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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Email to Jonathan Cahn author of "The Harbinger" on 05/22/2011 announcing 9/11 was a warning of future judgment for America. 

There is no such thing as Plagiarism or Copyright when it comes to revelations revealed by the Holy Spirit found in the bible to His servants because the author(s) of the 66 books of the bible are not the 40 plus writers of the 66 books of the bible, but is God Himself, manifested in the Holy Spirit, who is the author of all of the Holy Scriptures in the 66 books of the Bible as confirmed in 2Timothy 3:16.     

Jonathan Cahn author of the New York Times bestselling book, "The Harbinger,' published in the first weeks of January 2012 is the Messianic rabbi/pastor of the Beth Israel Messianic Congregation in Garden Ville, New Jersey. His Beth Israel Messianic Congregation was included in the 2nd of the eight groups of worldwide Messianic Congregations of about 45 in each email with their Subject: "Messianic Jews 2 Re: Prophecy to America Knesset Original Recipients dated May 22, 2011, to warn the Israeli Knesset and Messianic Congregations of the pending judgments on America.

This email makes a particular reference that 9/11, was a warning or "shot across America's bow" for America to repent and that if America does not repent, the eventual total destruction of America as described in "Prophecy to America" dated November 14, 2000, and emailed to 453 recipients two days later on November 16, 2000, would take place. The fact that Jonathan Cahn received ed's email warning about one month before he started writing The Harbinger, or four months before his book was finished and seven months before the book was published is evidence that the Holy Spirit was/is using His servants, His watchmen to bring about the Will of the Lord in warning America.

The way Jonathan Cahn, with no book writing experience, described how The Harbinger was written leaves, no doubt that Cahn became beside himself (taking on the Mind of Christ) and that God was in control in writing all that was/is true in The Harbinger. See "The Harbinger Companion" Chapter 24 The Story Behind the Story. 

Prior to his reading of The Harbinger, ed knew nothing about the scripture verses in Isaiah 9:8-11 relating to what happened in Israel was a forerunner to what happened at 9/11., but ed, certainly knew, because of Prophecy to America and some of its kindred wording identifying 9/11 received 301 days before 9/11 that God was warning America to repent or else. See the original email Scroll down in the Bcc column and you will see Jonathan Cahn's Beth Israel Congregation, 4th from the last in the list.  

To prevent the spirits of Pride and Arrogance, the Lord Jesus Christ does not give all of His secrets to just one watchman/servant/prophet, but gives bits and pieces of the Last days prophetic "puzzle" to many of His servants, so that when they come together in unison in the already written Word of God, the Holy Bible, the message is complete and confirmed, not by man's word, but by the Word of God in His Holy Scriptures. Amen and Hallelujah!!  

To be continued . . .