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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Note! This website is under repetitive attack by hackers, workers of iniquity, to discredit this ministry requiring frequent editing. Please report any disturbing comment that is not Biblical sound.

Prophecy To America

A Word from Jesus Christ to America. November 14, 2000 By The Majority, A Stench Ariseth And A Stink Cometh ( ref. Isaiah 3:24)

Prophecy To America

America, the Majority, ye are drunk but not from wine. Ye have become blind. I have allowed this because of your years of Rebellion, because of your years of Unbelief. I have sent MY servants, MY prophets, by MY SPIRIT to love, to warn, to correct, to teach, to rebuke, to call to repentance, but you refused to listen. Ye would not listen. Ye did not receive MY servants, for you neither knew MY servants nor did you know the ONE WHO sends. Ye would not obey MY WORD and because of thy Pride, thy hearts have become hardened. Now America, ye stagger and from whence ye shall Fall, saith the LORD.

Yea, the hearts of the Majority in America have chosen, but this is not MY choice of MY Heart, saith the LORD. I foreknew your choices and I have allowed, but only MY Will and MY Will alone shall be done. In Pride, ye have chosen your own Lusts in your Thoughts, in your Fantasies, in your evil Imaginations of the heart. Ye have chosen death for millions of MY Creation. Your land is defiled with the blood of MY Innocents. Ye have chosen Murder with your laws, with your Abortions, with your Violence, with your Meddling, and ye have chosen much evil in your Blasphemies, in your Lying spirits, in your Homosexuality, in your Sodomy, in your Fornications, in your Adulteries, in your Pornography, in much Sexual immorality, in your Drunkenness, in your Coveting, in your Love of Mammon, in your Greed, in your Thefts, in your Witchcraft, in your Sorceries, and in your Idolatry. Yea, the Majority, have forgotten the GOD of your founding fathers. Not only have ye chosen for your own, but ye publish and market these abominations to your world for filthy lucre causing many to stumble and fall and yea, even some of these that ye have soiled, that ye have defiled have known of thy Harlotry and because I have willed, they shall strip you and make you naked. This I have spoken and this shall be done, for it is written, saith the LORD.

I, the LORD GOD, have been patient with your nation in Love, in Kindness, in Long-suffering, because I longed for many to return to their First Love. Though some have returned, many willed not to return. I have given you a free will, I have given you choice, to love the LORD your GOD, with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole mind and to love your neighbor as I have Loved thee, but your Majority rejected MY Love and have chosen the prince of your world. Ye have chosen to give honor to those with Vile spirits and things of your world and yea, your Majority have forgotten the LORD thy GOD. Ye have rejected MY SPIRIT of Truth and have chosen the enemy of thy soul, the prince of Deception. Therefore, I have turned many over to Delusion from whence cometh Reprobate and Depravity. And yea, even many who call upon MY NAME and are called by MY NAME, who do so, not from their hearts in Humility or in Repentance, but in Pride for their own selfish carnal motives, yea, they also have been turned over and shall be judged, saith the LORD.

Written or spoken, I do not see or hear My NAME in thy Majority, save them who blaspheme MY NAME. I do not see or hear of MY Love in thy Majority. I do not see or hear of MY Compassion in thy Majority. I do not see or hear Obedience to MY WORD in thy Majority. I do not see or hear of Repentance of heart in thy Majority. I do not see or hear of My Forgiveness in thy Majority, but yea, I see, I hear, and I smell the Stench of the evil of thy Majority. Ye have chosen not to love the LORD thy GOD but have chosen to love your world, because of your Pride, because of your Arrogance, because of your Stench, and because of these ye have become blinded to MY Will, saith the LORD.

