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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Prophecy Ambush America 

The following prophecy became a matter of public court record in Baltimore City District Court, Case # CV, SP-3850-95, in the State of Maryland, USA, on August 14, 1995 as a result of the ongoing, historical, warring Jezebel spirits to stop GOD'S prophets. This prophecy spoken through HIS servant (ed) on January 29, 1995 by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT at a church meeting, spoken in part because of the fear of man, but written later because of the reverent fear of GOD. 

 "Therefore I Will Allow The Enemy to *Ambush And Bring This Nation Low Because Of Your Pride And Detestable Practices"

 MY Children, MY Church, know of MY Love for you. Do not fear MY Judgments that are coming upon this Nation. The stench of the iniquities of this Nation has risen to the gates of Heaven. Had I not shed MY Grace upon thee? Had I not given you purple mountains above thy fruits? Had I not made you the greatest Nation under men since Creation? You had become great because you fathers knew of MY WORD and TRUTH. Had I not made you free because of my Truths? Had I not set you among the Seas so that many had found MY Love and Truth? Had you not received an Idol, a proud Woman, that sits upon Seven Seas and Seven Lands whose peoples now bow before thee instead of ME and speak Blasphemies from her Head? The nations have departed from MY Truths. I will not tolerate the sins of this Nation. With Idolatry, Immorality, and much evil, you have bathed your Nation in scarlet with the blood of MY Children who have been martyred because the Vile hath hated ME. Therefore, I will allow the Enemy to *Ambush and bring this Nation low because of your Pride and Detestable Practices. When MY Judgments come upon the nations, many will learn of MY Righteousness. Have I not said, I will cause greater Judgments upon those who once knew of MY TRUTH and hath since listened to the enemy of their souls and departed from MY Way? Do not despise MY Word spoken through MY chosen Prophets. You must Repent of the Iniquities of your souls. MY Children, you must speak My WORD to the Lost. MY Children, you must speak My WORD to the Lost. MY Children, you must speak MY WORD to the Lost. MY Children, you must speak MY Word Boldly so many will come to Salvation under MY Blood. MY Children, you must preach Repentance to the Lost. When MY Judgments come upon the Lost, will they not fear ME and bow before ME? Is it not better for them to repent and Know, Know, Know, of MY NAME before MY Judgments come upon them? Have I not said, it is MY Will I want no one to be lost? Is it not MY desire to save than to judge the Lost? Do not fear man. Do not fear the forces of Darkness. Have I not given MY Children MY Power over Darkness? Do you fear because you have so little faith in ME? Have I not said, MY Love will drive all fear from you hearts? Be Bold MY Children. Have I not said, those who proclaim MY NAME before man, I will also proclaim their names before MY FATHER in Heaven? I shall deny those who fear man before ME. You must be Bold My Children for MY Judgments are close at hand. Be MY Children and I will be your GOD. Be MY Disciples so that it will go well for you when you stand before ME. Be MY Bride for the Wedding Feast and I will be your HUSBAND and PROTECTOR. I shall wipe all of your tears and fears from your hearts. Open your hearts and wills to ME so I may fill your Lamps with the Oil of MY SPIRIT and at the Appointed Time, I will cause you to do great works in MY NAME and for MY NAME; then the Marriage of the FATHER}SON,}HOLY SPIRIT and HIS} Children will have been made Complete by MY WORD. Seek in MY WORD for Guidance so your paths will be made straight. MY WORD shall soon be fulfilled. My WORD shall soon be fulfilled. MY WORD shall soon be fulfilled. I AM the WORD. . . I AM the I AM. . . I AM the FATHER of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,. . . I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA. . .I AM the BEGINNING and the END. . . I AM JESUS the CHRIST. . . saith the LORD. . .

 (All Glory, Praise, Honor, and Thanksgiving to my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. . . Amen . . . through HIS servant, ed) *Ambush: Hebrew word is Arab" ( ref. Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries KJV) Before distributing the above prophecy I (i) spent the following weeks in February, 1995 researching this prophecy, as required, in the Scriptures. I was taken back to discover the Hebrew word for Ambush is Arab and amazed to also discover that Revelations Chapters: 17; 18 Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Isaiah 47 metaphorically and factually confirmed that the USA is the Mystery (commercial) Babylon ,Daughter of Babylon destined to be attacked in one (1) hour and burn in one (1)) day (Nuclear Attack) as a result of a conspiracy of 10 nations.

Blessing, ed