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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

Prophecy to TAOG Feb. 1. 1993

A prophecy was given to me on Monday, February 1, 1993, as a result of lamentations in petitioning the LORD for an answer to my firsthand knowledge of ongoing carnality leading to apostasy by the leaders at T.A.O G. Church. Though the sins of the leadership at this church birthed this prophecy, this Word from the LORD applies to all Church leaders who have chosen to be disobedient to the Word of GOD. The manner in which I received this prophecy made me understand that GOD, by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT uses the personality of the writer’s soul and takes possession of the writer’s mind, spirit, and physical motor abilities. I understand in prophecy what it means to “beside” one’s self and that no prophecy comes by the will of man. ( 2 Cor. 5:13; 2 Peter 1:21)

This prophecy was sent to the leaders at this church in February 1993 but they rejected it and refused to repent. This prophecy warning was fulfilled the following years when God removed hundreds of His people from this church, as He said he would in this Word if they did not repent. They joined many of America's "Christian" congregations who have fallen away (Apostasy) from God's Word in these Last Days.  

Prophecy To TAOG Church on February 1, 1993

Thus saith the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The GOD Incarnate, The GOD of Creation, The Sacrificial GOD, The ALPHA and the OMEGA, The BEGINNING and the END.

MY Children of LIGHT, MY Church, I come to you with this Word. You know of MY Love for you. You know of MY Promises. My children, My Church, you have burdened ME with your ways. You have departed from MY Word and followed the word of man. You know of MY Coming is close at hand, Yes, close even in your time. Will you stand before ME in judgment and be ashamed? Will you stand before ME naked and bear? Will you not look at ME? Your names have been written in MY Heart. Will you have your names removed from MY Heart? Therefore, I speak to you as MY children. Have I not said the Good Shepherd, who loves His sheep, will He not leave the flock and restore the one who has left the flock? Will not those whom I have given an abundance of MY Love share this Love with the lost? Have I not said the harvest is plenty but there are few to work in MY Harvest? I have sent shepherds to you for the Harvest and you have rejected them. Have I not spoken over MY chosen prophets, My servants to speak My Wisdom to you? Yet, you have chosen to follow the ways of the enemy of your souls. You have rejected those I have sent to you. You have refused to listen to MY servants I have sent to you. You do not listen because you have listened to the enemy of your souls. You have listened to soothsayers who comfort the ways of man and not of GOD. Therefore I say, Repent, Repent, Repent now before I come to judge MY Church before I judge the world. Have you not forgotten your First Love? I say return to ME the ONE and ONLY True GOD. Repent MY children! Turn to ME and I again will turn MY Face to you. Wash your robes clean so that you may hear from ME. Have I not made you great in the land ? Yet you are not great in MY sight. A few of you have washed your garments, Yet if you do not repent I will remove all of MY children from your presence. You have allowed the spirit of Pride to enter your midst; you have allowed the spirit of Pride to enter your midst; you have allowed the spirit of Pride to enter your midst. You have allowed the spirit of this world to control you. You have allowed the spirit of the Fear of man to enter your souls. You have allowed the spirit of Competition to enter your hearts. You have allowed the spirit of Confusion to enter your ways. Have I not said, I will not tolerate any Corruption in My Temple? My Wind is now blowing in the land. My Wind is now blowing against any spirit that is not of MY Work. My Wind is now blowing against the churches who are not knowing of MY NAME. Will you turn your face from ME? Will you turn your face from ME and I will turn MY face from You? Have I not given you my greatest gift? Have you shared this gift? I beseech you MY children to call upon ME so that I may restore you. I will not suffer evil. I will destroy all that is evil. Will your name be removed from MY heart or will you have Me say well done thou good and faithful servant? Repent and return to ME, your First Love. Make restitution to those you have not loved with My Love. Leave the flock and love those whom you have rejected. Repent and then return to MY Holy Ground. Repent MY children and seek to restore MY Children. The enemy of your souls has attacked you and caused divisions amongst you. Have I not said, a house divided shall not stand? Clean your house first, and unite in MY SPIRIT so that you will be able to reach the lost sheep. Repent MY children, repent for I will return soon. Have I not said that all things that are hidden will be revealed by MY Light? Repent My children and restore MY Church for my Sword and Judgment is close at hand . Prepare your ways for MY Final Wind, the Wind of the Kingdom of GODfor it shall surely come 

   My Word spoken over MY servant whom I have found to be faithful. Saith the LORD JESUS CHRIST 

Note! I had originally written this prophecy in longhand in about 10 minutes. It was miraculous. It came so fast that there was neither forethought or afterthought of the words with the exception of the last sentence. I was reluctant to write this last sentence down because I thought that it would appear that I was blowing my own horn. I debated with the LORD in my thoughts. This was actually my first experience with the supernatural in prophecy. When the LORD convinced me of the manner in which prophecy comes and who is the Originator and WHO is actually speaking or writing through HIS servant (s), I had no other choice but to include the last sentence. Thank You JESUS, and to Him be all the Glory, Praise, Honor, with much Thanksgiving. (ed, HIS servant)