Since ye will not humble thyself before the LORD thy GOD, and Repent and Turn from them who defile th much and cleanse thyself from all iniquity before the LORD thy GOD, and since ye do not allow MY SPIRIT of Truth to enter within you, therefore, I AM the I AM who changeth not, shall allow cleansing by judgment in your land by Fire. It shall be a Fire of My SPIRIT, and it shall also be of the fire of your world. I shall bring down your Iniquity, your Vile practices, your idols, for again, it is written in MY WORD. Again, I say, I foreknew your choices of will. When the world shall see and hear of thy Judgment, they also shall smell the Stink of thy Destruction and they shall be sickened and be terrified of thy dust; yet even unto their end, many of them will not turn and Repent, saith the LORD.

I say not unto the Majority, but I say unto to those Obedient few, those who have remained Faithful in Heart unto ME, those who truly Love ME, those who have been Humbled and Humble themselves before ME in Repentance, those who Know, Speak, and Obey MY Truth, those who proclaim MY NAME before men, those who have suffered much for MY NAME, those who have been Rejected because of MY NAME, and those who have been Persecuted for MY NAME. I, the LORD thy GOD say unto you: well done thou faithful servants. I say unto you, you will be hated by many as MY Wrath draweth nigh, even more so because of ME, you will be rejected and persecuted much for standing for MY NAME. Take Heed, Evil will abound before Evil is finished. Remain steadfast unto the LORD your GOD and MY WORD, for what doth it profit them who seek that which is of this world, which is perishing, and lose their own souls. I also say to you, your reward shall be great in MY kingdom, for those who remain steadfast, who Love as I have Loved. Fix your eyes upon the LORD thy GOD in MY NAME, the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA your MESSIAH. Obey MY WORD, Proclaim MY WORD and I the LORD your GOD shall bring MY Victory and your Salvation, and bring you into everlasting life in MY House, saith the LORD. . . . 

Amen and Amen, thank You JESUS, All the Glory, all the Praise, all the Honor and all the Thanksgiving to our LORD JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA our MESSIAH for this Word. Blessings to those who not only see and hear this Word, but to those who receive it . . . a servant and friend of the LORD, (ed, a watchman of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God my Savior). . .

"For we are unto GOD a sweet savour (Gk:euodia, [spiritual] fragrance) of CHRIST,(furthermore) in them that are saved and in them that perish: To the one(latter) we are the savour (Gk:ozo, spiritual smell of doom) of death (physical) unto death (spiritual), and to the other (former)the savour (Gk:osme, fresh fragrance) of life (spiritual/physical) unto life. (spiritual, eternal) And who is sufficient for these things? For we are not as many, which corrupt (Gk: kapeleuo; retail, market, peddle, adulterate) the Word of God: but as of sincerity (clean heart in love)but as of GOD, in the sight of God speak we in CHRIST.(2Cor. 2:15-17 KJV) (use KJV, do not use NIV where vs.16 is violated) (ed,)

Amplified version of 2Cor. 2:15-17 added for web site visitors for clarity"For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ [which exhales] unto God, [discernible alike] among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing: To the latter it is an aroma [wafted] from death to death [a fatal odor, the smell of doom]; to the former it is an aroma from life to life [a vital fragrance, living and fresh]. And who is qualified (fit and sufficient) for these things? [Who is able for such a ministry? We?] For we are not, like so many, [like hucksters making a trade of] peddling God's Word [shortchanging and adulterating the divine message]; but like [men] of sincerity and the purest motive, as [commissioned and sent] by God, we speak [His message] in Christ (the Messiah), in the [very] sight and presence of God.

A comment from the messenger concerning this prophecy.

"Prophecy to America" came supernaturally on the afternoon of November 14, 2000, later named A Word from Jesus Christ to America. November 14, 2000 "By The Majority, A Stench Ariseth And A Stink Cometh" ( ref. Isaiah 3:24).

