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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Post Biblical Prophecy Today

Post Christian General Prophecy today is defined as prophecy for two or more people; whereby, Jesus Christ speaks through His Holy Spirit saying : “Here it is my son, ( a prophet who is beside himself), or daughter, (a prophetess who is beside herself ), now go check it in My Book. (Bible) ”

There are no new future General prophecies to be added to the Christian bible. In other words, all of the unfulfilled future events have already been recorded in the Bible. However, many of the future prophecies foretold in the Old and New Testaments events had been sealed by God, by spiritually 'blinding' the eyes of the expositors, or in hiding by metaphor, allegory or parable, only to be revealed in the Last Days in our last generation, as we are most assuredly in our last generation.  

Christian Personal prophecy is when a prophet or prophetess, who are beside themselves, speaks into individual person’s life about, their past, present, and direction in their future life.

The Holy Christian Bible’s written General prophecies, most of which have already come true, have been written in the bible and their meanings do not change.

There are two types of prophecy in the Bible:

1. General Prophecy is a prophecy for two or more people in the Church founded by Jesus Christ, most of which, is warning of future catastrophic judgments for falling away from the commands of God and a call to repentance to turn away from sin and turn back to God to avoid cataclysmic judgments allowed by God.

2. Personal Prophecy is intended for only one person to receive A Word from the Lord for encouragement, teaching ,admonition, and direction.

Concerning the two types of prophecy, and the modern day callings (ministry) is:

1. The Office of a Prophet or Watchman, given to male believers only, have the same calling and requirements that the recorded prophets of old, only instead of prophesying any thing new, they are given words describing what is already written in the Bible. However, they bring un-welcomed messages of warning, repentance and judgments, which the majority of their listeners, not only reject their message, but persecute these prophets/watchmen.

The Gift of Prophecy

Is one of the Spiritual gifts  

To be continued