD says, son, I AM keeping you balanced, I am keeping you balanced. The LORD says, son, (5) you have keeping yourself humble. The LORD says, I have been keeping you balanced and you have keeping yourself humble. And the LORD says, son even in the midst of even lifting your foot up, the LORD says son, (6) I would not let you fall; (7) I would not dare it And the LORD says, son, I covered, I covered, and I have placed in the midst of a balancing beam but the LORD says, son, even with your high steps, (8) you have dared to walk farther; you dared to leap out farther than others do. And the LORD says, son, I have counted it even like Peter; I counted it as well done. I said, I bid you. I bidded (bidden) you to come. I bidded (bidden) you to walk out where none others would walk. And son, you walked out. (9) You dared to be bold. You sent. Even the LORD said, son, you asked to be sent and the LORD said (10) I send, I send, I send, I send for you and I say, come, come come, come, (11) and don't go back, don't go back do not turn around. For the LORD said, son, I have given you very clear direction.Do not go back for I have ordered your steps and I have said, it is steps ahead, steps ahead and the LORD said, son, it is not new? (12) It won't be MY new steps. It won't be the step right in front of the step but the LORD said even as you stepped out ,with deep steps and even as you stepped out with long steps the LORD said, son, keep on for the LORD said, son, I have caused the steps to catch up; for the LORD said, son, you will catch up MY steps and the LORD said, son, MY steps will always be in front of you, be in front of you but the LORD said I am beside you because (13) I said I would not leave you, I would not for sake you but I have stepped beside you; I have stepped in front of you. And the LORD said, son, there are times that you will know even as the runner runs, the LORD says, son, I have kept you in pace, I have kept you in pace and I have kept you in MY footsteps that you might know that you will not miss you won't miss. (14) And the LORD says son, you will know, you'll feel whatever you sense that your away, but the LORD says, I AM beside you, I AM beside you. When you don't see the clear steps, the LORD says, know this: I AM beside you. And the LORD says, son, we run together, we run together. There are times when I have led ahead of you; I have led out; I have led out. (15) I have cleared the path in front of you. And I have gone before you and I have sent for you and I have said, come, but there times are whenever you have ran, you said: LORD, i don't see the steps i don't see the steps; i don't see the prints,(16) i don't see the vision; i don't see what you called me into LORD. And to the LORD said, son, He said son, that's OK, HE said because I am still beside you and I did not let you go and MY voice is there. And the LORD said, son, (17) you do hear, you do hear, you do hear, you do hear. And the LORD says, son, know the whisper, know the cry, and know the loudness of MY voice, and know the depth of MY voice. And the LORD says, son, (18) I have mentored you, I have groomed you,I have burnt you, I have enhanced the vision. I brought you to a point where you did not have the perspective at times but the LORD says, son, (19) I come to give you in depth perspective, in depth knowledge, in depth that you might have knowledge beyond your years and the LORD says, son, many have looked at you and said, he is a scholar of sorts, he is a teacher of much but the LORD says, son, even as one might teach and even as one might go and preach, the lord says, son, I sent you as a runner even as a runner that would go and declare the WORD. For the LORD says that the teacher has taught but the LORD says, son, the preacher is going and the preacher is changing from the preacher to the teacher and even as you taught the first season the LORD says, son, He said now you are going to go even as one that would even (20) evangelize, evangelize, evangelize for the LORD says, son, your taming the lions, you have tamed them in the den, you quieted them, you quieted them even as a preacher. (huh! this is going to be fun). And even as a preacher you went in and you closed the mouths of even those that were even roaring around YOU. And the LORD says, son, don't you know? HE said, that even that they set you down even in the midst, the LORD said know this: I have preserved you like I preserved Daniel. And the LORD said, son, I (21) sent even a ladder even to pull you out and even as one that would even be like the king and said, that is all well with you. And the LORD said, son, HE said, know this: HE said it is the SON of man that has checked upon you. It is SON of man that has said, come up and the LORD said, son, I have called you up to declare, I called up to go forth and to go out and declare MY WORD. (22) The LORD said, son, I did give you the heart of the pastor. I gave you even the words of the preacher but the LORD says, son, He said, I gave you even as the words to go forth and even call in and call out . And the LORD says, son, you have been exercising, you been exercising the faith, you have been exercising the vision but you said, GOD, (24) don't lock me out of what you have called me to do. And the LORD said, son, you are a unique man; (25) for you are known as a man that walks by the WORD of GOD. You are a man that is known that works in the WORD of GOD. You are a man that works in MY WORD. You are a man that declares in MY WORD. You are a man that is trained in MY WORD and the LORD says know this, HE said, that even as an understudy (26) you have being in the midst of even going forth to go into the Doctor the LORD says,son,know this HE said, son, I AM training you to walk a (27) radical step. And the LORD says, son, I AM causing you and I AM calling you to take a radical step and I see the LORD just saying, where you were walking in one path, i see the LORD saying, son, HE said, watch MY step and this is a step that I AM stepping beside you on your side. This is not the leading step but this is the side step where you didn't"t see you didn't see the steps in front and i just see the LORD saying, son, I AM taking another (28) step to the right and I just see you taking a path. It is a transition step to the right and the LORD says, it is still MY path; it is still MY path. But the LORD says, son, that the degree in which you will go forth, the LORD says, son, HE said, MY son, MY path is even (29) training even by MY SPIRIT. The LORD says, son, even as you have been an understudy underneath MY WORD, underneath MY covering. The LORD says, son, He said, (30) I AM having you be a radical right wing that is balanced (Hallelujah). And even in the midst of balancing, the LORD says, son, HE said, that you are to go in and you are going to exercise your faith and the LORD says, son, (31) you are going to do things that you thought you would never do. And the LORD says, son you are going to declare things that you thought couldn't be declared And the LORD says, son, I Am going to lead you, (32) I am going to lead you, I am going to lead you and I won't let you go. And the LORD says, son, I have MY arms around you; I have MY arms around you. And the LORD says, know this: that as (33) even as Paul was sent forth to Rome HE said, don't you know that I sent the angel of the LORD to stand beside him that he would not be one that would heartless; for the LORD said I gave him the comfort of MY word that I stood beside him that night and I delivered him: delivered him and HE knew his going in and going out. the LORD says son, I AM going to carry you through, I AM going to carry through. i just see the LORD saying, son, (34) don't fear, don't fear for what men have called you. Don't fear for the names they have put. Don't fear the evangelist, don't fear the pastor don't fear the different words that were spoken. For the LORD says, son, (35) you will be known as MY servant. And, the LORD says, son, MY servant has no hats, MY servant has no hats but (36) he has MY ring. (Haggai 2:23And the LORD says, I have called you to wear MY (signet) ring. And the LORD says son, they won't be able to distinguish; (37) Is he a pastor? Is he a preacher? Is he an evangelist?(38) what is he? (39) And the LORD says son, you will be known even as the man of GOD that goes forth and runs in and declares what MY WORD is. (40) The LORD says you will say the WORD of the LORD. You will speak the WORD of the LORD. You will speak it in the season. For the LORD says, son, HE said, they will come in and they will be expecting one way. (41) They will expect to see it in a one form, one fashion and one hope And the LORD said son, you will be even know as the man of GOD that goes forth and runs in and declares what MY WORD is. The LORD says you will say the word of the LORD. You will speak the Word of the LORD. You will speak it in season. For the LORD says, son,, HE said, they will come in and they will be expecting one way. (42) They will expect to see it in a one form, one fashion and one hope. The LORD said, son, HE said. I won't send you in that way but I will send you in as the mirror image of what I AM to do what I AM to say and you will duplicate and you will duplicate what I say and even as a fixture, even in the midst. The LORD says son, HE said, you will be as one as structured even as one as the way I have structured. The LORD said, son, HE said, I have calibrated your vision; I have calibrated you as the man and the LORD say, son, HE said, son, I have placed you as MY understudy to wear MY boots and to walk even in MY steps. And the LORD says, son, you will ride, you will declare and you will know that I have sent you with a (43) peaceable word; for the LORD says, son, this is an hour of peace that you might know your peace will be. And the LORD says, son, this won't be a time of running in the midst without peace but you will know that I have led you with peace and I have just come to even show you that there will be a manifestation of with dreams. (44) I just see the LORD just saying, that son, I am going to give you dreams with confirmation; dreams that will confirm that I have ordered your steps. Dreams that will even date the times, dates that will move you in, I just see the LORD, saying I am going to confirm, I am going to confirm, even as i confirmed to Gideon. I see the LORD saying, even as (45) you laid a fleece out before the LORD, the LORD says this is the "Fleece of Promise. I have given you the fleece; I have given you the promise and I have not changed back; I did not change orders. I didn't change among you; I didn't pull it out; I didn't pull the fleece out from under you; for the LORD said son (46) you ask and I came to give and the LORD said, son you asked and I said I wouldn't give you amiss and the LORD said I would give you the yea and the amen and the LORD said, son, this is Yea and Amen. This is not stirring you up to say: GOD i don't know which order; i don't know which way; for the LORD said, son, you asked, is it yea or is it nay? And the LORD said: It is Yea and Amen that you might know that I said, Yea and Amen, son. And the LORD said, son, you won't miss a step. You won't miss a step . . . Amen! Amen! Praise the LORD (JESUS).