November 14, 2000, the day of the prophecy, was seven (7) days after the 2000 Presidential Election, when the Majority of deluded American voters voted for two deluded men: Democratic Party, Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Death, Candidates Al Gore for President and Joseph Lieberman, for Vice-President, of which Gore approved partial-birth abortions. Lieberman voted against the ban on the Partial-Birth abortion bill. Partial-Birth abortion, whereby the abortionist purposely breach delivers the baby (feet first) outside of the womb up until her/his head is still inside the womb, a completely live baby with its arms and legs flailing. The head is left inside the uterus to show the baby has not been fully and legally delivered so the abortionist can "legally" kill the baby while still in the mother's womb, by jabbing his/her surgical scissors upward at the neck through the spinal column and into baby's brain which may immediately kill the baby. Then the demonically possessed abortionist repeatedly widens the scissors to make a large enough hole to put the high powered suction tube into the brain cavity and sucks the baby's brains out. If the baby wasn't killed by the abortionist scissors, then the child certainly was killed when her/his brains were sucked out. When the baby's arms and legs stopped moving, then Satan, who comes to kill, steal, and destroy, has snuffed out the human life of another of God's precious creation.

To be continued:

Truth as spoken before GOD, in HIS HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 5: 11)

Confirmation from the LORD, Prophecy To America 11-14-2000

Spiritual Confirmation:

The above-attached prophecy, "Prophecy to America," came in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 14, 2000. While I was working and had been researching for days what I thought was an important Internet project for the LORD on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, I went to the kitchen to fix a cup of tea. Then the all too recognizable control of the HOLY SPIRIT was speaking in my thoughts. The moving, overpowering Voice of the LORD was repeating: majority! Majority! Majority!. I knew then, as I have known so many times in the past, that I was then under the control and Power of GOD. I was beside myself, just as Jesus Christ and Paul were beside themselves when they were under the control of the Holy Spirit. I immediately stopped everything, went to my computer and typed the above prophecy. The words flowed and came spontaneously. When I finished and meditated on this prophecy, I knew beyond any doubt that this was/is the LORD JESUS CHRIST speaking. Then the LORD put it in my thoughts the word fragrance and the Scripture (2 Cor. 2:15-17) came to mind. I knew of this Scripture for many years in using the NIV, but parts of which were puzzling to me in the NIV, so I studied the NIV and the KJV and copied these KJV verses and typed it at the base of the prophecy. I have learned over the years that whenever the LORD gives me a prophecy and an accompanying Scripture or any Rhema revelation, to check it out in the Authorized Version (KJV) coupled with Strong's Hebrew and Greek meanings. As a result of checking the KJV and the Greek definitions, this Scripture and its meaning was no longer cloudy to me but became very clear to me. In the NIV, it substitutes fragrance for the word savor in the KJV. The NIV also deletes "life unto life and death unto death." The terms savour (fragrance, odor) is used three times in these KJV verses, which have three different meanings with three different Greek words. The KJV, coupled with the Greek, helped me to unravel the puzzlement that I had for so many years with this Scripture. It never fails, that whenever I get a Word from the LORD, I always learn something (much) from the prophecy or revelation in checking it out in the Scriptures. I sent this prophecy the following day, (15th) with the accompanying Scripture (2 Cor. 2:15-17) printed at the bottom to my dear friend, Ruth, to check it for punctuation. As soon as Ruth read it she agreed that it was from the LORD. After she corrected some punctuation, i sent it to 453 world wide e-mail addresses on Watchmen ministries e-mail list on Thursday, November 16, 2000. ( See this original email its date and recipients) Several HOLY SPIRIT filled brothers, and sisters in the LORD, who were chosen to a higher calling, responded that same day and confirmed this was/is a Word from the LORD.  

Human Factual Confirmation:

On Saturday, 11-18-2000, four days after receiving the above Word and two days after e-mailing it worldwide, Ruth called me from Silver Spring to pray and intercede as she does each morning and evening. During our conversation, she mentioned that she was talking to her friend, Robin, that day. Ruth had called Robin about 2 weeks earlier to inquire about some health products that Robin distributes and left a message on Robin's answering machine. Robin just returned the call that Saturday. Ruth said that Robin invited us to her congregation for worship. As Ruth was talking; the LORD was speaking to me to go. Ruth and I were planning to go to our group the next day, Sunday, in Baltimore for worship but I have learned that when the LORD speaks in my thoughts, I obey and do not question the LORD. Ruth was surprised that I would change plans so quickly, but Ruth has also learned not to question when the LORD speaks to either of us. I told Ruth, I don't know why we are going there, but as usual, the LORD has HIS purpose. I have learned by so many times in the past movements of the LORD, not to question the LORD. Many times when the LORD speaks, I usually think it is one thing, but the LORD always proves HIS thoughts are higher than my and HIS ways are higher than my ways. Ruth agreed that we should go to Robin's fellowship. I sensed the LORD telling me at about 8:30 PM, Saturday evening, to make ten copies of the above prophecy and take them along with me to Robin's church. So I printed a copy off of the computer screen and hurried to Office Depot, Saturday night before they closed at nine, and had the 10 copies made.

I did not know Robin, nor did I know anyone or anything about her congregation. Ruth only knew Robin, but never visited her congregation. I left my home in Baltimore, early Sunday morning to pick up Ruth in Silver Spring. We arrived at King of Nations Christian Fellowship at 10:10 AM just when the service started. We met Robin and her husband in the parking lot as we arrived. I had the ten copies of the prophecy in my hand in a manila file folder when we entered the church. The service started with the Worship team praise songs. After a few worship songs, the young man leading the worship, stopped in the middle of worship service to give a testimony.

He said I just feel the LORD wants me to give this testimony. He said his wife came home this week from the women's prayer breakfast (?) and told him about the missionary woman from India who gave testimony about the woman in the Bible who poured the expensive fragrant ointment over JESUS. Someone had a vision that this/a woman was at the feet of JESUS worshipping HIM as the ointment dripped from JESUS onto the/a woman, and she became the fragrance of Christ. 

As soon as the worship leader said fragrance of Christ, I looked at Ruth and knowingly smiled, and she looked at me and smiled knowing of the savor/fragrance Scripture already printed at the bottom of the prophecy. After the Worship leader finished the testimony, the very next worship song had the word fragrance in it several times. I knew in my Spirit that the LORD was speaking to me and wanted me to read out loud to the congregation the Scripture (2 Cor. 2:15-17 ". . . we are the savour [fragrance] of Christ. . ."). Instead of reading this same Scripture printed at the bottom of the prophecy, I decided to read it from my Bible (KJV), since no one knew me at this congregation and I wanted them to know I was reading from the Bible and not from anything printed on paper to prevent from being escorted asked to leave from the congregation, as has happened in the past by Jezebel controlling, HOLY SPIRIT defying spirits operating in certain congregations.

When the worship (fragrance) song stopped, and it was quiet in the congregation. I read out loud to the congregation this Scripture. Immediately after I finished, the pastor, Greg, stood up and said, "Brother, I need to confirm that word you just spoke, because the LORD just gave me that very same Scripture last night and I meditated on it." The pastor went on to say that "We need to listen more to those who GOD sends to us. We need to give more consideration to prophesy and the Word of GOD. I thought with the pastor's later comment that possibly prophecy or a spontaneous word might have been restricted in this congregation in the past, especially from an outsider. This pastor did not know during his confirming this Scripture that I had just read aloud and the lORD gave him the night before that I had ten copies of the above prophecy on the floor at my feet with the very same Scripture verses already printed at the bottom of the prophecy.

Immediately after the service was over, I handed out eight copies of this prophecy and Scripture to several people, the pastor, his mother, Robin, the young worship leader, an interested woman, and several others. You can imagine the awakening, on some of their faces when they read the prophecy and the, by now, all too familiar Scripture verse already typed at the bottom. They certainly knew that I was not sitting in this congregation during this service typing in this Scripture verse at the bottom of the prophecy.

