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Watchmen Ministries

Repent America! Your judgments are at hand

 A Prophetess Gives Warning 

Posted 01/22/2018, Edited 1/23/2018

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 

The following word from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was given to "The Messenger" a prophetess.  

It is the covenant duty of ed ,with the Lord at Watchmen Ministries to post only prophetic words that are searched and supported by the Holy Scriptures in the KJV coupled with its original Hebrew and Greek meaning - keeping in mind that General Prophecy for two or more people is, as the Lord confirmed to me 25 years ago: "Here it is my son (or daughter) now go check it in My book." Jesus personally proved to me that the King James Bible (KJV) with its Hebrew and Greek meanings at the leading of the Holy Spirit was/is supernaturally protected to contain all of the jots and tittles that Jesus spoke about for the English speaking people. 

"The Messenger's husband, the brother, who sent this prophecy to me told me his wife only has an eighth grade education. This fits God's Word to pick the humble to shame those who think themselves wise: "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty"; 1Cor 1:27 

I have received 28 pages of The Messenger's prophecy book, "The Unveiled". I am only posting what I have thoroughly checked and approved in the KJV. My wife, Ruth, versed in English, corrected only certain obvious grammatical errors to be expected with one who had only an eighth grade education who hears the words but does not see the spelling of words in her mind and thoughts. Her husband transcribed it to print on his computer from the beautiful handwriting of "The Messenger". The following is page one (1). I will only release page 2 when it is checked and agrees with the Scriptures, so on and so on through page 28.

If, i, 40 years in the Lord and His Scriptures as of 01/22/18, and my wife Ruth, 59 years in the Lord and His Scriptures as of 03/15/18, discover a word or subject that we do not agree is in Scripture or * proven to be true from another reliable source, then it will be noted in red and questioned. However, if the reader has the knowledge then please contact us. We know a lot but not everything.  

The principal about testing, researching and confirming prophecy must take in consideration human nature being susceptible to the influence of satan and his minions in the Lord's servants' thoughts and actions, just like Peter. In one instant Peter, who is blessed by the Lord and given much authority, identified Jesus as the Son of God, and the next instant Peter rebukes Jesus thinking he is doing an admiral act. Then Jesus addresses Peter as Satan and tells Peter to get behind Him. You see, Peter let the demon spirit of Pride enter Him when he was promised from the Lord to receive the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.(Ref. Matthew 16:13-28) As soon as that happened, satan entered his mind and was controlling his thoughts. It is no different in prophecy, teaching, rebuking, correcting etc. All must be according to the already written Word of God. 

 * proven: In doing my spell check this word came up an error on my web page. I initially thought it was a word from The Messenger's entire prophecy. So I ran a spell check on her entire prophecy and she did not use the word. I then checked Strong's, KJV 1890 bible words and Webster's 1832, dictionary it wasn't in either. It was I who made the "mistake" or did I ? I then checked Wiki and discovered that proven is an old English word meaning the same as prove at

This was not a mistake but a word from the Lord to prove the exact subject matter I was writing about. Amen and Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus for confirming even my research and words in support of your other servant's words from you. Remember! Those who practice lying, with no repententance, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with supernatural fire and brimstone: which is the second death. (Ref. Revelation 21:8) I brought home from Gomorrah, Israel that supernatural brimstone (sulfur) . See my web page Retrieved Gomorrah Brimstone, but don't forget to first read :The Messenger 'prophetess' prophetic word from the Lord below   

The following word spoken through The Messenger, a prophetess . Keep in mind this Word is spoken through a woman with an eighth grade education. My comment noted in red. 

The Unveiled

 Chapter 1


Now within these days of the end close at hand is persecution strong, even those with the sharing of our faith doth they persecute each other. That which be unseen by eyes with veils still yet upon them, not knowing, allow the whispers of darkness within their minds and doth they hearken unto them becoming so engulfed that within them they have found dwellings, being unaware the bidding of darkness subtly is fulfilled, and they of the faith are they within great deception even the very elect.


Bearing witness unto the voice of our father whom created the universe, the God of our father, hath he called me unto a calling predestined by him since the beginning of creation. Now I, even I have seen that which is unseen by those veiled in sight, witnessing that of demonic forces entering and exiting within man, and in the blink of the eye are they changed one moment unto the next. Thus sayeth the Lord God, Jahova is his name, "For none shall have understanding of that which be within him but I who am thine God, and doth I calleth out to the prophets of these days, Go to that by which I send thee and speaketh unto those chosen to proclaim mine words of that which be righteousness being unmoved by controls of wickedness having no fear of that which be upon the earth, telleth that unto man by which I speaketh. If ye be in faith having the understanding and not forward moving, but of staggering steps, slow to move then are thou of and in complete disobedience and shall I taketh away."


Unto the prophets, thou knowest whom ye are, for his voice is it known and is it within thee, deny not his calling lest ye are found guilty of much death and the blood of death; selah. It is a continuous calling, never ending within thee, for works are they unfinished unto thine death, yea art thou called unto a joyous and bitter slavery unto and for the kingdom of our Father, again selah. Death unto thine flesh begins upon thine awakening, and doth the Lord God awaketh thee in his time, then forever more art thou changed.


Now teachers within these days whom art ordained by our living God, art thou commanded to teach of preparedness(spiritual and/or carnal or both ?) of these last of days, readying the sheep unto that which is to come. Those whom deny the times shall they have no defense of our Christ and is wickedness within them for they shall remain wicked suffering the same as the wicked.    

End page 1 To be continued to page 2 after it is researched and checked in the Scriptures.