Footnotes: (1) 18 years of intensive ongoing, HOLY SPIRIT led Bible research, especially from Mar. 96, to January 99. (2) Thank You, Jesus! 93) (3) Yes you have LORD. YOU are in control and not man. (4) Balancing in the LORD, not as the world sees balancing also confirmed (two beams of Light) in future following prophecy see below dated 9-3-99. (5) Yes, but not by choice for the most part but to keep me humble and apart from my mainline prideful Churchianity, a thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan was given to me and as I prayed, as Paul prayed, but more than 3 X's for the LORD to take this thorn that i hate from me, HE keeps saying, "My grace is sufficient for thee, for MY Power is made perfect through your weaknesses. P 6. Elevator (Ele-votary) dream 1- 8- 99 where the LORD yanked my soul and spirit from my body and kept me from falling. It is what happens at the moment the heart stops. (7) Almost fell on 1-1-83 to the spirit in S., but the LORD miraculously saved me. (8) Yes, particularly at T.A.G. June-96 confronting Dr. R. in front of over 2000 attending people. (9) Yes, Again many times T.A.G, K.C.C. Bill Clinton. etc. (10) Anointing confirmed by Martin's, Mike and A. D, Dick, S. Steve. D. (11) Never retreat from the LORD's calling to continue on (12.) Awareness of my flesh in procrastination as opposed to the spontaneous movement of the HOLY SPIRIT causing me to obey immediately HIS voice to speak or act in His behalf. (13) Yes, your word is true Heb.13:5. (14). My spiritual nature is acutely aware when darkness of sin attempts to enter or enters the light in my soul: however the HOLY Spirit will immediately or soon after convict, causing repentance, see Holiness prophecy. (15) Angel in the flesh cleared the way through security at New Psalmist Baptist Church 11-1-98 for letter to Bill Clinton. (16) Yes, i have questioned many times. (17) Miraculous volume, sometimes a shout from the LORD, in particular prophecy at R.P. 1-25-97. (18) With much lamentation. (19) Many have commented, how do you know? The source of knowledge is not from by the flesh but only from the HOLY SPIRIT. When the Holy Spirit speaks, i drop everything and run to the calling: to Florida,3-98, to O.C. & Ron C. May- 97, to JB and his corrupt millionaire friend, to New Psalmist, Nov. 1 98 and Bill Clinton , to inner city Churches etc. to the drug corners of Baltimore City, to wherever the spontaneity of the HOLY SPIRIT sends. (20) Rebuked and quieted Prideful, Rebellious, Haughty spirits in leaders by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and the Word of GOD shutting the demons mouths at TAG, BB, KCC. RC motors etc. (21) The ladder was the HOLY SPIRIT sign to leave. Asking all is well when concerned about the Bride. (22) Traveling through the 5-fold ministry. (23) Truth calling into salvation and a particular congregation, calling out of apostate Christianity, Rev. 18:4 (24) Many pleas. (25) True, but still not perfect in all that i do, but still striving for perfection in holiness. (26) Confronted: Dr. Earl B. 11-92, Dr. Price, 2-96, Dr., Rhoden, Dr. Pierce, 4-97, Dr. Dobson, 6-97, Dr. D.J.Kennedy, David Jeremiah etc. (27) LORD how much more radical can i get? (28) While typing Pensacola prophecy in my trailer, the exact map back home was mysteriously scribbled moving my hand (angel) on 2 pages of the prophecy and north was to my right leading me back home for MB. (29) Holy Spirit in ongoing teaching and brings to remembrance the Scriptures John 14:26,. 1-20-99 (30) Though some do not think so. (31) Preaching on sin of evil thoughts, imagination and fantasy in masturbation at H.toH., Church Bishop Lonnie P. 3-18-98 and Caleb G., Preaching on hell and who the bible says is going there and who is not. (32) Trust in the LORD increasing regardless of the circumstance- ces. note 6-16-98, call to Washington for Dan J 's son after reconciliation rejected by David F. and also on 08/17/2002 (33) 4 confirmed instances over the years where GOD sent angels in the flesh, two of which when I asked if they were angels, they said Yes; Lori at Stella Maris hospice confronting the Catholic "Powers". (34) Central C. assigned ushers to stand next to me on each side as a result of warning from Warren R. for Mario. M teaching. (35) Told by the HS in July 1997to sign servant in letter to 6 Major Christian radio ministries. (36) Purchased JESUS ring Aug. 2000 for engagement ring forgetting about prophecy to wear the LORD's ring. It turned out to be theLord's Signet ring Haggai 2:23(37) various anointings of the 5-fold ministry. (38) Same question asked by Bishop Julius P. during 6 hr. deliverance session for him, 1-7-99 and others.(39-40) Only by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT. (41) prophet anointing recognized at CTK Episcopal charismatic Church by Ed M. when giving a word of encouragement; however, at a later meeting was told to stop when giving the prophecy by B. D. word of warning to the Religious denominations using miter and staff. (42) Mirror image of JESUS when being totally possessed by GOD and under complete control of the HOLY SPIRIT. Note the above website host template mirror image of Jesus produced 9/2011 and prophecy given 3/1998. Calibrated as "the man" as David was "the man" unto repentance confirmed by following Jireh prophecy, next, 6-7-98. HIS boots are for protection from evil slime when walking on unholy ground. (43) Becoming more subdued by brokenness, desiring more peace and reconciliation through the Word of GOD (Matt. 18-15-17) for the Body of Christ instead of ongoing strife and division within the Churches. Experiencing more peace as the Word of God and Ruth is helping me. (44) Dreams of Confirmation and direction increasing: "Reverend" Dream 1-26-97, Funeral-Wedding dream, 4-29-97, Warning ed and M. dream, 4-2-98, Ticket Dream, 4-9-98, Family Reconciliation dream, 5-2-98, Spiritual screwdriver silencing Jezebel dream, 5-22-98, Future wife dream, 6-16-98, Elevator (Ele-Votary) dream 1-8-99. Ministry, Hilton St. dream 5-1-01 etc. (45) Fleece of Promise in prophecy, dreams etc. for confirmation (46) Do not doubt of the promises of GOD in HIS Word, for personal direction for prophecies, dreams and visions, when in agreement with the Word of GOD in the Bible.