After the service was over, the worship leader had a lamented discerning look and I assumed he read this prophecy with the confirming Scripture. There was no way he could deny it since he was the first hand, Holy Spirit witness without initially knowing he would be a participant in its confirmation. There was no way that on Sunday, November 19, 2000, at least eight people in King of Nations Christian Fellowship congregation could deny that GOD had coordinated the confirmation of the Prophecy to America 11-14-2000. The LORD knew and would move Ruth to call Robin 2 weeks earlier and leave a message on her answering machine to inquire about some health products. The LORD knew and moved HIS servant to stop everything and type this prophecy and include the confirming Scripture. The LORD knew and moved Robin to return Ruth's call two weeks later on that Saturday. The LORD knew and moved Robin to invite us to her congregation. The LORD knew and moved HIS servant to cancel our plans, go to this congregation, and to take ten copies of the prophecy along. The LORD knew and moved the pastor to read the same Scripture the night before we arrived at his congregation. The LORD knew and moved the worship leader to give the testimony of his wife at the service that Sunday. The LORD knew and moved His servant to read aloud this Scripture. The LORD knew and moved the pastor to confirm a Scripture read out loud by a visitor to his congregation as a movement of the HOLY SPIRIT. The LORD knows all. That is why HE is called the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End for HE and HE alone is GOD and is in control of and works through all who allow GOD to be in control.

Yes, that is why the LORD sent Ruth and me to King of Nations Christian Fellowship. It was to confirm this powerful prophetic warning from the LORD not only Spiritually, but factually so the people will take heed and act upon this Powerful Word from the LORD.

Those that are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD do not need the above human factual testimony. They have a fullness of the HOLY SPIRIT living within them and usually have the gift of discerning of spirits as mentioned in the Bible and know beyond any doubt that when someone speaks a Word from the LORD, they can immediately discern that it agrees with the SPIRIT of GOD that lives within them. As the saying goes, "It takes one to know ONE."

This above testimony, as the sequence events took place, is for those who do not know or have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD living within them.

If any professed Christian has any doubt that this prophecy is from GOD then I believe the doubting Christian needs to reexamine his/her walk with the LORD, if in fact, they are "walking" with the LORD. Remember, it is one thing being born again (from above) to see the Kingdom of God, but in order to enter the Kingdom of GOD you must be born of water and of the SPIRIT. (John 3: 3-6). Not too many professed Christians are entering or will enter the kingdom of GOD, or have the kingdom of GOD enter within them because of their unbelief and disobedience to the already written Word of GOD in the Bible (KJV). Their seed of the Word of God has either fallen by the wayside, on the stony soil or in the soil among the thorns. Their seed has not been nurtured in the rich soil of the already written Word (Water) of GOD as required for Salvation and producing the good fruit thereof . (Matthew 13:1-24)

Yes, when people are born again, the Holy Spirit does remove the spiritual scales from their eyes and unclogs their hearing, so they can a least read and understand the Word of God, but believing and obeying the Word of GOD is another step. Some can see it, but because of their unrepented human Pride and unwillingness to believe in all of the written Word of GOD, are unwilling to relinquish control over to GOD and to allow GOD to be GOD in the Power of GOD working in GOD's HOLY SPIRIT.

We must not have a form of godliness that denies the Power thereof (HOLY SPIRIT). In doing so, the denial of GOD in the HOLY SPIRIT is present, and from such, we must turn away. (2Tim. 3:5) Many traditional "Christian." denominations deny the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT, the Power of GOD. How can they expect to receive this Godly infilling Power unless they believe in, obey, trust in and submit to the Power of GOD. Keeping always in mind to first Love and seek the GIVER of the gifts, the LORD, instead of idolizing the GIFTS. To GOD and GOD alone be the Glory, then all of the blessings will follow.

Why have I, the LORD's servant, taken the time to write this true testimony?

Simply stated, my LORD JESUS CHRIST told me to stop what I was doing and to give this written testimony so all will take heed of the Prophecy to America 11-14-2000, to willfully depart from the unbelief's and sins of the majority which lead to the wide road of eternal destruction and to become the obedient few who find the narrow road to eternal life. By the way, the Greek word in the Scriptures for narrow means tribulation. I believe it is time for all to become "narrow (way) minded". (Matthew 7: 13, 14)Amen and Hallelujah!