D.R. called my house in Baltimore on Saturday, March 14, 1998 (not the 4th as he said) and left a message on my recorder to see if I was still in Florida. D.R. sounded a little emotional in his message because of my absence. His prophetic word from the Lord (above)confirming to go to Florida two weeks earlier on February 28, 1998 created the possibility that I would not be coming back. D. R. and I became very good friends over the previous six years because true prophets and watchmen who have been called to this office for the Lord, save for a believing, supportive wife, are rejected by their immediate family members, relatives and hometown acquaintances; especially, if they are not born again, Spirit filled believers. (Matt. 13:57; Mark 6:4; Luke 4:24; John 4:44) So when you find a fellow brother with the same office, your friendship is more precious because you understand each other‘s trials, tribulations and rejections. Jesus was not only rejected by his hometown citizens in Nazareth but they wanted to kill him just after preaching in his hometown synagogue, Even His own family members thought he was out of his mind to be preaching and prophesying when the Pharisee’s were looking kill Him. Mark 3:21 Jesus had to leave His home town Nazareth because He could not work many miracles there because of their lack of faith. God’s servants, with the calling in the office of a prophet or watchman live a very lonely life. They are not yes men for the established Apostate church leaders. They are hated, rejected and slandered by most. They, without doubt, are not man pleasers but God pleasers. Their covering is the Lord Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit who they are in constantly in contact with in their communicating thoughts. They are accountable to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. In the Bible a prophet of God is called a" man of God," not a man of men.

The following is D.R.‘s caring message left on my answering machine:


D.R. searches for ed

D.R. prays for ed

Bob B. called me Saturday evening, 6-6-98 and asked me if i wanted to go to Jireh Christian Center in Dover, Delaware. I had never been there before. After feeling dry in the Spirit for the past two weeks, i sensed immediately in my Spirit and knew instantly that the LORD wanted me to go there so, i said, yes. It was a rewarding two (2) hour drive to get there in which i repented of a sin against and before Bob. i felt cleansed before the worship service. After the worship service, the guest were invited to come forward for prophetic ministry. i had no previous contact with A. W. or G. D. They approached me and gave me the following words. Bob knowing more about me more than most brothers and recent events in my life, he immediately confirmed much in the following prophetic word. I ref. to GOD, small case i, ref. to man

A recorded personal prophecy in a hand held cassette recorder given to ed through A.W. and G.D. at Jireh Christian Center, Prophetic Ministry in Dover, Delaware on Sunday, June 7, 1998.


A.W. & G.D prophecy over ed

Jireh Christian Center 6-9-98

 Transcript of A.W. & G.D.'s above personal prophecy for ed

(AW.) OK, The LORD would say, (1) know this MY son that this is a day when I AM bringing you even into the fullness of even which I have called you to do says the LORD. The LORD says, you have looked around, you say: (2) GOD even what is my purpose? And you have walked even in the measure at times and you have thought, well this surely this is it. But God says, no son you have not even begin to walk in that which I have given you; for God says, surely I have (3) given you a great vision and you have even had to lay this thing down because you have felt at one point that it even died and GOD said that surely it did die even in your own strength. The LORD said, know this, that I AM beginning to (4) breathe on that right now, and I AM breathing life and I AM bringing it forth and no more shall it be in your strength but it shall be in MY strength, says the LORD. And the LORD says, yes, I have even seen (5) those about you that have even lashed out and have even hurt and even brought discouragement even to you; those that you had trusted as friends and even the betrayal there and son I have even be pleased with your heart and (6) even have you even respond to that. GOD says know this through this time (7) I am bringing a healing your heart son, and I am causing even a restoration to come about even within you and the LORD says I am going to cause that (8) restoration in you to come about first and then I AM going to bring even a (9) restoration even to those around you and the LORD says, and son, I AM going to move you into a new level of even hearing MY voice, says the LORD. (10) The LORD says, this is a time to draw near; to draw close unto ME and to even seek MY FACE and to know that I in no wise cast you out but I AM even waiting and making MYSELF available even for you to come forward and even into MY presence and the LORD says, and there is a time of even (11) healing that is going to happen even as you just bask in MY presence, son. As you begin to meditate on ME, not even just on MY WORD but even on ME and on MY presence in your life and the LORD says, I AM going to cause you to even know ME in a more intimate way as you have even cried out; GOD says I am bringing you into that place, that place of (12) intimacy.(G. D.) And the LORD says son, (13) it is no accident that you were here today for even I have put out a call in the SPIRIT for you to be here. For the LORD says this is even a prophetic word unto you that truly the drought is over. And there have been times that you have literally walked by faith and you have (14) felt dry and parched and you said, LORD, (15) i feel i have no joy, i feel like i have no spontaneity, i feel like i am going by rote, i am just doing and doing. LORD where are you? And there were times you felt like Elijah and Elisha when he had the mantle and smote the water and said: Where is the LORD GOD of Elijah? And in your heart you have cried out: Where is the mighty signs and wonders? Where is Jehovah GOD? Where are the life and the signs and wonders that i have been promised? And the LORD says, know this, truly I have declared ever unto you today that the drought is over. And the LORD says, that because of the anointing you carry, the LORD says, I have tested tried you on every side. (16) And the LORD says I have tested your heart to see if truly you were one that would be faithful and the LORD says, yes, that this day I pronounce unto you that you have been found faithful. (17) And the LORD says, where you were weary and where you wanted to quit, and where you felt dry but yet you did not give up, you pressed through. And the LORD says, you look at yourself and disqualify yourself because of the mistakes that you have made but the LORD says, you are one like David, you are ready to repent. You do things and (18) you are ready to repent. You are like king David who said i am the *man. Not like king Saul, who (19) justified, and the LORD said, that is what I look for in a son of MINE; that you would say yes, i am the *man. And the LORD says you are precious in MY sight. You are like a king David to ME. You have gone out and you have at times gone your own way but would come back and repent with tears and GOD says I am well pleased in that. And the LORD says, this day I decree unto you, (20) well done thou good and faithful servant. And the LORD says, son, there is much creativity within you and you have not seen it and (21) you have pushed passed it at times because you were so faithful to the task at hand but the LORD says I AM about to even water those seeds of creativity. (22) And where you have worked with your hands and where you have been faithful to do the task. The LORD says I am now about to unleash in your heart and mind to even create and even think thoughts and even (23)write things down. And the LORD says, I AM to make you one that sketches and writes and draws out. I AM to even to begin to impart even the visual, the seer anointing upon you; that you are going to see and see great things to wonderful to be uttered and but you are not going to write about the words our are going to sketch the picture. You are going to write and describe what you have seen; for the LORD says there is much (24) within you that you will share with the Body of CHRIST. And the LORD says, do not be afraid. (25) You have thought, i heard some things i thought it was GOD; it hasn't come to pass i guess it was just me. GOD says, no son, I have tested and tried your heart and found you faithful; it was ME that spoke to you even in the night. Those dreams that you had almost let die; those things that you said, this must not be GOD. The LORD says, now I AM going to raise them up. Even as I called forth Lazarus, you are going to see the things that you thought had died, be raised to life again (Interruption, Short tape ended continued on other side)(26) Even with family members there are some things that have cut deep into your heart. There are some relationships that have been severed that have been very painful for you and GOD says, son, I have even saw those things that were said and done even against you, (27) against your manhood. And the LORD says, this day I say you are MY son and whom I am well pleased. You are, a (28) full grown man in the SPIRIT. and even (29) where the enemy has struck against you time and time again and stole those things that were even precious to you; GOD says this is the year of the favor of the LORD. The drought truly is over and now you are going to see ME come with MY strong right arm and MY out stretched HAND, even to (30) restore things back to you even again and where the enemy has stolen from you one way, he will have to flee seven ways, he will have to restore back to you the things that he has stolen and GOD says, I am not a man that I should lie truly you will see great and mighty things in your lifetime says the LORD.(A. W.) Hallelujah! And know this son, that even this day I an turning even your mourning into dancing; for the LORD says, surely, joy cometh in the morning. And GOD says, that you have even been one to see MY mercies and how (31) MY mercies are new to you every morning and even to take hold and to even breathe that in, into your Spirit and to bring that in as a (32) refreshing. And GOD says, surely, you are going to know how to leap and to for joy. And GOD says, I have even put songs within you son, even songs you are going to put pen to paper and you are going write even songs of Deliverance. And the LORD says, I am going (33) to cause you to even sing songs of Deliverance. And the LORD says, even as you sing in the SPIRIT, GOD says it is even going to be a deliverance over you and your own, says the LORD your GOD.(C. D.) [And there seems (34) to be some financial things that were stolen; i am not sure; i see legal; i see red tape; and i see paper work. And i see things were just finagled away from you and you felt robbed and cheated. And right now i prophetically decree i cancel those plans of the enemy, i cancel that legal paper words i rescind the decree that was past down even from the enemy to steal from this man. i put the cross of CHRIST at his back and i put the blood of CHRIST over the door post of his heart and mind. Enemy where you see the blood of the LAMB, you must pass over him and right now i decree and declare in the spirit realm before heaven and earth as those things are canceled, we bring forth a new decree we bring forth a new proclamation, that things must be restored to him again, that money must come back and homes and cars, things that were stolen and relationships that were broken must be restored to this man of GOD. And FATHER, GOD, i call it done in the name of JESUS. LORD, we thank you that we stand today and agree to and decree this thing, that it will be so. And FATHER, i thank you where that curse has come down and robbed from him and stolen from him, that he will know gain and increase, he will know blessings, the blessings of the LORD will begin to overtake him and i am sensing that (35) where you have even cried out in the night season and wept tears over things that were stolen from you.) The LORD says, that truly son, you will weep, this time you will we for joy, you will weep because of the goodness of GOD, you will weep because the blessings of the LORD shall begin to overtake you will weep and dance and sing, yea; for I will do a mighty thing in the financial realm says the LORD your GOD. And truly there will be an inheritance for your seed and your seed's seed. (CD) i don't know about a relationship with a woman. Are you married? (Ed) Divorced. OK, i am sensing a (36) lot of hurt there but i just want to speak to you; GOD is saying to you today, you are going to have the happy family of your dreams. GOD is a GOD that restores and GOD is a GOD that gives the desires of our heart and GOD knows those desires and GOD knows how to fulfill them. [And i am going to just go out on a limb and just off the record tell you that feel like GOD is working and i just want to say, GOD has got a happy marriage for you. i am not saying it's that same woman but i saying, GOD has got a happy relationship. i see a house; i see a home; i see a nurturing place for you to come and rest your head in (37) peace. That's what i see. i see a welcome mat out and I people coming and feeling at home and feeling blessed to be in that place. So I just want to let you know, GOD has a refuge for and a relationship for you and blessings for you and LORD I speak that in JESUS' NAME.] (A.W) Yes, Hallelujah! (Ed) Amen! (A. W.) Amen! (Praise the LORD, thank you JESUS)*(2Sam: 12: 1,7,13)

Footnotes: 1. Lost painting job, 6-8-98 because of Nancy P. LORD wants his work done. (2) Frequently. (3) Great vision is not what man considers great. but the LORD considers the least to be greatest. (4) Fresh evangelizing anointing, Dan J's son to Washington DC, 6-16-98 (5) Lost many "friends" for making a stand for the LORD (6) Desire Reconciliation, Matt. 18:15-17. (7) From discouragement (8) Through lamentation, self-examination, conviction form the HOLY SPIRIT, repentance, restoration. 6-7-98- 6-17-98 (9) Called David. F. 6-16-98 for restoration. (10) In prayer with total dependence on the LORD. (11) Intimacy with the LORD in silent prayer.(12) Coming before the LORD in Praise, thanksgiving, by dropping busy activities such as carnal work, ministry to commune with the LORD. (13) See opening statement. (14) Dryness in the HOLY SPIRIT over. (15) Many times (16) Losing worldly gain but still having the LORD. (17) Self-abasement (18) Every day (19) sin cannot be justified when convicted by the Holy Spirit (20) struggled with closing words of TAG prophecy. Time will tell. (21) Many times. (22) Yes (23) Daily Spiritual diary (24) Internet ministry began 5-1-99 and grew to over 600 (25) Confirmed (26) Tell me about it! (27) Ron B's word curses, 1987 LD's word curses 1995 (28) Delivered from and Healed from by the word of GOD Psalm 139:14. (29) Lost long term relationships, divorce, Grn-child, friends, etc. (30) Restored courage. (31) Yes. LORD your mercies are new every morning, afternoon and evening. (32) Restored anointings in repentance from doubt, murmuring and complaining. (33) Songs of Deliverance Lori, "The SPIRIT of GOD" Ruth, fellowship note! "The SPIRIT Abides Within Me" etc. (34) Divorce property settlement made under duress (35) Wept not over material losses but over much over lost relationships. (36) Very painful spirits of loneliness Gen 2:18, Rejection but overcame by making my LORD first in my life. and walking out of B.B door. 9-95. (37) Met Ruth May, 1999 and we were married November 1, 2001. Ruth, a Godly, Bible believing and obeying woman was/is everything a man of God would desire in a meek and faithful wife. She has brought much joy and peace into my life and is truly a help-mate and armor-bearer (Eph. 6:13-19; 2Cor.10:3-6) for the Lord's servant by the will of the Lord.     

I had taken Ruth, my friend, and my future wife, to Jireh primarily hoping Ruth would receive a word, which she did. I was not expecting to go forward but they also had a word for His servant as follows: A prophecy given to ed through A. W. and C. A. at Jireh Christian Center, Dover, Delaware on Sunday, August 22, 1999 under the tent in the Soybean field on their "Jericho" Day. 


Jireh Soybean field Prophecy

A.W. & C. A prophecy for ed

Transcript of A.W. & C.A.'s above personal prophecy for ed

(A. W. prophet) The LORD says, I have even brought you out, says GOD. (1) Even from that place of almost as hiding even as Saul sought to hide behind those of his tribe, says the LORD. Even when I was beginning to call him forth. GOD says, son, even you have come forth and you have even raised your head and I have caused you to be (2) one in the SPIRIT that is even head and shoulders among many, says the LORD. And GOD says, this is a time where I AM causing even (3) Obedience to rise up. And the LORD says, I AM putting a call on you even this day, says the LORD, to begin to walk in a new level of Obedience to ME. And the LORD says, you have been faithful and you have shown yourself (4) true. And GOD says, I AM even causing a Promotion to come forth even today. And the LORD says, I AM (5) promoting you even to a new level, says GOD. And even in that new level requires new Obedience, says the LORD. It is still even an area of boot camp, says GOD but it is an extended area. The first areas of boot camp many times comes through just the repetition of things but GOD says this is an instruction time, says the LORD, And I AM going to cause even revelation to begin to burst forth even from the pages and the LORD says, this is a time to begin to (6) put them forth on writing, says GOD. And even to bring forth even the teaching that I shall even begin to reveal to you; for they are teachings that shall even bring life to you, says the LORD. And even as you allow them to bring life to you, says GOD, GOD says, then even I AM going in turn (7) at a later time bring you forth to even cause them to bring life to others but the LORD says, it is not a time to stay silent even among those that I bring in your path. The LORD says, you shall see that even as I bring different things out of your word out of (8) MY Word even forth from the pages even into your Spirit. GOD says, I AM going to bring those around you that have been going through a similar circumstance. And the LORD says, you are going to see that even I have given you that Rhema Word; that Word that is going to even bring life to them. For GOD says, I AM causing, I AM cultivating even that (9) fathers heart that I have placed within you. The LORD says I have called you to be a (10) mentor to many, says the LORD. And I have caused you to be one that shall even (11) father those that are hurt, father those that are even destitute, father those that are even outside of MY Will. And GOD says, there have been many that have traveled and been almost even as nomads, says GOD but I AM going to cause you to be one that help (12) draw them in even to a certain congregation, even to a certain church or fellowship ( ed, Yes, Hallelujah!) that I AM leading them to. And GOD says, I AM calling you to that gathering anointing,, says the LORD, to even gather them up and even help give direction, says the LORD. (ed, Yes, LORD) (C. A)., prophetess ) The things that were on my heart you have already spoken so I am not going to repeat them. (confirmation)

Footnotes: (1.) had marital home (cave) to myself, Mar 1996 - January 1999, for prayer, worship, study and praising the LORD. (2) Direct HOLY SPIRIT leading and teaching is superior over tainted man's doctrinal theological teaching. (3) GOD requires not sacrifice, but Obedience to HIS voice. Obedience to GOD's written Word is the Key (4) Truth coupled with Repentance brings freedom (5) One more step up the mountain in Church father anointing (6) Internet Ministry to over 600. (7) Greenlight to go out to the churches confirmed 4-29-01, Oscar Gomez, and Hilton St. dream (5-1-01) (8) More Rhema Word) (9) Overseeing the church (10), Yes, an experienced and trusted friend to advise. (11) Yes, many are afflicted (12) Advising where and where not to of fellowship.

A prophecy given to ed, through Shirley, at the Apostolic Release Conference in Laurel, MD on 9-3- 99


Apostolic Conference

Shirley speaks for AF Am Ministry

 Transcript of this prophecy.   

(prophetess): What is your name?. . . ed:!Another prophetess prays: FATHER, in the NAME of JESUS, I just bless ed, right now, FATHER, GOD i just bless his heart, FATHER, (1) his hunger, that hunger and that thirst after YOU, that hunger and thirst after righteousness,

FATHER, and i thank you FATHER for satisfying it GOD in the name of JESUS. FATHER, i just release your favor into his future even now to go and speak on his behalf, in the NAME of JESUS, Amen (Shirley, prophetess speaks)

"Brother ed, what i see for you, what i see, i see beams of light (2) on either side of you and i see you are like a skier, i see a skier, and i hear the LORD say son of, son of, Man of GOD, I AM, excelling you, I AM taking you in a speedily fashion, I AM taking you a quick way, I AM doing a quick work in you. Yes, there are things that you are going to experience. There are things that you are going to experience. You are going to be saying, Well, GOD how did i get here? Well, why is that happening to me? The LORD is saying, * (3) there is a people and there is a message that I have for you and there are some things that I AM going to be, I AM going to turn up the fire on the inside of you.(4) There is revelation, and insight and wisdom, and knowledge that you, that I am birthing inside of you that you will give to a people. Yes, i even see you as a man who will be going out (5) like conference speaking. And i see you having a strong word, a strong word of Wisdom, a strong word of Knowledge. i hear you, i can see you preaching, and praying, and prophesying and the LORD says that there is a quick work there to be done because there is something there I AM birthing inside of you. (6) And it has to do with what the present "move" is, the present Truth is. There is a present Truth message on the inside of you for a people and for this time and the LORD says, Yes, even the beams of light that I put along inside of you they are balances, they are balances. No you won't fall. You will not fall under. You will not falter for I have put MY Glory along side of you. MY grace goes before you and you (7) are empowered by MY strength, says the LORD. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Footnotes: (1) Always looking and seeking after the righteousness of GOD. (2) Used to be an avid snow skier, beams of light are equated to ski poles for turning and balancing. (3) Sensing this is the Black African American (BAA) Community because of my special love for them after they were used by the LORD to rescue me from backsliding in 1983. "there is a people there is a message" (4) Bringing knowledge to the BAA community because no one cared about them before except the LORD and His servants. It is significant to note that these 2 prophetesses were of BAA descent. The message the Lord, brought/bringing to the BAA community through His servant, ed; especially to the pastors of these black churches was/is to repent and preach against sexual immorality and fornication that propagates illegitimacy and the abortion murder of unwanted children, and to promote the necessity of marriage before fornication, to stay married and stop voting for and keeping in power politicians, specifically the Democrat party whose leaders condone the “legal” murder of abortion of children in and partially out of the womb. The black over the white community has cursed themselves with the greater demon spirits of violence for keeping abortion active in their communities at a higher percentage than other races. (Mother Teresa speaks out against the violence of abortion and its promotion by the Clintons) The majority of Blacks have been deceived to vote, first for government entitlement programs that benefit their so-called economic “security” then to vote on the greatest moral issues of the sin of shedding innocent blood found in the ’Word of God, the Bible. Type in Google search engine the words: Black Women, Abortion higher percentage of the population and you will see over 11 million hits confirming BAA women "legally" murder more of their children than other races. ( BAA women at childbearing age make up 13% of the female population in America, but accounted for 37% of all U.S. abortions in 2006 – that according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).at The demon spirits of Violence are more active among BAA communities than whites because they murder more of their children in abortion in relation to their population statistical standing in America. This demonic curse travels throughout their communities whereas they and their young end up murdering each other. Baltimore City is an example. It was/is the Baltimore city Democrat (Demon-crats) BAA vote that has kept abortion promoting politicians active in Baltimore and in the State of Maryland and nation for every election over the past many years. At least 90% of BAA's in Maryland and the nation vote for Democrats, a party noted for promoting the legal murder of children in abortion and many other sin issues. I care about the Black community more than others by warning them that the bible says they are going to hell because they condone the shedding of innocent blood in voting for men and women who have kept abortion legal and thriving. In ministering to the druggies in Baltimore city, it is not uncommon to hear individual BAA women testify that they have had multiple abortions with no sense of shame or remorse; however, when I show them gruesome abortion pictures and remind them that the Bible says fornicators and murderers are hell-bound if they do not repent. Many of them do repent because someone cared about them enough to educate them and warn them about what God says is the destiny of unrepentant hell-bound sinners. One of my, the Lord’s, greatest victories was when a 30 some druggie whore who had five abortions was planning to have her sixth abortion on the baby she was caring break down in tears and remorse after I witnessed to her. She ended up receiving the Lord and vowed not to have her baby killed, just because someone loved and cared about her and her unborn baby unconditionally to give her the facts.

(5) Started with Maranatha House 4-22-01. (6) Present move and truth is a call to repentance before GOD's Judgment soon comes; the beams of light are angels on each side, like ski poles to keep me balanced and from falling as the Lord speedily moves HIS servant on. (7) Godly Empowerment only comes from GOD by, in and through His HOLY SPIRIT. It does not come from some Greedy inner-city pastors wearing very expensive suits, 100 dollar shoes, driving luxury cars and living in expensive homes in the suburbs as he "milks" his inner-city followers of their tithes and offerings - their promised empowerment comes directly from Satan and the pits of Hell.